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  1. jubbin2001

    T5 examples?

    Anyone care to share their T5 setups and pics of the tank? I know there was a similar thread like this, but since the upgrade to the forum, I can't seem to find it. Just curious what people are running, and how their tanks looks. I am thinking using the following setup in my 4 bulb fixture: ATI...
  2. jubbin2001

    Threads in the Forum missing

    Anyone figure out how to dig up old threads? There was quite a few on t5 lighting and people had posted their tanks as examples for their particular preference. When I search, it only brings up the most current one I had just posted tonight, but nothing from the last couple weeks before.
  3. jubbin2001


    Got this SPS in a frag tank for like $15. Not really 100% on what it is though. I was thinking it might be a type of Stylophora, but I am not an SPS keeper, so I can't say for sure. Thanks all.
  4. jubbin2001

    125g back up and running

    So I finally got everything I had left (after I moved I lost a lot) into my 125g. Not everything is as happy as is was in the previous tank, but I am sure within 48hrs they will be fine. So here it is: I am still fighting a small outbreak of cyno on my wall, but overall everything is running...
  5. jubbin2001

    Id anyone?

    I just noticed these on my glass. I have never actually seen them before in any of my tanks. Anyone have any ideas? They are a little larger than a ball point pen, and appear almost like they are some type of egg mass. I did my best with my junky macro lens, and this is the best I could come up...
  6. jubbin2001

    AquaticLife T5 bulbs

    Anyone heard of these guys? My LFS started carrying them, and said they were really great bulbs...dunno if I want to run the risk, since my bulbs are do for a changing. Probably going ATI this time around...especially since more often than not in this hobby you get what you pay for. The bulbs...
  7. jubbin2001

    Help with some Metal Halide Ballasts

    So I got 3 free metal halide ballasts, but I am having some problems figuring out anything about them. They are from Ultramarine Enterprises Model# RKMT-150-D. I have been searching the net for information, but am coming up short. Has anyone ever seen these that might possibly know about them...
  8. jubbin2001

    Not an ID...only the coolest hitchhiker ever!!

    So it's been awhile for me posting here since I have been kind of busy...getting a new house, moving, loosing most of my 125g reef in the move , and starting over. So the 125g reef is some what running again, after a few design changes to the sump. So I went out to get some LR from my LFS. Lucky...
  9. jubbin2001

    125g Tank Panorama

    So I was messing with Photoshop and Lightroom, and decided to do a panoramic pic of my tank. Well here is the final result: I didn't post in in here because of the size. Figured the link would work better . Still gonna be adding more LR and...
  10. jubbin2001

    Looking for help from the SPS gurus

    So as some of you may/may not know my wife got me (well mostly for her) 2 acro colonies (complete with crabs). As I have not delved into SPS, I really want to make sure I am doing things right. Currently I am running 4x39 T5's individually reflected. Now I know they are for the most part a very...
  11. jubbin2001

    Wife got me some b-day presents!!

    So my wife took me to the LFS today and got me my b-day presents . Banggai Cardianl Pair: Virgate Rabbitfish: Six-line Wrasse (only like 1"....quick lil bugger): Acropora 1 (don't know which, and it's kinda browned due to stress...she just wanted the acro crabs): Acropora 2 (Same deal as...
  12. jubbin2001

    I have an Oxynoe and you do not

    I had to share what came in on my caulerpa I ordered a few months back: Had a few in the fuge for a few months and atleast one is about 1/2" long, and I have eggs . Good way to keep my 'pra under control me thinks .
  13. jubbin2001

    Recirculating Skimmer Advice

    Well after battling with my stoooopid a!% Coralife skimmer, I decided I need something else. I might try a recirculating, anyone have experience with these? Here is what I have found so far I think might work. C-Skim 1200 (I know someone on the forums had one, but I can't remember who...maybe...
  14. jubbin2001

    Coralife Super Skimmer Issues

    So I have a SS 125 for my tank that has been running fine, and now all of a sudden I can't keep air going through the venturi line. I have cleaned it out (even the whole pump), changed air tubing, and bored out the venturi hole just a tiny bit and nothing works. Once I blow into the line whoa...
  15. jubbin2001

    New Squammy pr0n

    So I was putzing around in the LFS and I saw this guy for $30 so I thought, what the heck I mind as well. I think he is pretty neat. I haven't seen many with green on the mantle, mostly brown and that yellow gold....well atleast around where I live. I just hope the green stays around. This pic...
  16. jubbin2001

    Great Stuff(TM) In the Aquarium

    So I have been creating some caves and shelves using Great Stuff foam, but before I put them into the tank, I had to send them an email to see if their Window and Door would work (my Menards didn't have any more Pond and Stone, cuz I bought them out, and I wasn't going to drive an hour to get...
  17. jubbin2001

    New Purchase =)

    So I was rumaging though my LFS's coral tanks and came across this guy. I couldn't resist . I really love this color on him, I haven't seen to many orage ones around here (MN) before...mostly greens, so I had to pick him up. He just radiates under the actinic .
  18. jubbin2001

    New Addition =)

    Here is my new RTBA (got a heck of a deal ). As you can see my maroon has already hosted in didn't even take 24hrs and he knew what to do with it .
  19. jubbin2001

    Burrowing Sebae

    So I have have a Sebae for about a week, and I thought he was doing fine...attached to some LR, eatting, looking generally happy. Now over the past couple days he decided he wanted to burrow into my substrate only exposing a few tentacles. Anyone ever deal with this? 125g w/30g fuge 8x39w T5...
  20. jubbin2001

    Some type of Slug I believe...ID maybe?

    So my wife was checking out my refugium, and stumbled across 2 of these lil guys and took a couple snapshots: Anyone see these before and know what they are? Thanks all!! *Update* I believe I have found the genus this particular animal belongs to: Oxynoe though I am trying to pinpoint the...