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  1. salty cheese

    Bubble Coral (Plerogyra) Reproduction

    Does anyone know if bubble corals can reproduce asexaully? And if they can, what do the "babies" look like? I have what looks like twelve or so baby anemonies that are whitish in color with bubbles on or near the base of the bubble and they are not aiptasia or mojano or anything like I've seen...
  2. salty cheese

    Video from a camera mounted on one of the SRB of the space shuttle

    This is a video from the last shuttle launch, the camera is mounted to one of the solid rocket boosters and it lasts from take off till the SRB lands in the ocean. Yeah I'm a geek. NOT DIAL UP FRIENDLY
  3. salty cheese

    Attn: Squidd and anyone else that needs....

    This might be old news but if anyone needs a free 3D modeling program try out Google's Sketchup program, it's easy to use and it's FREE.
  4. salty cheese

    Calcium reactor hardware

    I'm thinking about setting up a reactor and I was wondering if it is easier/cheaper to buy the hardware or to assemble it myself? I know someone that works for a carbonics/gas company and I have access (I think) to some of, if not all of the components. So if someone would be so kind and could...
  5. salty cheese

    Changing RO membrane?

    The instructions say to use vaseline or lubricant on the small o-rings. Is vaseline safe to use? If not what is a good alternative? :notsure:
  6. salty cheese


    I'm replacing a blown ballast in a PFO duel 150w HQI setup, the ballast in the original setup is a Sola Basic(M81) and I'm replacing it with an Advance(M81). The diagram for the Advance ballast says to tie in the "com" wire from the ballast to the black from the power cord, the problem is that...
  7. salty cheese

    PFO Ballast Blew Need Help

    One of my PFO 150w M81 ballast blew out. I didn't recieve any paperwork with the ballast and they're closed for the day. So does anyone know if PFO ballasts have warranties or am I screwed? Also are all M81 ballast the same? Thanks, S.C.
  8. salty cheese

    Snug as a bug in a rug

    It's the little things that make this hobby worthwhile. The cam is a POS but I thought I'd share. :happyfish
  9. salty cheese

    Frag swap Madison, WI

    Madison Area Reef Society(MARS) Your invited to a frag swap.... Hi all, we would like to invite you to the first annual MARS Frag Swap on on June 12th from 2-4pm in Madison, Wisconsin. It is open to anyone who would like to attend. The location is 825 W. Badger Rd at the fire station community...
  10. salty cheese

    Snail ID Plz

    It is about 1/8th of an inch long, I've only seen it at night except once when it was munching on a peppermint that had died. Don't ask me for a better shot, this is the best I can do with my cam.:rolleyes: :D
  11. salty cheese

    A room with a view

    Well, not a room but still cool.
  12. salty cheese

    Crab removal

    Does anyone know how to remove crabs when they are hold up inside a rock? I've had the rock out of the water for about 45 min and it wont budge.:notsure:
  13. salty cheese

    DE MH bulbs

    I was wondering what brands everyone uses and why you like them. Thanks:)
  14. salty cheese

    MH bulb opinions needed.

    What brand and spectrum does everyone recommend? They will going into a 150w HQI setup. Thanks.:)
  15. salty cheese


    What is the s-10 report you were refering to concernig salt mix brands? The chart I posted was from a article on Advanced Aquarist's online magazine in Sept 2004. Enlighten me please, I don't want to be posting bad info. Help a brother out:D
  16. salty cheese

    Thomas712: PH cover ?'s

    I remember awhile back that you posted something about how a lfs store you visit used some sort of platic basket to cover up the PH intake and I was wondering if the plastic cylinder below would work, or if it needs to have a wider diameter, the sloted PH cover is about 6/8th of an in in...
  17. salty cheese

    TDS Meters

    I'm looking to buy one and I was wondering what brands were good and what brands were bad. Also are there any specific attributes I should be looking for when deciding?:notsure: Thanks S.C. :joy:
  18. salty cheese

    Kip questions about your fuge

    How big is it? Plastic or glass? Where did you get it? Did you drill your self? If so, what kind of drill bit? Uhm I think thats it. Thanks S.C.
  19. salty cheese

    HOB filter questions

    I want to buy a HOB to run carbon and a phosphate sponge(incase of an emergency) but I have no experience with this type of filter. So please help me decide which one to buy. Are there any differances between certain filters besides the price? My tank is 46 gal. Thanks S.C.
  20. salty cheese

    How small...

    How small does everyone chop up the cocktail shrimp when feeding fish and anemones?:notsure: Enlighten me please.