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  1. clownfish11

    4 gallon NUVO pico reef diary

    For the OGs still lurking around. I'm back. Just finishing up college and I finally have a stable place to live so I decided to try another tank. Once an addict, always an addict. Way smaller this time, but im extremely excited to get this going. Lights are stock for now but I wanted your guys...
  2. clownfish11

    Favortie Meal for each meal

    Okay so since im really hungry and want some food, but theres nothing but granola bars in my house i decided to do this whats your favorite meal for each meal I guess Breakfast Pancakes with whipped cream Hashbrowns Milk or Juice some type of fruit Lunch Turkey Sub or Sushi-crab cali rolls...
  3. clownfish11

    Need Help!

    Okay so I just got my 28HQI biocbue i need to know i filled hte tank up all the way, and do I have to fill the back chambers up as well? or what? thanks
  4. clownfish11

    29gallon Biocube 250W HQI MH PIC DIARY

    Okay as some of you know I am taking down my 55 and making it into a smaller 29gallon reef this will be happening this weekend when i get the tank dropped to my house I got it for a steal 275$ tank light stand 2 extra 250W bulbs stock skimmer i have lr, ls, coral, fish, and everything else I need
  5. clownfish11


    whered the thread to the ups man throwing the box go i wanted to show my friend AJ he didnt get to see it... i want him to see because a ups man did it to him and his livestock died can i get the link please
  6. clownfish11

    What would you do?

    keep a 55gallon mixed reef or downgrade to a 28gallon HQI nanocube mixed reef i like biocubes/nanocubes a lot what would you do
  7. clownfish11

    28gallon NanoCube HQI

    Is this a good tank Im downgrading from a 55gallon, and have everything I need, but I need to know if this is a good tank for SPS, LPS, Zoas, RICs prettty much all corals check my thread from my 55 if you want to check it out im looking at selling my clowns, flametail, and scooter and keeping my...
  8. clownfish11


    It has come to my attention that Coral Keeper has a bit of a crush on Alix. Instead of making fun of this boy, let's nurture his ambition and encourage him on his way. They would, in my opinion, make a really cute couple. There is however one flaw... Alix has a boyfriend who she seemingly is...
  9. clownfish11


    Nuke Green1polyp-15$ True Green People Eater20+ polyps-25$ Neon Green Confusa1+inch-25$ Green Slimer1+inch-25$ Blue Tort1+inch-25$ Blue Tenius1+inch-25$ Red Tabling Acro1+inch-25$ Rainbow Acan3polyps-super colorful-50$ ORA Blue Bottlebrush1+inch-15$ Superman Monti1.5inch-40$ is that a good deal...
  10. clownfish11

    Snow Day!!!!

  11. clownfish11

    Gears of War2

    anyone have it? is it any good i saw someone selling it here and was ready to buy it, but the thread got it worth it?
  12. clownfish11

    Sitting in the AIRPORT

    BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!! i have no idea what I would be doing if they didn't have computer... we thought the flight was going to take off at 9, but really its going at 1240...YIPPY! just thought i'd share
  13. clownfish11

    Omg!!! Amazing

    has anyone else tried the new doritos collisions i saw them at the store and was like eww, but ima try them!! THEY ARE SO GOOD get the pizza cravers and ranch ones omg amazingness in every bite!
  14. clownfish11

    DIY 48inch Canopy

    Can anyone give me a hand on how to do a canopy that doesn't have the light built into it? I need ideas!! I have people to help me with the cutting, etc
  15. clownfish11

    One and ONE ONLY!

    Okay so everyone POST THEIR BEST ZOA/PAYL ONLY ONE NO MORE THAN 1 its gonna be hard for some and easier for others! I will post mine in a few
  16. clownfish11

    Sexy Pink Payl

    Okay I'm buying this locally for 15$ :D It's super sweet, and this pic is TERRIBLE trust me they are way better anyone got an ID?
  17. clownfish11

    Late Night

    I'm staying up as late as it takes tonight!!!! ANyone else?? DO NOT TURN THIS INTO A POLITICAL ARGUMENT THREAD!!! I'm getting some monster, pizza, and other food to keep me up and running :D
  18. clownfish11


    I was supposed to be studying spanish at 8 but its now 915 and I haven't started wow...i hate the feeling of not wanting to get of SWF...and I hate Spanish tests
  19. clownfish11

    Show your room or parts of your house

    Okay I'll start....This is my fish room/where I sleep ahah heres some pics My work hat my lil fish room This is what I wake up and see every morning :D LETS SEE EVERYONE ELSES!
  20. clownfish11

    10Gallon Reef NANO!

    Okay I am in the process of setting up my 10gallon NANO right now! 10gallon tank about 15lbs of rock 10gallon heater 30gallon filter no lights yet this is a reef and inverts tank maybe fish haven't decided bad pics with bad camera are coming when I'm done DEDICATED TO REBEL AND I STARTED THIS...