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  1. aquatica-tech

    Coolest QT idea

    Well im in my chemsitry class in school and I was thinking that I heard that cleaner shrimps have a tenancy to clean bad bacteria from fish for example like hippo tangs. So im wondering what if I set-up a QT and put like two cleaners in there and have like a seperate DT but also a QT for QTing...
  2. aquatica-tech

    Stock List Help

    Well I want to make some new additions to my tank if possible. I have a 55 gallon with about 30 pounds of live rock planning on adding more Koralia 2 PH and a Rio 600 PH I got a 25 Gallon Sump 4x65 PC lighting Stock: Sailfin Tang 2 Firefish Gobys Bar Goby Bi-Color Blennie 2 Peppermint shrimp 13...
  3. aquatica-tech

    Peppermint are cleaners?

    Yea just a few minutes ago I just witnessed my sailfin nearing one of my peppermints and my peppermint started cleaning of him of some sort. Is this normal of a peppermint i know hes cleaning him cause the sailfin keeps coming towards the peppermint and the peppermint gets on him and starts...
  4. aquatica-tech

    Do Peppermints Eat Pods ?

    For some reason my pod population has gone down significantly, I also have 2 Firefish gobys and a Bi-Color blenny but I dont think these would eat it or would they ?
  5. aquatica-tech

    Any 120 Gallons Out There

    Well throught all of the pages of these forums I barely see people with 120 gallon tanks. Post some pics of your unique 120 gallon tank.
  6. aquatica-tech

    My sailfin tangs eye

    Well i just went to feed my fish and i saw that my sailfin tangs left or right eye whatever one is starting to turn white, yes white !!! What can this be
  7. aquatica-tech

    120 Gallon Transfer Set-Up (with pictures)

    well here is the tank im going to upgrade my 55 gallon to the 120 gallon cause of the sailfin tang. Its a custom built tank my mom traded from one of her friends a few years ago. im going to take out the wet dry and replace it with the sump. So everything is custom so its not going to look like...
  8. aquatica-tech

    What coral can i get with this ?

    Well im planning on getting three of these cause i cant find one whole kit to fit my 120 gallon tank. So what coral can i get with these lights Coralife Aqualight Advanced Tank-Mount, 1- 150 W 14,000K HQI Can i get clams ?
  9. aquatica-tech

    120 Gallon Lighting Input

    Well im going to be aquiring a 120 gallon fish tank and im going to have it as a FOWLR right now but going to be converting it to a Reef after a few years of having it. Would a 6x54 or 8x54 T-5 HO lighting be good enough ?
  10. aquatica-tech

    125 Upgrade Set-Up Help

    Ok today i just bought me a sailfin tang and im going to be needing to upgrade soon. I have a 55 gallon fish tank that has these items in it: Overflow Box 25 Gallon Sump Mag 5 Pump 4x65 Pc Lighting from Odyssey about 35 pounds of Live Rock 40 pounds of live sand Koralia #2 Power Head Rio 600...
  11. aquatica-tech

    Sailfin Tank Estimation

    Well i just got a juvenile sail fin tang for my 55 gallon and im just wondering, give or take how many months would it take for me to upgrade to a 90 gallon so he can be comfortable
  12. aquatica-tech

    Base Rock

    Just wondering were do people get there base rock in Orlando,Florida or a good website PM please cause over here live rock is 6.99 a pound so that killing me, any suggestions
  13. aquatica-tech

    Peppermint Shrimp

    Haha I was on a digging quest looking for my sandfleas I put in there which i dont really know if there good for a tank so thats why i put it in my sump. So while I was looking my peppermint was reaching out from his rock to my hand, so i moved my hand closer and it started picking off stuff...
  14. aquatica-tech

    I want to get my clown to breed

    Lol its kinda funny but my clown took my Firefish gobys girl away but she hates it and wants to get back to her man. So what type of clown can I mix my Pink Skunk Clown with so it'll have a partner and leave my pair alone ?
  15. aquatica-tech

    55 Gallon Set-Up FS $300

    Well I cant keep up the maintenance of my tank and want to sell ALL of it for a really low price for my localers. I only want to get rid of it all in one sale for whoever would like to come down here and pick it all up. My Email is... Well here it is Equipment: 55 Gallon...
  16. aquatica-tech

    My Rocks...

    Is it a good sign of a healthy tank if ALL of my rocks are turning green. Even some of the shells on my LS is turning green. And no, its not hair algae
  17. aquatica-tech

    The tragic story of Victoria and Robert

    Well my first fish was a Firefish goby, it was pretty large. Well I felt bad because he was by himself, so ive decided to get a second firefish to try to pair up with him. So I went to my LFS and I did get a smaller one than him hoping that it was a female of some sort. Well I acclimated it and...
  18. aquatica-tech

    Red Roots

    Well I have never heard anybody talk about these in the topics at all so im guesssing im the first one to have it. Well on my glass and on almost all my rocks there are these ROOTS you know like a plants roots, they are red and thin. They come off really easily and arent bothering anything. Its...
  19. aquatica-tech

    Thank You Poseiden

    I just got a Firefish goby yesterday from my LFS and he's been out and swimming ever since, he's already eating and its his first day on his tank !!! Knocking on wood he wont die on me
  20. aquatica-tech

    Dead Rock Question

    Well I have heard people making dead rock or base rock however you say it. Im just wondering, how do you make this rock and what materials would I need and how would I make it really porous for the beneficial bacteria to grown in ? If anybody has some in orlando area of florida can you please...