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  1. blueangelc

    Crab ID please

    Could someone help me ID this crab please? :notsure: I 've just found out that I have this hitchhiker! Thanks!
  2. blueangelc

    Live Rock ID please!

    I 've recently had this Live Rock and it is currently being cured in my QT. However I have just noticed this white (web like) substance spreading across the live rock in the last few days. Does anyone know what this is and is it harmful to my fish tank? :thinking: Any suggesstion? Thanks,
  3. blueangelc

    Strange Blue Angel behaviour

    Hi All, I have a 29g Fish only tank running for 6 months, fully cycled with Ammonia 0 Nitrie 0 Nitrate 5 ppm Ph 8.3 and stable Currently I have one tomato clown and everything went well...Recently I bought a juvenile Blue Angel fish (1" size). Since I am planning to upgrade to 125g tank in 6...