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  1. fishfreek

    4x54w t5 combo?

    Well, its time to change t5 bulbs again and was wondering what the current best four bulb combo is. I use 3- Blueplus and 1-aquasun . I like the look but i'm thinkng there is a better choice. I'm thinking of trying: blueplus ULV 75/25 aquablue blueplus or blueplus ULV actinic white aquablue...
  2. fishfreek

    chip in corner of tank, need suggestions!!

    I have a delama!!!!! I was repairing the cracked rim on my 75g tank with super glue in the driveway with two bar clamps to draw the cracked rim tight. Unfortunately, my nine year old daughter was playing basketball about thirty feet away and the ball got away on her and hit the top bar clamp, it...
  3. fishfreek

    T-5 four bulb combo

    I've had my TEK 4x39w bulb retro light about a year now and need to change the bulbs out. I currently run: front 1-Blue plus 1-super actinic 1- aquasun 1-blue plus back I am happy with the current combo, but is there a better combo out there that will make the color POP even a bit more? I run...
  4. fishfreek

    Hydor Koralia 1 or nano???

    Hay everyone, do you think a Hydor Koralia 1 will work in a 38g mixed reef? I am having a hard time deciding between the Hydor Koralia nano and the Hydor Koralia 1 model. I currently run a maxijet 900(230gph) and a maxi jet 400 (106 gph). I am replacing the 400. I don't want everything whipping...
  5. fishfreek

    Chaeto for sale

    I have only one large softball sized clump left if anyone wants it. $13 shipped USPS priority mail in continental US. I can mail out Thursday. Paypal accepted.
  6. fishfreek

    Cucumbers ok with crabs??

    I'm thinking of adding a small tigertail Cuke to my 40g reef to clean the sand. My only concern is that i have a few blue leg hermit crabs. Will these pick on the cuke and irritate it enough to make it expel itself and nuke my tank? thanks
  7. fishfreek

    I have some cheato

    Hi, i trimmed my fuge back again yesterday and i have (2) sandwich baggies full of cheato left. $12 shipped priority mail for both. I accept paypal. thanks
  8. fishfreek

    Chaeto macro F/S

    I cleaned some chaeto out my fuge today and after trading some to my LFS, i still have one quart bag left over if anyone needs some. $10 shipped USPS priority mail. Can also email me Thanks
  9. fishfreek

    pic of my clowns

    Just thought i'd share.
  10. fishfreek

    f/s bag of chaeto macro algae

    I have a quart bag of macro algae for sale. Looking to get $10 shipped for it via usps priority mail. I accept PayPal. Anyone interested let me know.
  11. fishfreek

    f/s bag of chaeto macro algae

    I have one quart bag of macro algae for sale. Looking to get $10 shipped for it via usps priority mail. I accept PayPal. Anyone interested let me know.
  12. fishfreek

    F/S 2x 36" URI VHO Aquasun bulbs

    I have 2x 95w URI VHO Aquasun(10k) bulbs. One bulb is brand new in box, the other was in use about three weeks. I switched to t-5 lighting and no longer need these. $20 + shipping for both thanks
  13. fishfreek

    chaeto for sale

    I have 1 quart bag of chaeto left for sale. $15 shipped USPS Priority mail. thanks
  14. fishfreek

    F/S New 2x54w t-5 HO ballast with endcaps

    I have a brand new t5 HO 2x54w electronic ballast(same ballast that came with my new retro from Sunlight Supply) with 2 pair of endcaps(sockets) and the 18 gauge wire for sale. I bought the ballast a month ago and was going to use it on my 55 gallon tank, but decided to go with (2) 39w ballasts...
  15. fishfreek

    F/S: New 75w URI Super Actinic VHO Bulb

    I was going through my reef equiptment and found a brand new UV Lights(URI)75w Super Actinic VHO lamp. I got it a few months back and never ended up using it before i upgraded my lights. I also have a lightly used pair of three piece, waterproof VHO endcaps and standoffs. Bulb only, $15 plus...
  16. fishfreek

    F/S bag of chaeto macro algae

    I have a quart bag of macro algae for sale. Looking to get $10 shipped for it via usps priority mail. Anyone interested let me know.
  17. fishfreek

    cheato F/S

    I have two quart bags of chaeto macro algae for $9 each shipped USPS priority mail. Must ship out saturday at the latest. Thanks
  18. fishfreek

    F/S chaeto in WI

    I have two big sandwich bags of chaeto for sale. $10 each shipped USPS priority mail.
  19. fishfreek

    shrooms, neon green sinularia frags for trade in WI

    Hay guys. I have a small rock with 5-6 large, brown/green harry mushrooms on it, a smaller rock(about 3" accross) of green star polyps and a very nice, large neon green sinularia i need to take a few cutting from (could probably get 2 or 3, 3 in tall frags from) Looking for nice blue shrooms...
  20. fishfreek

    HELP! BTA in big trouble

    I've had my bta for about four months and it has been doing great up until today. I noticed that he moved from his usual spot yesterday and didn't think much about it. Today, when i got home from work, he was half hidden behind the rocks. When i took a closer look at it, it looks like about a...