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  1. salt monger

    anyone know of a reef safe puffer

    off the top of your head, does anyone know of a reef safe puffer? thanks, in advance
  2. salt monger

    What Are The Best Hermit Crabs For The Reef?

    So, What Is The Best (meaning: Least Invasive / Least Aggressive) Hermit Crabs For The Typical Lps/soft Coral Reef Tank? Thanks In Advance.....
  3. salt monger

    8g Biocube....need Nano Advise

    Woo Hoo, I Was At The Njrc Frag Swap And Won A 8 Gallon Nano Cube In A Raffle.... I Have A 75 Gallon Dt, This Will Be My First Nano, I Know About The Mod That Involves Scraping The Paint Off The Back To Make It A Fuge With A Lamp, But What I Want To Know Is.... What Is One Of The Better Skimmers...
  4. salt monger

    can anyone identify this?

    it's a snail, with a flat shell, the whole body cannot fit inside the shell, it only comes out at night, the exposed flesh appears to have a slightly rough texture, i have about 5 in my tank, oh, and for snails they move real fast.... i really don't have the means to get a pic. of it onto...
  5. salt monger

    how long for zoos to attach?

    ok, so i removed a small clump of zoos from one of my main colonys i am holding it to a piece of rock with thread, how long before it holds on it's own and i can remove the thread?
  6. salt monger

    Anyone In Monmouth Co, Nj Area Selling Frags?

    Hi, Newer To The Hobby, Looking To Fill Up Some Room In My 75 Gallon Dt.... Anyone In My Area Looking To Sell Some Frags? Really Would Rather Not Get Involved With Shipping.... Thanks In Advance
  7. salt monger

    is continuous carbon use neccessary???

    ok, tank is 75 gallon, stocking list is kinda high, in my profile, i have an aqua clear 110 hob and a fluval 405. i have a venturi knockoff skimmer that i feel is quite adequit. i do a 15% water change weekly, do i need to run carbon continuously? i see some people say that they run it...
  8. salt monger

    am i way over stocked? any experienced opinions?

    ok, in my tank 75 gallon tank i have.... about 90-100 lbs live rock, (4) green chromis, (1) false perc clown, (1) true perc clown, (1) potters angel, (1) eibli angel, (1) watchman goby, (2) reg. fire fish, (1) purple firefish (2) sand sifter stars, (2) sea cucumbers, (2) atlantic anemonies...
  9. salt monger

    is anyone in middletown nj area?

    any one in middletown nj area? hi, i'm kinda new to this.... started first saltwater tank in january, would love to get some experienced opinions of my set-up, and improvements i might want to make.... if you're in the area, i'd love to talk shop with you. maybe you could stop by and check out...
  10. salt monger

    What Is The Best Combo Of T5 Bulbs?

    ok, heres the deal, i'm aquireing a t5 light fixture from a friend, what i want to know is if this is a 4 bulb fixture, and i put actinic bulbs in 2 slots, what should i use for the other 2 to balance out the spectrum for asthetic purposes, and for the good of the inhabitants? should i use 2...