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  1. u mike


    i am thinking about changing my brand of salt, what is the the best way to make a change from one to another.
  2. u mike

    eggcrate problem

    today as I was doing a water change a small problem happened i was moving a piece of eggcrate that had a frag on it and landed on my L T A. it is sticking out of the mouth as we speak. is there any thing that can be done.
  3. u mike

    affects of copper

    would copper affect the growth of corals
  4. u mike

    test kits

    I am looking to get some new test kits,when i went to one store & asked where the dates where they said there are none.
  5. u mike

    tank is struggling

    I am having some trouble with my tank. here are some of the latest things happening my mushroom corals are shrinking , a frag I bought a month a ago will no open ( it was open for 2 weeks now nothing} I also got a star polyp will not open I have had some test done at the store, ( I feel very...
  6. u mike

    RO/ DI question

    I need some help with my ro unit, Iam looking for a way to winterize the tubing. Right now we are going through a very cold spell. my unit is in the basement, the waste line run out the wall into the side garden( great in the summer) , what I was thinking was to get some electric metal run the...
  7. u mike

    coral not well

    I am having some trouble with 2 of my corals. 1st is a bubble it seems to be coming right off the rock it was on.( just peeling away) 2nd is my mushroom i have 2 on one rock ( about a year old) they seem to be shrinking .
  8. u mike

    sick fish ?

    i just found thison my fish any ideas what it is
  9. u mike

    concrete help

    Is there anyone with any concrete exp. i am having a problem where the concrete pad and the side of the house meet, the expansion joint is completly gone leaving a good gap about 2 " wide. the wall in the basement seem to be getting very wet. is there any type of filler that will stop this.
  10. u mike

    my new fish frag

    a few new pics
  11. u mike

    overflow problem

    Is there a way to slience the noise coming from the overflow box. i just added a sump about a month ago & the noise is starting to be too much. please help.
  12. u mike

    water evapartion

    I have a question about how much water evap there is in a sump. Is there a standard. I seem to be putting close to a 1/2 gal of water in a day & half, seems like a lot to me.
  13. u mike

    pics of my 65

    here are some pics after the sump was working
  14. u mike


    I have some good news my problem sump is up & running. Last night I got it going, little noisey but the guy from the fish store came over today to check things out for me & said it should calm down in a little bit.He helped me fine tune the skimmer also. just to let some of you know i used the...
  15. u mike

    sump is running 2

    more pics of my sump
  16. u mike

    sump is running

    I finished my sump but something seems to be wrong.I will show the pics of my fun day. what seems wrong is after I got the sump running all corals have shrunk.
  17. u mike


    Wed i am taking my tank apart so I can install my sump. After I get water all down to sand level I will take out center brace of cabinet so i can fit my sump in. I will take plenty of pics, will update when I am finished.WISH ME LUCK.
  18. u mike

    overflow box

    i need to know what is better to use silcone or pvc cement. coming off the overflow box is a bulkhead,I want to attach a 1" piece of pvc to this. then i can attach the hose to run down to the sump.Should the pvc be siliconed or use the cement.
  19. u mike

    sump question

    will this work. I am thinking of taking a center piece of wood out of my stand to make the sump fit. first i will empty all water rock ,then remove this piece of wood here is a pic. tell me what you think.
  20. u mike

    sump is here

    I finally got my sump, problem is I did not leave enough room when i set up my tank to get the sump in now. I guess i will have to take dt down then insert sump. If I go this way will this work , i have a 5 gal hospital can I put all fish / carals / urchin / snails all in that to change over. I...