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  1. coachklm

    @90g SPS Design

    Allright I'm thinking my 270g will go into storage until we find a new house to buy... SO i will (of course) need a "keep along tank" I will want to use my current equipment on it wich includes: 4way w/dart, ATI powermodule 36", 2x6100 w/controller requirements: the tank has to be easy to shut...
  2. coachklm

    Breaking down 270g/not apart

    It's a sad day but we are moving too remote to setup/maintain a large tank so.. If anyone is interested in a completely custom large tank let me know.. This tank can contain anything a mind can think of.. I'd like to do this a all or nothing... Since my plans have changed severely I do not know...
  3. coachklm

    Finally .. My ATI is here

    This one completes my 2x 36" fixtures lighting setup. Came today well packaged and with candy included as (site excluded) always does. This is the last 36" 8x39w t-5ho individual reflector, actively cooled Powermodule i needed.. (long awaited) camera phone pics so low quality..
  4. coachklm

    Full tanjk shot

    using this as a comparison shot untill I get my new light set in.
  5. coachklm

    My 270 Video

    hopefully this works... taken with my camera so focus sucks, just after feeding ....
  6. coachklm

    (pics)The only thing better then a large tank.. is...

    Large Fish... 9" Tennant Tang 7" Naso Tang 4" Blue Hippo Tang and the New and last addition to the tang family... almost 10" Yellow Tang No the size is not wrong @10"... QT was not a possibilty with my 40b as it was way to small. but then again it'll be ok for a little while in my 55...
  7. coachklm

    10 fish introduction order... pls help

    which first last.... after QT of course.... 5" Blonde naso 7" Lieutenant tang, very well behaved 3.5" Hippo 3.5" African wrasse 1 male lyretail 3 female lyretail 2 large Bartlettes the tank is 270g with a 125 sump... so room is NOT an issue (please dont make it one ,..thx) for proof here...
  8. coachklm

    40b tank suggestions plz

    alrighty then............ everything I had in my 40b got transfered to my 270g. so I need good Ideas of what to use my 40b for..(besides target practice) it is already established with rock and sand and a 20g sump/refugium (as it is full of LR at the moment).so any ideas? Id like to keep the...
  9. coachklm

    Just some close-up corals(pics)

    just trying new settings on camera bear with me..
  10. coachklm

    new arrival--270g w/pic

    finally got it ordered built and installed lat weekend ..just waiting on plumbing.. and now the good part .....stats&Pics. STATS: Main Tank-- 270g (72x36x24) 3/4"acrylic -- 2x 1.5" main drains -- 1x 1.5" backup drain -- 2x 1" returns -- 2x1.5" CL drains -- 8x1" CL returns Sump-- 125g (48x30x20)...
  11. coachklm

    quick question remora pro

    should I go with mag 3 or rio 1400 mag 3 is larger size wise (350gph) consumes more power more expensive rio 1400 is 10.00 cheaper (450gph) 8 watts less consumption and more powerful
  12. coachklm

    WTB: Aqua-C remora

    Aqua-C remora / or pro LMK thx.
  13. coachklm

    news feature video 400g

    news feature on 400g in kansas
  14. coachklm

    woohoo my new skimmer is in..

    ASMg-5 recirculating (used but still)never dealt with one this big does it look set up right? (dry)
  15. coachklm

    best tank ordering place pls

    72x36x24 glass final decision now where to get it made? starphire glass 3 sides prefer weir overflow but havent decided to much on it just need good reputable place with a resonable cost one estimate was $1200 in canada (not obsessed though)
  16. coachklm

    woops..Christmas tree disaster (pics)

    so i went out yesterday and chopped down a tree.. with an ax...and put it on top of my expedition... and brought it home and put it up... it seems i mis judged the size of it huh? so i wasnt about to go out again so ...the griswalds present to the public the finished
  17. coachklm

    All Experts!! 80"x30"x25" construction.

    o.k so ive simplified it down to that size... i just cant figure out the overflow placement and closed loop placement for optimal reef flow... I would like this tank to be either a peninsula or a against wall tank (very versatal) so I thought of a couple ideas and need imput please...
  18. coachklm

    All I want for christmas is a brand new tank...Help

    Ok .... I'm taking the dive and ordering a tank... for a full reef setup in the future.... i'm debating on the 48x48x25 or the 72x30x25 something along those lines... my question is what would be the best size and who should I contact about manufacture of it... I'd prefer a "walk around" tank...
  19. coachklm

    WTB: skimmer HOB

    I need to find a good skimmer for my 40b rock curing tank if you have anything available please let me know thx. can paypal immediately for right offer. you can email me at kmox2002@YAHOO.COM or post here
  20. coachklm

    Looking for 180g+ in seattle or near by..

    I'd love a 210g but if the price is right I would go 180g complete setups prefered but not a neccessity