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  1. zsalinas

    Found a 300 gal tank good deal?

    Hey, I may be making a come back to salt water since I sold my tank. I found a 300 gal acrylic tank with a center overflow on a local forum. Its $300. It doesn't come with anything but the tank and the built in overflow. Is this a good price? Ive never purchased acrylic before. Thanks for any...
  2. zsalinas

    Anybody ride bikes? (motorcycles)

    Well, with the price of gas going up and driving a lot I'm really interested in getting a bike. My car is terrible on gas. I just want to know what people ride and what they like. I want to know some pros and cons or just any info that would help me make a decision on what to get. Currently I'm...
  3. zsalinas

    yellow/blue assesors

    Does anybody have any personal experience or anything with these fish. They're in the reef aquarium fishes pocket guide book. Theres some info in there on them but not a lot. I did a search and there's very few posts or any info on them at all. Anything will help I'm sure thanks.
  4. zsalinas

    Question about cycle?

    Ok, I've currently got a 72g tank been running for a year and a half or so. I'm currently setting up a 20g for somebody else. The 20g is set up right now sand, rock, filter, etc. No water yet. Here's the question. I usually do 20g water change on my tank every two weeks. Can I use the water from...
  5. zsalinas

    Iverson going to Denver!

    Well it looks like Denver has worked out a trade for Allen Iverson. Philadelphia will recieve Andre Miller, and Jones Smith. They also get both of Denver's first round draft picks for 2007. What do you think about this trade. Who's getting the better end of the deal?
  6. zsalinas

    Help with stuff on lr

    I'm going to be getting about 40 lbs of lr from a friend. I went and looked at it last night and it has a bunch of green hair algae all over it. I don't want to add it to my tank and have it spread. I don't care to have it in my tank right away because I already have enough. I'm just taking it...
  7. zsalinas

    The Ultimate Fighter Finale!

    Just wanted to know what everybody thought about the finale. I personally loved it. Kendall won so that was good. He's a big guy. It's cool Dana gave the contract to Ed as well. I'm not a big fan of Ed though. Also Mike Bisping won. It looked to easy for him. Josh got owned. He wouldn't go down...
  8. zsalinas

    Zoo Question

    The other day I was lookin in my tank and I saw that I have one single brown zoo. I've never had anything like that in my tank before and I haven't added and new live rock or anything. It's been running since October of last year and everything with the tank was from the previous owner. I was...
  9. zsalinas

    TUF season 3 - episode 4

    Speg are you slackin I thought for sure you'd beat me to it. Yes count another one for Tito. The british guy messed the other guy up pretty good. He was all bloody. Really good fight, you could see kens guy gettin wobbly. What'd does everybody think about that fight last night?
  10. zsalinas

    Bad luck with tank!

    Well a few weeks ago my foxface developed these spots. I didn't know what they were so I just started feeding more of a variety to him and they slowly started going away. Well they came back with a vengence and I took him to the lfs for qt. In the mean time my eibli angel started acting funny...
  11. zsalinas

    Brooklynella.......I searched already

    My clown fish kind of have a white slimy lookin film on the top of their heads. It's not all over or anything. They're still swimming and eating. Is it possible that this is the beginning stages of brook? My ebili angel died the other day and I don't know why. He just stopped eating and wasn't...
  12. zsalinas

    Eibli Angel Acting Strange Then Died!??

    A few days ago my Eibli Angel just started hanging out under a ledge and would sit and swim right there and wouldn't come out. The water is right where it should be I've had it tested already to see if that had anything to do with it. He wouldn't eat or anything. He was usually one of my best...
  13. zsalinas

    Death co had 3 batfish

    I was at ***** last night getting crickets and I always look to see the fish. They had 3 batfish in their little 10 gallon tanks they were covered in ich and had that salt looking growth on their fins. I forgot what that disease was called. I felt so bad for the fish but I didn't say anything. I...
  14. zsalinas

    No More End Zone Celebrations?

    Just wanted to see everybody's opinons on this. I for one am all for celebrations they're fun to watch. It's entertainment. The NFL is definately the No Fun League.
  15. zsalinas

    qt tank questions?

    If I'm settin up a qt tank can I just take water from my existing tank and maybe a few pieces of the lr and the substrate can Ijust put them in a qt tank? Would this be sufficient enough or would it still need to cycle and everything?
  16. zsalinas

    T.O. in dallas?

    I know there's a lot of mixed feelings about T.O. Personally I love to watch him play he's an amazing performer. How does everybody feel about him going to the cowboys?
  17. zsalinas

    Foxface has brown spots help!?

    Last night I seen my foxface has two brown spots. One on each side. They're like perfect circles. He is acting normal and so are all of the other fish. Still eating and happily swimming around. Does anybody have any idea what this is. Thanks in advance
  18. zsalinas

    Aggressive Anthias?

    My pink square anthias has to like own my tank. He won't let the clown fish near him and I even added a cleaner shrimp and he makes his mouth huge to try and scare him. When my sailfin blenny comes out he chases him as well as my goby. He also does this to my foxface. I'm thinkin about takin...
  19. zsalinas

    Quote of the day is....

    Fat chicks are like scooters. They're fun to ride till your friends catch you! :hilarious :hilarious :hilarious
  20. zsalinas


    How many animals can you fit in 1 pair of panty hose? 1 as$, 1 beaver, 2 calves, 10 piggies, unkown # of hares, and 1 dead fish nobody can find! LOL :hilarious