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  1. kaholic

    92 Corner AGA Equipment/Livestock (Jacksonville, Fl.)

    I am getting rid of all but one tank and have the following for sale. Sorry, but not interested in selling anything seperately. I couldn't maintain the tank if I sold in pieces. Needs to all go to one good home. Looking for a fair price and will gladly take offers. 92 Corner AGA FOWLR...
  2. kaholic

    Feather duster throwing his crown again

    Dusters are hard to keep fed. They usually starve over a period of time and that's the start of it. If there's not enough food they will shed their crown, grow another, and the smaller one will try to feed. If there still isn't enough food, they will shed again, and again until they...
  3. kaholic

    Post pics of 90 gallon tanks please

    Just transferred a 55G into this 90
  4. kaholic

    Single or Dual Stage Contollers

    oooooook, i knew it was something very easy and logical but I did not know. thank you!
  5. kaholic

    Single or Dual Stage Contollers

    What exactly are the differences in these 2 for chillers, and what are the benefits/drawbacks of each?
  6. kaholic

    TradeWind 1/4 HP Inline Chiller UNUSED!

    It's over $700 new. I would like to at least get $600 but I'm certainly open to offers. Again, it is as new & pristine as you can get, comes with the controller, still has warranty, etc...
  7. kaholic

    TradeWind 1/4 HP Inline Chiller UNUSED!

    I bought this chiller for another tank but turns out I don't even need it. After installing a couple fans in a canopy, temperature is perfectly fine. It has NEVER touched a drop of water! It is absolutely brand new UNUSED. I'm in Jacksonville, FL. but will ship. I checked and it is about...
  8. kaholic

    ORBIT EXTREME 48" 4X130W Daylight/Actinic w/moon lights

    I am selling a 4 month old ORBIT EXTREME 48", 4X130 (2) 130w Dual Daylight and (2) 130w Dual Actinics. (520 Watts) It measures 48.50" x 12.00" x 4.5" without legs (when used with the included legs the light is 6.75" tall, 12.00" front to back, and can adjust to lengths up to 49"). The light...
  9. kaholic

    ENORMOUS Skimmer

    HA!! That's not a monster...THIS is a monster!!
  10. kaholic

    Cooling fan wires underneath reflectors

    Excellent! Thanks very much for your input!
  11. kaholic

    Cooling fan wires underneath reflectors

    I'm building a canopy and installing 2 adaptec 4 1/2" fans in the top blowing into the water. I have 2 96W actinic retrofit reflectors on the front & back. My question is: If I run the wires from the fans underneath the reflectors, out the back and screw them down into the canopy, will the...
  12. kaholic

    Calling all Laptop Owners! (Opinions Needed)

    Originally Posted by reckler I would stick to a pc if you have learned from a pc. anyway, most software is for a pc and since mac can't figure out how to program the things to sell there own software, now the just made then compatible for pc software. I would stick with pc. atleast you know you...
  13. kaholic

    Bubble Tip Problem

    I have 520W on a 55 gallon. They're not halides but even if it's a lighting problem, shouldn't it be ok if I'm supplementing with silversides? It is eating the silversides. It just doesn't ever seem to get much better than that in the pics.
  14. kaholic

    Bubble Tip Problem

    My BTA has been deflated for a month now and it never looks any different from this. I've had him about 2 months and had big fat tips and looked well when I bought him. He placed himself under a rock where he's not getting a lot of light but as bad as he looks, he is still eating silversides...
  15. kaholic

    Georgia Aquarium "Behind The Scenes" Tour pics

    Yes, that's one of 4 whale sharks that are in there. And the huge trough is a natural wave maker. It fills up periodically and dumps in the pool of water you see in the picture. Which is the top of a reef display room with an enormous reef wall below. It's literally the top of the reef. This...
  16. kaholic

    More GA Aquarium "Behind The Scenes" pics

    More pics
  17. kaholic

    Georgia Aquarium "Behind The Scenes" Tour pics

    I've seen a lot pics from the GA. Aquarium here but haven't seen anyone post pics of the behind the scenes tour. I paid the extra to see the entire facilty and it was well worth it. Here are a few pics.
  18. kaholic

    Can someone ID this please??

    Thanks for the replies. Bang is the man though. Doing research, it looks like it may be Porites solida? Could that be it Bang? There are several different types. Looks like they grow to massive sizes too. Wow, I strive I have that kind of knowledge one day.
  19. kaholic

    Can someone ID this please??

    I bought this acropora frag the other day and I don't know what that yellow clump of small polyps are beside it. Does anyone know what that may be? :notsure:
  20. kaholic

    My first clam

    It's only about 3" so it has a lot of growing to do. Would love to get a maxima too but I think I'll see how I do with this one first.