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  1. jemshores

    Lighting upgrade for JBJ 24

    Anyone have any experience with this-just found it cruising around and for the $ wanted to know what you all think...JBJ 24 Gallon Nano Cube CF Quad Aquarium Canopy Upgrade Kit. The M Depot has it listed!
  2. jemshores

    DIY Spray Bar for Nanos

    Got an idea over the weekend for one, and am sure its not new! But, went to H Depot, bought the parts and assembled in about 10 minutes (plus drilling holes and placement)! Just wanted to share and am soooo pleased with the outcome. As you can see, the flow on the surface is great (3 holes) and...
  3. jemshores

    Scent of a Turkey....

    Missing that aroma already :(...anyway, I love candles and enjoy all the scents that are made, BUT if I could make a "turkey baking candle", that would be the bomb! Has anyone ever seen them sold or have any off-the-wall ideas how to "capture" that scent?
  4. jemshores

    P Mint "big" is "safe"?

    I have 2 peppermints in my Nano 24 that are now about 2" in length/size. Has anyone else experienced a growth spurt such as this and are they still safe in the tank w/ 2 clowns, yellow wman, and a firefish, plus lots of corals and CUC? They have not been a problem at all, but the size is...
  5. jemshores

    24g JBJ Lighting Upgrade ?

    I am seriously thinking about upgrading the above and found that JBJ has come out with a CF unit/150W. I looked at the MH units too, but for the money, would this be a good way to go? Anybody have any experiences with either? I don't think I will ever understand the lumen talk and all that jazz...
  6. jemshores

    Sharing of treatment for various diseases.

    After learning by trial and error in this hobby for the past few years, my worst nightmare had arrived; an outbreak of brook/ick in my reef DT and the subsequent loss of 1 pair of B/W clowns and the 2nd pair showing symptons. (Other inhabitants-firefish and goby remaining fine thru all this)...
  7. jemshores

    ID needed on 2 corals

    First pic, what are these shrooms called or could they be some type of ricordia? When fully extended, their rim is pale white/opaque. The gal at the LFS did not know. They have only been in my tank about 2 hours so they are not fully open yet. 2nd pic,could those be coco worms growing out of my...
  8. jemshores

    Attaching Xenia to my back wall?

    I have a small colony of xenia growing on a half of an oyster shell. I would like to "glue" it to the back wall of my nano. Super glue won't work because most of the shell is concave. Is there a SW safe putty I could purchase? Thanks! Brand a where to puchase would be awesome
  9. jemshores

    Sebae Anemone Out-growing 12G

    I purchased a golfball size sebae about 5 months ago and he has grown to humongous proportions. (10") across at least and very healthy! My saddleback hosts him well but I feel it is time for a new home for both. When you look at the tank thats all you see. Anyway, if anyone is interested please...
  10. jemshores

    When Highlanders get bored....
  11. jemshores

    K1 or K2?

    I have upgraded my return pump on my 24G nano to a Rio 1400 and run a K nano; would like to upgrade;so K1 or K2? Would a 2 be too strong. Seem to have a great flow but only around the k nano area, not everywhere. Thanks in advance....
  12. jemshores

    An ID please??

    Picked up a great piece of LR with a few colonies on it and to my surprise, there are 3 or 4 of these black zoas. They are very small now, centers are hard to tell, maybe white? Can anyone identify for me? Did a search and came up with black widow, black deaths, but no pics...basically just...
  13. jemshores

    Too Many Urchins!

    Good morning all! On my LR months ago i spotted a pea size urchin-great. Now 6 months later i am over-run w/them. They range in size from golfball to quarter size w/ a few purplish. My LFS's do not want them but my beach is a mile away! So, would anyone like some? Unfortunately a trip to my...
  14. jemshores

    FTS of my 24G

    Been working on it alot lately and added a couple of new additions today! Just wanted to share and any suggestions would be great! I know how you all luv pics-me too!
  15. jemshores

    Drilling LR

    There used to be some threads on here re: drilling LR, I think by Mr. X. Does anyone have any pics or procedures to do this? There are a few detalis I can't remember ! Or any links to said subject? Aquascaping my 24G and want sturdiness this time; and height!
  16. jemshores

    Upgrading filtration in a 24g Nano..

    Just received a 24g JBJ cube for my birthday Have a 12g running now and love it, but hubb said I'm running out of room! I upgraded the return pump on the 12 to a Rio 6 (should of got the 9) but now wanting to do the same with the 24. I have a Nano Koralia that I could put in but don't think that...
  17. jemshores

    Stand By Me! .......

    Please check this is orchestrated so well-turn your speakers up! Enjoy
  18. jemshores

    B/W saddleback coloring?

    My 2 saddlebacks arrived today-purchased B/W ones and cannot seem to figure out why they are deep rust? Sounds stupid but no juvi pics on these fellas can I find and I was wondering if they turn black as they get older? I attached a bad pic but its the best I can do right now while they get...
  19. jemshores

    12G Nano sand bed question????

    Hi! I am not really new to the boards but new to being a nano owner. Anyway, in the process of setting it up now and we purchased a 20 lb. bag of live sand-put about 3/4 of the bag in and was wondering what the proper depth for a nano is. The bed is appx 1 1/4 deep now and I think a really deep...
  20. jemshores

    6AM leaving for the Super Bowl!!

    Just wanted to share some of this Steeler's fans enthusiasim!! Icing the beer and on R way!!This is R 1st Super Bowl, so wish us luck. (hope we find our way home!)