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  1. barracuda1

    Fire shrimp just hatched, dietary and habitat help needed

    thanks for the encouragement, but the thing in, these things are so small that if they were to fight a baby brine shrimp that was one day old, there is a 50% chance it would lose
  2. barracuda1

    Fire shrimp just hatched, dietary and habitat help needed

    I bought a mated fire shrimp pair some time ago with the intention of breeding them, however, last night I looked into my tank and saw many baby shrimps, had no idea they had even laid eggs. so I captured only 10 and put them in a half liter fish bowl with tank water. Now, there is nothing in...
  3. barracuda1

    worms in fish

    It sounds like tapeworm, for now feed the fish very well. there are dewormers, but if you have no luck, there is another way but it involves sedation of the fish, I will post directions if you want
  4. barracuda1

    Fire shrimp sick/dying/ no idea whats wrong

    yeah, they were in there for a week but last night they expired, but before and after they died, their entire shell began to seperate at joints on the back and tail, under that was their insides, what was that all about?
  5. barracuda1

    ok this is super super super weird

    yeah, shrimp are able to change gender, so if you want to try to raise them, put the egg bearer in an empty tank when the eggs swell to a gray color and wait for them to hatch
  6. barracuda1

    Fire shrimp sick/dying/ no idea whats wrong

    As of 3 hours ago, my 2 fire shrimp were upright and healthy but in the last two hours they have fallen over, cant get up and twitch, they are still alive and struggling to stand. the parmaeters are: 8.2ph, 0 ammonia and nitrite, salinity 1.024. All other inhabitance are fine including 2 anomees...
  7. barracuda1

    Fishes mouth fused shut

    ok, take him out again and confirm for sure that there is absoultey no way that the mouth will open on its own, but for the time, DO NOT CUT HIM
  8. barracuda1

    Sick Lionfish With Mystery Illness! Help?

    your lion probably had his gas bladder damaged by the wrasse, he might be crippled for now indefinatly
  9. barracuda1

    New punctato butterfly breathing rapidly

    Heres my suggestion; raise ph gradually to 8.2 and bring down temperature to 77 degrees, see if it helps for now
  10. barracuda1

    please help lion has clowdy eyes

    how long have you had him and are there any white bumps on him and can you tell if he is losing vision?
  11. barracuda1

    New punctato butterfly breathing rapidly

    are the spots sore like or could you brush them off and is the skin bumpy in any place
  12. barracuda1

    New punctato butterfly breathing rapidly

    look under the gills, is the flesh any color other than a normal red-pink color?
  13. barracuda1

    ICK again ?? no way or maybe ...

    ok, tell me if they are possible similar or not
  14. barracuda1

    ICK again ?? no way or maybe ...

    If there are tons of small spots than it may be Oodinium, this weird display of on off symptoms is one that is not listed ( as far as I know, there is probably a page about it somewhere) but it happened to my clowns when they got it, can you get a picture while the symptoms are present?
  15. barracuda1

    Gasping Blue Damsel

    If the damsal has no marks on him, what is the actual color of the flesh under the gill, I mean is it not the normal pink like color?
  16. barracuda1

    attack of the decorator crab

    you may want to give the coral disinfectant baths daily to prevent or kill infectous bacteria but otherwise if possible remove the coral and quarantine to protect it and keep your main tank free of polutants it may give off if it dies
  17. barracuda1

    Emperor shrimp breeding

    well they probably are as well tempered as coral banded shrimp
  18. barracuda1

    Can I modify my RO/DI unit?

    it will work, but there will be less pressure if it is only run on faucet pressure but I cant say for sure how many psi but it may be barely noticeable to significant
  19. barracuda1

    need help asap

    Yeah, Spanko's right, but still the ick would be in your system either way, but yeah, with the 5g you probably want to set it up by filling it up with some of your main tank water and have identical perimeters, then, get the animals and give them a preventive bath with something like methylene...
  20. barracuda1

    need help asap

    yeah, inverts can get ick, do u have anything like a small 10 to 20 gallon tank?