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  1. newbie12

    sea hair/ hair algea....? HELP!!!!!!

    i have an 8 gallon biocube. i only have like 2 nice chunks of live rock in it. i have had the tank for more than a yr now. now this hair algea or whatever its called is taking over my tank. i was told that i probably dont have enough live rock in my tank and if i added more this would help. i...
  2. newbie12


    hi people..... just wondering...... i have an 8 gallon oceanic biocube..... just soft coral, scallop, 1 anenome, and one clown fish. how often should i change the filter on this? can i clean it off a few times for more use? thanks for any help.
  3. newbie12

    Cleaner Clams

    i have a oceanic bio cube. its 8 gallons. i would like to get a cleaner clam....but im not sure the lighting that comes with the oceanic is sufficient enough. im not even sure if cleaner clams need lighting? is there any other clams that dont require high lighting? any help would be appreciated...