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  1. trippkid

    Opinions on which skimmer to get?

    Hey everyone I think I am going to buy a new skimmer soon and want to know what you guys think of what I have picked out and what may be the best out of the choices. Here is what my list consists of SWC MSX200; AquaEuro RPS265 or PS250; Octopus DNW200, NW200, DDNW150, or something from the PRO...
  2. trippkid

    Some pics of my babies

    Here are some shots of my mostly SPS tank. I hope you all like them, I know I sure do. That is it for now, sorry it took so long(I said a couple of minutes) and sorry they are all mostly with actinics only, if you want just copy and paste the url and check out the whole album at...
  3. trippkid

    Anyone have this: Roscoe's Blue Acropora

    Just wondering if anyone has this species of Acro. I hope the frag is as blue as it looked in the photo. We'll see, it is supposed to be here Tue. morn. Matt
  4. trippkid

    New Corals: Let Me Know What You Think

    Here are some new additions I've picked up the last two or three weeks. I hope everyone likes. Matt 1. Green Stylophora 2. Rose Millepora 3. Blue Millepora 4. Unidentified 5. Pink Enchino 6. Blue tip Acropora 7. Miami Orchid Staghorn 8. I think it is a little...
  5. trippkid

    New additions

    Couple new additions today. Sorry the pics aren't the best, camera not the best, and still trying to find the best setting. I hope you like. Matt 1. Red and Orange Echinophyllia frag 2. Montipora peltiformis frag-yellow base w/blue polyps- not very clear 3. Green Blastomusa frag 4. Green...
  6. trippkid

    Lil' Bush

    Anybody think this new cartoon is funny? I do