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  1. sergeant

    Rio 800 pumps

    :mad: Be aware of the RIO 800 pumps. It is the second time I lose lifestock due to this Rio pumps burning up and leaking poisonus oils or black chemical into the water. Resulting in the loss of my yellow tang, yellow tail damsel, all the ricordias and a lettuce coral.
  2. sergeant

    WTB Ice Cap Ballast South FL

    I am setting up a 20 gallon fragg tank. I need a Ice Cap Ballast. I have a Emperor 400 HOB filter, a Eclipse 3 tank and Xenia fraggs for trading. Anyone interested e-mail me.
  3. sergeant

    Fish Question

    I was walking on the beach after the hurricane water still choppy and all of a sudden a wave pushed out a small green fish with white dots by my feet . I was equipped with ziploc bags and other gear to take specimen samples so I picked it up (free fish). Now looking at my books it is a file...
  4. sergeant

    Ricordia yuma

    I picked up a Sea Scope flier at the LFS about the ricordia yuma (hot pink) and it states that is a invasive species and is not recommended to be released by aquarist out of the area where they are native from. Have any of you reefers out there ever heard such thing?
  5. sergeant

    Hard to catch!!

    I dont know where it came from but I have a little fish that looks like a guppy in my sump. It has already eaten most of the pods:mad: that use to live on the glass and is playing hard to catch. I would like to take him out but I dont want to take the sump apart for it. I have about 20 lbs of...
  6. sergeant

    VHO lighting question

    You experts out there. I need your advise, the lighting system for my 55 gallon tank (icecap retro kit) came with 4 VHO tubes, 3 tubes are 03 actinic blue and one tube is super actinic white. To set it up with 3 tubes, should I use 2 blue tubes and 1 white or should I get another white and use...
  7. sergeant

    Any suggestions!!!

    I set up a 55 gallon display with a seeded sand bed, about 50 lbs of base rock and a 20 gallon sump. I already have feather caulerpa growing nicely and a 200watts heater in the sump. For this size of tank and sump set-up what king of skimmer should I put in it?
  8. sergeant

    Icecap experts

    I need help with a Icecap ballast and some VHO lights. I recently purchased a kit with 4 super actinic tubes and a timer but I still cant get it to work. Any of you with experience troublshooting this guys? :help:
  9. sergeant

    Feed the coral

    I read in this forum a lot about adding stuff like calcium, phytoplanktom, etc. At what point in time should I start adding extra stuff to the water to feed this guys? I have a 37 gallon and this are the soft corals I have in it. 7 orange ricordeas 3 green ricordeas 2 frags of green star...
  10. sergeant

    Feeding coral

    In my 37 gallon I already have 8 different corals. Including Xenias with multiple polyps, ricordias and mushrooms. I reed in many threads about adding stuff to their tanks like calcium, molybdenum, strontium, iodine, etc. Do I have to add anything to the water to feed this guys? :notsure:
  11. sergeant

    Silly question

    How do you stop water from overflowing your sump on a tank drilled at the bottom. It hasnt happen but just in case the return pump die!!! :notsure:
  12. sergeant

    Bang guy

    Can you share your technics to save the eggs and breed the percula clowns? I have a pair of those and the bigger one is getting puffy. I think they are about to lay eggs. Any suggestions? :notsure:
  13. sergeant

    Id please

    Do any of you know what kind of eggs are this? I think thats what they are!!!
  14. sergeant

    coral food?

    Is invertebrate smorgasbord any good to feed my corals with?
  15. sergeant

    New filter & skimmer in one

    I just got a skilter 250 for my 37 gallon tank. I already got the noise under control but the tiny bubbles are all over the place. Would the bubbles hurt the corals in the tank? :notsure: I would like to stop the bubbles from going in the tank. Assistance will be greatly appreciated. Any of...
  16. sergeant

    Water parameters

    I just did a 10% water change and tested. This is the result of the test. Phosphates 0 Ammonia 0 Alkalinity 20cm(High) Nitrites 0.1 Nitrates 5.0 Spec gravity 1.024 @ 80 degrees PH 7.8 (Low) I am running the return pump and two other power heads for...
  17. sergeant

    PhosBan Reactor 150

    Do any of you guys use one of this reactors? How much PhosBan should I put in the reactor for a 37 gallon tank? :help:
  18. sergeant

    Overflow box

    Is it ok to take out the overflow box sponge? Mine is making so much noise when it get full of stuff. Also the water level raises inside the overflow itself. :help: I believe this is the algae problem I have, everytime I take that sponge out to clean it with tap water. :notsure: Any suggestions...
  19. sergeant

    new addition

    Here is a pic of my new ricordeas. One of them is splitting.
  20. sergeant

    ID please!!!

    I got some orange ricordeas yesterday and this guy came alone with them. Any ideas???