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  1. fishy pa guy

    Reeflo Barracuda Pump

    I have a Barracuda pump that only has 2 months use on it. I bought it new and only used it for 2 months and I still have the box. I would like to get $200 for it shipped. Thanks
  2. fishy pa guy

    210 Reef Ready Tank Stand And Everything Else

    I am selling this 210 gallon reef ready tank with built in overflows that is about 2 years old. The tank and stand are in great condition with only a couple tiny scratches on the glass at the end of the tank. This will include the following: 3/4 Hp return pump, 200+ LBS live rock, 40 gallon...
  3. fishy pa guy

    250 Watt XM DE Bulbs 10K 20K

    I have one 10K that was used about 2 weeks and a 20K that was used at the most 2 months. I would like to get $80 shipped for both of them or $45 seperate
  4. fishy pa guy

    175 Watt Energy Savers Ballast

    I have this laying around and wanted to get rid of it. I had 3 of them and this is the last one I have left. It's about 8 months old with less use than that and this is just for the ballast. The is no rust on it and its in great condition. I would like to get $50 OBO shipped for it.
  5. fishy pa guy

    American Marine Salinity Monitor

    I have this monitor that is less than 6 months old and its in excelent condition. I don't have the box or the calibration fluid for it anymore. I would like to get $80 OBO for it shipped.
  6. fishy pa guy

    Everything must GO!!!

    I had a few bad things happen that threw me over the edge and I can't afford the electric bill either so I'm taking a leave for now. I would like to sell most of this locally and whatever doesn't sell this week I will start to ship things next week to people that are interested. I will post the...
  7. fishy pa guy

    Gen-X PCX-100 pump 40 gallon long tank

    I have a few more things for sale that I have laying around. I have a PCX-100 pump that works good and has a little bit of rust on it. It's rated a 1550 GPH and a max head of 29'. I would like 120 shipped for it. I also have a 40 gallon long tank which is 48" long, 12" deep and 16 high. It...
  8. fishy pa guy

    Large Magnifica and Purple/Green Bubble Tip

    I am selling both of my anemones because I am getting out of the hobby for a little. I have a Bubble tip which is not a regular rose BTA or any other that I've seen before. It just split last week so they are about 6" across and I have 2 of them. I also have the Magnifica that is pictured in...
  9. fishy pa guy

    Ocean Motions Super Squirt

    I just bought this and I now I'm not going to get a chance to use it because I am getting out. I bought it from a guy and he said it was 2 years old. It's very clean and it works great and it also comes with a brand new spare motor. It comes with everything in the picture ready to go. I would...
  10. fishy pa guy

    Live Rock For Sale in PA

    I have over 200 LBS of Fiji rock that is full of tiny brittle's and is full of life. I am on my way out of the hobby. This is for PICK UP ONLY for the time being. I am looking to get 2.50 a LB for it. I am located near Pottstown PA 19464 This is half of it in my 120. I am also selling my...
  11. fishy pa guy

    48" 2X250 HQI Halides Coralife Aqualight Pro

    I bought this light new about 3 months ago and I bought new 15K bulbs for it also because I didn't like the 10K. The light comes with 2 compact actinics and 4 moon lights along with the 2X250 watt halides. I would like to get 500 shipped for this which is about half the price of new and it...
  12. fishy pa guy

    24" 250W Hamilton Technology deluxe hood

    I bought this not too long ago and I am now getting out of the hobby for a little. This is a 24" 250 watt halide and 2 PC's with 2 fans. There is a ballast for the PC's and one for the halide and the bulb is only 2 months old which is a 20K bulb. I would like to get 250 shipped for it because...
  13. fishy pa guy

    Large BTA F/S

    I am selling this BTA because I ran out of room. This is purplish with a green tint on the tentacles. When this is open its about 8" across. I would like to get 75 plus shipping OBO. I am located in PA 19464.
  14. fishy pa guy

    F/S Gen-X pumps

    I have 2 Gen-X pumps for sale a PCX40 and a PCX100. I would like to get 75 for the PCX40 and 125 for the PCX100. Shipping would be 10 for each of them or if you buy both I will ship them for free.
  15. fishy pa guy

    Energy Savers 175 Watt Metal Halide Ballast

    I have one 175 watt ballast but it doesn't come with anything else because I used the socket and reflector for my 250's. It was used for approximately 6 months. I am asking 65 shipped for it.
  16. fishy pa guy

    Custom Sea Life 1/3 HP Drop In Chiller With Contoller

    This chiller is clean, works great and I just bought it from Flricordia about 2 weeks ago. There is a couple of small dings on the side of it and thats about all. It comes with a Ranco controller that works great. The only reason I am getting rid of it is because I have too much water volume in...
  17. fishy pa guy

    Oceanic 120 Tech Tank and stand

    I am selling my 120 because I am upgrading to a 180 and I don't have room to keep this one. The tank and stand are in great condition minus the fact that there are small light scratches on the front. They were there when I bought the tank and I never tried to buff them out.The tank and stand are...
  18. fishy pa guy

    Purple BTA F/S

    I went and did something stupid today because thats the way I am. I went to the local guy because he said he got some Magnificant Magnifica's in. I should have just stayed home. I couldn't pass this up for the price and the size. The biggest kicker is that I sold my 92 corner and I have to...
  19. fishy pa guy

    Problems with my elegance coral

    I bought this elegance a few weeks ago and it took 2 days for it to open and look great. The past 3 days it shrunk up and stayed that way all day. It seems to be excreting slime off of it and there was a spot where it looked like its skeleton had a chip out of the one top rib. It is placed on...
  20. fishy pa guy

    92 gallon corner tank, stand, 250 watt halides, sump and skimmer stowe PA

    I am getting out of this addictive obsession before I go further in debt. I am selling the tank thats stated above which is a Reef Ready tank with the items listed. There is a built in overflow in the back. The tank comes with 2 stands which the one is used for the canopy to hold the halides. I...