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  1. dragonboy

    Looking for Bali Xenia in Southern Cali

    Anyone here from Southern California that has the Bali Xenia? I'm looking to buy a couple of frags if you have any let me know.
  2. dragonboy

    White spots on Xenia Stalk

    I have white spots on my xenia stalks and some got rotted away is this a disease or something is biting it and it cause them to get infection to die off? Anyone have this experience?
  3. dragonboy

    Ozone Skimmer

    What is the best skimmer for using ozone and also anyone know what is the best setup for ozone? I plan to install ozone for my next setup and trying find the best safe way to run it. Anyone have any ideas or experience with help me out. It will be for a 300 gallon tank fish only possible with...
  4. dragonboy

    Fish ID

    I bought this fish 4 months ago I'm just wondering is it a blue face angel the guy at the store told me it was blue face but I can't tell base on its stripes. Its the fish on left with the black stripes can anyone tell if that fish is indeed a blue face?
  5. dragonboy

    Red Tail Cortis Wrasse Disappear

    I bought a Red Tail Coris Wrasse and the next day I notice it missing. I check the side of the tank I don't see his body anywhere since I close off the top the tank with a lid and also I can't find him in the rocks could he have been buried in the sands?
  6. dragonboy

    Naso Tang Not eating

    I had this naso tang for 3 week now. It started to eat very well for the first 3 weeks now it is not eating at all. Could it be stress by other fishes? Is there anyway to get him to start eating again?
  7. dragonboy

    Bare Bottom or With Sand

    I'm gonna be upgrading my tank to a 300 gallon I was thinking what would be best bare bottom tank or with sand? It will have liverock for sure but I dunno if its best to go with sand or not what do you guys think?
  8. dragonboy


    What is the hardiest anthias? I can never seem to keep Lyretail they always die on me. Are square or bicolor anthias hardy?
  9. dragonboy

    Anyone have Aiptasia?

    I would like to get some Aiptasia if anyone has them I just need it for filter reason. My tank is not a reef tank so I just need to filter in my sump. Let me know if any of you have them and live in southern california.
  10. dragonboy

    ID Angelfish

    I saw this angel fish on this cover book and was wondering anyone know what this angel fish is called. Its the red or orange angelfish with the white stripe shown on that book cover.
  11. dragonboy

    ID on Angel Juvi

    Does this angel look like a blueface or a six barred angel? The fish sold me this as blueface and I just wanna make sure its a blueface.
  12. dragonboy

    ID Angel Juvi

    Can anyone tell the difference between a blue ring angel and blue face angel?
  13. dragonboy

    Emperor Angelfish with HLLE

    My Emperor Angelfish has HLLE on his face and its been like this for the past 4 weeks. I have been feeding it selcon at first but recently I bought zoecon. I haven't really notice it gotten worst where it spread on its body but mostly on its face. My water gets pretty cloudy from the selcon I...
  14. dragonboy

    New Blueface Angel

    I just added a new blueface angel and I have two other angels in the tank a Majestic and Emperor angel both keep charging the new blueface angel. So put in a divider would this help lower the aggression overtime? Also I'm planing to add 3 or 4 anthias would my wrasse attack them those guys can...
  15. dragonboy

    Blue Angelfish a cleaner?

    I have a Blue Angelfish that seems to pick on a few tangs and Emperor Angel is it cleaning off parasites on the fishes? It seems like its feeding off something on the fishes like tiny parasites or something. Or is just being a bully?
  16. dragonboy

    Popeye with cloud on Naso Tang

    My Naso Tang has popeye and not only that he still is stress after 2 weeks now since I gotten him. He also not eating I heard doing water changes might help cure his eye. What can I do to get him to eat because he not eating and also he is twitch every so often I think his eye is bothering him...
  17. dragonboy

    Naso Tang Not eating much

    I have a small Blonde Naso Tang it doesn't seem to be an aggressive eater. I try flakes, nori, cyclopee and home made food it only eats like small bits of food. Most of the other fish usually eats it all up before he even makes a move to grab it I think he is scared or not aggressive enough to...
  18. dragonboy

    Fairy Wrasse

    Anyone here got one of these wrasse they are pretty aggressive would it beat up gobies as I'm planning to add one in. I know it killed my neon goby last time how about a cleaner wrasse or will that also get beat by him.
  19. dragonboy

    Lump on Valimic Tang

    He got a lump on his gill is that a parasite or some type of inflamation? Pic looks a bit blurry but I circle it. Its right around the gill area its a lump.
  20. dragonboy

    Using Bio-ball and Liverock

    Can I use liverock and bio-balls together to filter the water? Would that be a problem?