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  1. anadliv

    Reactivating Charcoal

    Has anyone ever tried to reactivate active charcoal? I have done some searching and cant find much information, only that it is possible. If anyone has tried please let me know how and what chemicals are used.
  2. anadliv

    Live rock that is now dead

    I use to have a 20 gallon tank with assorted corals and an aneome. I had to leave for about a month and of course everything eas dead when I returned. The cause of death was to much salinty due to evaporation. I lost probably 5 inches of water becuase no one was there to care for it. How should...
  3. anadliv

    Live rock

    I use to have a 20 and a 29 gallon aqaurium but do to an emergency I had to leave my house and everything in the 20 gallon died. I now want to move the live rock to the 29 gallon. I have about 15 pounds of rock. THe question is how should I prepare the rock to put in my 29 gallon. THe 20...
  4. anadliv

    DT phytoplankton substitute?

    Currently I use DT's phtoplankton for my reef tank. I find this stuff to be very expensive at about 10 dollars a bottle at my LFS. My question is DTs the same thing as green water which is fed to rotifiers? Could I grow my own phytoplankton as green water or does anyone know how to grow...
  5. anadliv

    Anyone love damsels?

    I started off my tank 2 years ago with 4 damsels in a 29 gallon. My plan was to get the tank established and then get new fish. After a while I began to become attached and couldnt get rid of them. Does anyone else have a tank full of damsels? I think they look great and are easy to care for...
  6. anadliv

    hawk fish in a 20 gallon

    Could I do a flame hawk fish or a long nose hawk fish in a 20 gallo reef? THe tank is well established but is it big enough? I have also read they eat snails or small inverts, is that true? thanks for the info
  7. anadliv

    Clam Mantle

    WHen I first got my clam it was under a 150 watt halide with a coralife bulb, the bulb was about 10 months old. THe clam is about 4 inches and its matle was about 3 inches wide across sticking out. I recnelty changed the bulb to a new 14k phoenix 150 watt and now the mantle is only about 1...
  8. anadliv

    Cucumber lifespan?

    Whats the lifespan on a black/green cucumber? I have had mine for about 2 years and he was about 4 inches long when I got him. He moves slow anymore and sometime stays in one spot for days at a time only moving his head to eat sand. I am worried he might die and i wont be able to find him and...
  9. anadliv

    Bangai sexes

    How do you tell male from female in bangai fish? I have read the shape of the head differs but when i am at the fish shop I cant see a difference. If anyone has any tips or pictures I would be very appreciative.
  10. anadliv

    clown trigger tank size

    Right now I currently have two reef tanks, 29 and 20 gallon. I want to do a fish only tank with a clown trigger. What would the minimum tank size to keep this fish only. Also what would be a tank size to keep maybe two other compatible fish.
  11. anadliv

    Growth rate of a Crocea Clam

    I have a 4 inch corcea clam and just wondered what the average growth per year is with good conditions
  12. anadliv

    UV burn from HQI lighting

    I have a coralife aqualt 150 watt hqi clamp on fixture. the bulb has a small glass shield that covers the bulb. from what i have read when using and hqi fixture you should have a covered aquarium to prevent UV burn on the corals. If anyone has any info please let me know if this is true or if...
  13. anadliv

    Maxima Clam Help

    I have 29 gallon with 150 hallide coralife. I recently purchased a 5 inch maxima purple clam. I noticed a few light spots on the mantle kind of like a light peach color in the purple matle. Since I have bought it I have noticed a couple more show up. Does anyone have any ideas on if this is...
  14. anadliv

    20k halide

    Not sure if this is the right forum but does anyone have a used 20k bulb Double Ended Metal Halide Bulb 150watt. Im trying to see if i like the more blue look but dont wana spend 65 dollars on something new i don tlike. If i like the 20k then i would go buy a new one. Im just ttrying to see if I...
  15. anadliv

    20k bulb

    Does anyone have a used 20k bulb Double Ended Metal Halide Bulb 150watt. Im trying to see if i like the more blue look but dont wana spend 65 dollars on something new i don tlike. If i like the 20k then i would go buy a new one. Im just ttrying to see if I like the color over a 14k.
  16. anadliv

    More blue light

    I have 29 gallon reef tank with mostly soft corals. Im am currently using 150 coralife clamp on halide. It has a 14k bulb and looks ok. My problem is I want more blue light. I dont have room for actinic light fixtures becuase it is only a 29 gallon. If I add a 20k light will that be more blue...
  17. anadliv

    Brain Dead?

    How do you tell if a brain coral is dead? It still has its color, its a green open brain. I think it might be dead becuase it doesnt inflate anymore, its probably been 3 months since it inflated. Its mouth also looks kind of empty. If it is dead should i leave in and let decompose and leave...
  18. anadliv

    little white stars

    Ok, I have a huge out break problem with the little white stars that eat coraline alage. Is there anything I can do to kill these things? Do any animals eat them or chemicals work or should I jsut try to pull them out. I have so many, its a 29 gallon reef and I can count about 30 on all the...
  19. anadliv

    29 gallon Reef

    This is the first pics of my aquarium I have posted. let me knwo what u think and what u would suggest to make it look better, maybe some coral suggestions. Sorry for the picture quality. 1 1/2 year old tank 150 watt halide coralfe 65 super skimmer hang on back filter stock list 1 blue fin 1...
  20. anadliv

    picture posting

    Checking to see if image is posting