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  1. kevin34

    filling a new tank

    i am breaking down my 125 and setting up a 55g frag tank. if I use mostly water from the 125 to fill the 55 will the tank go through a cycle? there will be no fish in this system. only corals. and not many corals to start. just a monti cap, a couple acros, some rics, one acan colony, and a maybe...
  2. kevin34

    How High can the water level be on a skimmer?

    I am looking into a smaller more compact skimmer for my 55g frag tank i am setting up and had a thought. the skimmer is going to be in my sump/fuge. since its a fuge too the water level will need to be pretty high. is there a certain point on a skimmer where the water level in the sump cant go over?
  3. kevin34

    Kevin's Frag System

    well the time is getting near to start this project so I figured I might as well make the thread now. I am gone next week but after that finally have some free time this summer. I am breaking down my 125 because is is started to become too much work to run a whole reef system. if I could go back...
  4. kevin34

    how do i catch my fish???

    I am breaking down my 125 soon and setting up a 55g frag tank. The only fish i have are 2 true percs, a sixline, and a tiger jawfish. Im sure ill be able to get the clowns and sixline with a trap but i have no idea how im going to catch the jawfish. any ideas???
  5. kevin34


    hey all, i am setting up a 55g frag tank soon and just got a great deal on another 55g that I will be using as a fuge. i know that fuges help supply nutrients to the water and keep nitrates down but what are the best things to put in a fuge? what kinds of algea? best substrate, sand or mud...
  6. kevin34

    its been a while

    anything big happen here while i was gone? what happened to that saltwater auctions thing? haha or is that not allowed to be mentioned on these boards
  7. kevin34

    Setting Up a new tank

    I want to downsize from a 125g reef to a 55g frag tank at the end of the summer and was wondering if I can just use water from my 125 to fill the 55. like 30g from the 125 and 20 being new saltwater.
  8. kevin34

    Frag Tank Layout

    I am planning on setting up a 55g frag tank at the end of the summer and trying to think of the best way to layout the shelves. I dont think I want the eggcrage to be snug against the glass because then the snails wont be able to clean much. but if I can somehow make the shelves moveable then I...
  9. kevin34

    who runs a calcium reactor?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me about these? all i know is that they maintain calcium levels. how exactly do they work? and are there any downsides to them?
  10. kevin34

    hey everyone. its been a while. need some opinions

    hey guys. havnt been on here a in a looooong time. still got the 125 with only 4 fish haha. I have been very busy, short on money, and will be gone basically all summer so all that has kinda added to losing interest in my tank. However I am still interested in corals. What i am thinking of doing...
  11. kevin34

    Calling All Led Zeppelin Fans And/Or Drummers

    I need your opinion. I am applying for a scholarship to a week long percussion festival at Berklee College of Music. They require you to record one song that best shows off your style and led zeppelin is my style. between these zeppelin songs which drum beats are you all most impressed with. I...
  12. kevin34

    Need Anemone Info

    I really want to get a bubble tip for my true percs. preferably a rose bubble tip. Anything special I should know about these? I never really looked into their care too much. I know they need to be spot fed and need high lighting but thats about it. I have 2 250w MH lights over my tank so I...
  13. kevin34

    Is This A Problem?

    I noticed 2 black spots on my true perc yesterday. one on his side and one on his tail. He is eating fine, swimming fine, and breathing fine. everything else in my tank is also perfectly healthy. its a bad pic its the best I can get. you can see the spots.
  14. kevin34

    redtail tamarin wrasse

    how would one of these do in a reef tank? are they known to eat flatworms like a few other wrasse? scientific name: Anampses chrysocephalus anyone have one? whats their temperment like? I am trying to remove a bully sixline I have and am looking for a wrasse to replace him with. I want something...
  15. kevin34

    sixline question please help

    What does it mean when a sixline's eyes turn red? I caught mine chasing my jawfish around tonight. I didnt see the wrasse bite at the jawfish but the wrasses fins were flared and its eyes were a bright red. what does this mean? is my jawfish in danger?
  16. kevin34

    Bellus Angel

    How difficult are these to care for? do they have any special needs? Anthything different from other angels? If I invest in one I want to make sure I can keep it alive.
  17. kevin34

    Good Wavemaker????

    anyone know of a good and reliable wavemaker out there? I thought it would be cool to add one to my tank.
  18. kevin34


    I want to get a group of lyretail anthias but dont want to spend all that money at one time. I was planning on getting the male first and then getting 3 females in groups of 2 and 1. I dont want to QT 3 fish at once in my small 20g. Would this be ok adding the females at different times?
  19. kevin34


    love these
  20. kevin34

    Blue Throat Or Sargassum?

    Which is more reef safe?