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  1. jwagne267

    Baton Rouge Reefers?

    Are there any Baton Rouge, LA people out there? If so PM me I have something you may be interested in.
  2. jwagne267


    Best Lighting fixture for a 20 Long Tank. Just looking for some opinions bc I may be getting a new fixture.
  3. jwagne267

    DIY 10 Gal Sump/Fuge. Ineed some help.

    The little corner piece for the initial intake is simply there because in the beggining I put some liverock in there, but that turned out to trap a lot of detritus so I took them out and now it is just empty. Now I have just one piece of iverock in their solely for the purpose of a hideout for...
  4. jwagne267

    DIY 10 Gal Sump/Fuge. Ineed some help.

    Hey, I have sort of the same setup and it works great but I have a 20 L. Check out the pictures on my build thread. I dont have the exact measurements for the compartments but if you'd like just PM me and I'll send you the measurements.
  5. jwagne267

    The Official Insomniac MEGATHREAD

    Just got done upgrading my tank's sump pump and adding a new power head....can't believe i'm so busy that I have to wait till the AM to do anythign with my tank. Ran some water tests too, everythings good cept my nitrates are at 15.......but I know where that came from, sometimes my clownfish...
  6. jwagne267

    new bta is covering my zoas!

    I just helped a friend with this exact same problem......take a credit card or something like it I.D. card etc. and slowly take up the ends of the anemone. Just make sure you do it slowly and just work it up from the edges, try not to "pinch" the anemone but just try to get under it. It takes a...
  7. jwagne267

    Pale spots on derasa

    Thats def part of the pattern, matches the color to the pale purple on the inside too.
  8. jwagne267


    So just an update...I put it on a rock, it was nice and happy but I noticed it was moving. It slowly day by day was moving it self into the sand again, now it is back in the same place in the sand . Guess it is more happy in the sand.
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    I figured it out I think.... haha sometime my idiotness can be so funny
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    wait like the pretty part of the clam?
  11. jwagne267

    Anemone killed my fish???

    I'd keep one and take one back for credit if it was me. You have a picture of it before it split? If so shoot one up on here.
  12. jwagne267


    This may be a dum question but how do I make it stay upright on a rock?? Like wedge it between something? How will it open up if wedge it? Or do I just stick it on a rock and the clam will do the rest?? Sorry may be dum but this is my first clam
  13. jwagne267

    Anemone killed my fish???

    Half of a 40 gallon tank??? If thats a BTA then its either one of the biggest BTA I've ever heard of or you have a really weird tank dimensions?
  14. jwagne267

    Culturing Phytoplankton

    Thanks for the quick run through, hopefully one day I will need to use the advice and I may have baby clowns of my own!
  15. jwagne267


    Here is top down from the same day with pumps off
  16. jwagne267


    No, the lighter blue areas are actually just its coloring. If I had a better camera you could see how beautiful all its different shades of blue make it look. My camera really doesn't do it justice.
  17. jwagne267

    Show off your Clowns!

    Here's my two, the stars of the tank and the reason for my name..
  18. jwagne267


    Just checking up, I'm no clam expert but I just wanted to make sure that my clam looks ok. Got it about 1-2 weeks ago and I just wanted to make sure you guys think it looks healthy. It is a bad angle but it is the best I could do with my camera.
  19. jwagne267

    20 Gallon Build

    Come on people can I get some love?
  20. jwagne267

    air bubbles ! Help !?!

    From my experience and understanding that is actually just a by product of the algae on the rocks their. It goes away once it is done, but may flare up if you are cyclign your tank or use water that is not RO. You may also get it on the sand too. Don't worry after a while it will go away.