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  1. marvida

    Clarkii & LTA

    I finally broke down & got the Clarkii an anenome. It's in my ten with 150w HQI.
  2. marvida

    Baby Brittle update

    You may remember that last November I found a baby Ophiomasta annulosa in my tank. I thought I would give a quick update. It is now approx. 34mm in size, about a 50% increase in 6 weeks. It seems to be a little less timid than at first. It will now come out to take food from forcepts. I was a...
  3. marvida

    Question for Ophiura

    OK, So I appear to have been blessed with a baby Ophiomastix annulosa. Is there anything I need to know to ensure it's survivability? As far as feeding, the little guy has a healthy appetite, it seems to share it's parental unit's preference to chopped clams. I don't plan on adding any new...
  4. marvida

    Mini-star Question

    OK, I've seen this question asked for years and the answer has always been the same, but here goes anyway. I found a mini-star this week. No big deal, I've seen them before, but not like this one. Instead of being mostly white or white with banded arms, this one matches exactly to a large...
  5. marvida


    I came in to work this AM to find a monti cap frag looking like this. Thursday evening it was OK. The entire thing was orange then. I'm going to try to frag it but I don't think there's enough left to salvage. I've had the frag for 6 weeks. What a bummer.
  6. marvida

    Steve Weast's Website

    Finally Steve's site is up! Great job Steve! It's going to take a while to get through all of the detail. There's an amazing amount of information there. If anyone wants the address send an email to and an automated messege will be sent back with Steve's web address.
  7. marvida

    Post your 10 gallon tanks here!

    I've been seeing a lot of my favorite tank here recently so I thought I would start a thread for those of us who are using generic, off the shelf $10 Wal-Mart special ten gallon tanks. Please post one or two pics of your tank, briefly describe equipment, inhabitants, etc. To start things off...
  8. marvida

    New Lighting For The 10 Gallon

    Last week I built a new hood & light system for my 10 gallon office nano. Previously it had a 70w HQI 10K & a 28w PC actinic. I have replaced that setup with a 150w HQI 14K. The 10K was too yellow but the 14K is too blue. Everything is still aclimating to the new light and I like it a lot better...
  9. marvida

    Re-Lighting The Nano

    I currently have a 10 gallon tank in my office and am in the process of upgrading the lighting for the 4th time. Right now it has a 70W 10K Ushio and a 28W 03 PC. I am building a 150W MH fixture for it & need some input. I want to pull the PC off & light it with the MH only. I want something...
  10. marvida

    Emerald Crab Growth Rates

    My emerald in the ten molted again last Friday. In November I thought I would try to save a few molts to get a read on growth rates. These two molts were 36 days apart. I'll try to keep the comparison going for a couple more molts. The scale is in mm. Ken
  11. marvida

    MarVida's 10 Gal. Nano

    This 10 gallon nano has been up & running since July, 2002. Equipment: Lights: 9 hours per day 1X70w HQI 1X28 PC Actinic 1 Hagen 201 adjustable powerhead HOB 'Fuge being used as a sump supplied by a Maxi 600, contains razor caulerpa SeaClone 100 skimmer running 24/7 100w heater DIY auto top-off...
  12. marvida

    New Green Brain

    Just put this in the tank a couple of minutes ago. It's just starting to poof up (technical reefer lingo). My photo talent, or lack thereof, doesn't do it justice as it's very bright.
  13. marvida

    10 Gallon Conversion / Rebuild 6-Pack

    BACKGROUND: Recently I began to refit my office 10 gallon. Originally it had 3X32 PC with a small powerhead, Whisper 30 hang-on, and an in-tank airstone skimmer. For top-off it had a Kent Aquadose. Since I only work Monday through Thursday this thing needed to be as close to automatic as...
  14. marvida

    Emerald Crab Molting

    Just glanced in the tank & caught this. The molt fell off his back seconds after I took this shot. Ken
  15. marvida

    Fighting Conch?

    A few months ago I asked the LFS to try to get me a fighting conch. They ordered and received a "conch" with no species listed. When they put in their tank it dove into the sand so, hey, good enough for me. It doesn't look exactly like some photos of fighting conchs I've seen, it seems to be...
  16. marvida

    Pyramid snails

    Pyramids were briefly mentioned in an earlier thread so I thought I might elaborate on these little vampires. Most of this information and photos should be credited to Daniel Knop. Pyramidellidae snails are very small (6mm max) parasitic snails which feed on the lymphatic fluid of other snails...
  17. marvida

    Hey, dburr

    You mentioned in a recent thread that you use the Kent float switch. I need to do something with a gravity top off system and was wondering; the catalogs list a "float valve" and a "float valve kit". Do I need the whole kit, or will just the valve work on a gravity system? Thanks!
  18. marvida

    Plate Coral Feeding Frenzy 6-Pack!

    OK, so it's a slow motion frenzy. I shot this six pack this AM when I fed my short tenticle plate. Before breakfast:
  19. marvida

    Playin' with the macro

    This is going to take some practice! Oh well here goes: Toadstool
  20. marvida

    I'm Done Lurking!

    I have been lurking here for about 4 years. A couple of months ago I finally registered. Up until recently I didn't have anything to really contribute & never had a question that wasn't answered by using the search function. I have 4 tanks, 5,10,29 and a 55. The best one is the 10 gallon. I am...