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  1. oceansidefish

    Coral Mag article on Cyano

    Anyone else read the Coral Mag article about cyano??? I found it very interesting indeed. The ability of some bacterium to adapt is amazing...
  2. oceansidefish

    One hungry RBTA

    So I came home on Saturday to notice that my Kole tang was no where to be seen. Upon closer inspection I discovered that my RBTA had somehow grabbed hold of it and was eating it for lunch!
  3. oceansidefish

    10g or 7.5g??? Agressive

    I have a 7.5g and a 10g tank in the garage.....Trying to decide which to set up and what to put in them....I would really like to do something different. I have a 120g reef and wanted to put something in one of those I could not do in the reef....Could I swing an angler or frog fish in the 10g???
  4. oceansidefish

    Oceansidefish's 120g Tank Diary

    I am replacing my old thread about my tank... This new one will both detail what is in my tank and let other reefers know how I keep it lookin' sweet! I will be posting lots of pics! Tank Details: 120g Eurobraced Leemar open top 4x2x2...Drilled Geissman 48" fixture 2x250 Phoenix, 2 Actinic +...
  5. oceansidefish

    Nitrates are a little high

    Ok to all my newbs out there....Several times over the past few days I have seen the words "my nitrates are a little high", which is generally preceeded by some kind of problem. Please please please tell me what they are, it will help us help you. If you don't know what the numbers are because...
  6. oceansidefish

    The Dog Den

    So besides our aquariums alot of us have dogs. So I am figuring that a thread about our other babies is warranted. I want this thread to be a question and answer just like the rest of the forum.
  7. oceansidefish

    Best Tangs for a 120

    I have a 120... Are there any tangs that I can successfully house long term, and that will be happy. My current stocklist... Flame hawk True Perc Midas Blenny Randalls goby Purple firefish candy hog
  8. oceansidefish

    My new 120

    I am so excited. Tomorrow I am going to pick up a 120 that I am buying for 200. Its a 3 year old Leemar, Eurobraced with corner overflow for 200 including stand and sump. I am also going to be buying the Geismann lights for 350...Wicked deal. Its going to fit perfect since I live in an older and...
  9. oceansidefish

    150 from scratch

    So I am upgrading to a 150 Leemar.... I want to go out and do it the right way this time. So that being said this is what i am thinking... What would you do with it as far as equipment if it was your tank???
  10. oceansidefish

    rbta split

    So my RBTA after a very rough start which included a trip down my overflow and into my sump, has split for the first time. Apparently I have the very lucky but uncommon RBTA that actually has fat bubble tips. Even the new offspring (2) are bubbled already! I am excited to see how they do and if...
  11. oceansidefish

    Clown irritating my RBTA

    Could my clown love his RBTA too much???? It has not been puffing up too much and I am wondering if it's because he NEVER leaves it alone.
  12. oceansidefish

    My 60g reef

    So I have been on here a while and never really posted pics of my reef so I figured I would since I am "working from home" today.
  13. oceansidefish

    Need some protein skimmer advise

    Anyone have this and if so what level is your water at in the column????
  14. oceansidefish

    Aqua C Skimmer owners

    Question? does anyone have one of the older aqua c skimmers?
  15. oceansidefish

    FOWLR 24's or agressive cube owners

    Does anyone have anything interesting in cubes other than reefs or a mantis??? I am trying to do something different, I was thinking a frog fish but was wondering if anyone else had any other good ideas. I already have a 60g full reef tank so no other reef ideas, unless its really good
  16. oceansidefish

    What to do in a 24g

    Any ideas for a fowlr 24g...I have a bigger reef tank and have had this thing sitting in the garage. I think its too small for a snowflake and was trying to think of something that wont be compatible for the reef. What about a fuzzy dwarf lion???
  17. oceansidefish

    Yellow-Spotted Tilefish

    I picked one of these up a few days ago. He is eating and doing great. I know they are hard to keep. I have a 60g reef with only a small clown, a scooter blenny and a shrimpgoby with lots of caves and hiding places. He likes to be out and about and is not too skiddish. The LFS I got him at had...
  18. oceansidefish

    Sump Sorrow

    Hey everyone, I am at my witts end trying to get my sump levels to even out. I have a 60 gallon DT and a 30g sump and I am not sure what the problem is. Not enough water, too much water. anyone have any advice on getting sumps to a happy place???
  19. oceansidefish

    Ocean Water vs. Synthetic

    So here is the deal. I live in SO. California and I moved to the OC, I have been using synthetic salt up to now. However 2 of the LFS in my area sell natural sea water taken from Scripps (which is filtered through micron filter) however I am still concerned about using this and wondered what...