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    285 custom rr stocked reef tank for sale

    285 custom RR for sale [hr] Time has come for me to sell my tank due to my move to Texas. I am asking $4350.00 for everything fish related. Tank, stand, lights, r/o di, water change tubs,chemicals, G4 skimmer, gravity fed refugium, sump, cleaning tools......EVERYTHING. I have 3 X 250 halides...
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    everything for sale in central fla

    Wow, that is a good deal, especially for that nice purple covered rock. Orlando always has all the good deals. I really like the starfish too. Carrie (up here in boring Jax.)
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    For sale

    Man you need a big tank for that to fit in
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    Go Taylor Hicks!

    My son and I have been voting for Taylor since the auditions!! Simon was so close to not letting him past the audition. I really hope he wins, he is better than Katherine. I felt that Chris and Elliott were better than she was also. She did an awesome job of Somewhere over the rainbow but the...
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    My dendro

    wow that's very nice, I hope it does well for you! Carrie
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    175 watt icecap ballast and bulb

    I am selling a electronic icecap ballast model 175 watt and a XM 15K bulb that is 4-5 months old. I upgraded my center halide to 250 watt to match the other 2 I had so this one is for sale for $100 shipped. This does not include the socket and reflector, you would need these to be a complete...
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    Equipment Fs In St.louis

    I found one here in Florida Thanks, anyways. Carrie
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    Equipment Fs In St.louis

    I sent you an e-mail about the XP3
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    Tank 4 Sale Jacksonville, FL

    It is a recirculating (modded) turbofloat 1000 and is overated for the tank, it works as well as my ASM, in fact I wanted to buy it back but he was using it! This tank has the rounded corner overflows and the circulation is incredible for SPS etc. I never needed any additional powerheads with...
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    180 Gal. NITRATES OFF THE CHART! 120+

    What kind of cleaning crew do you have? Try to cut back on feeding too much, this can help. Do you have a skimmer? Bio Spira is to help a tank that is new, going through a cycle. It prevents ammonia, but if your tank is two years old you have an established bacteria already. A stocked refugium...
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    IN Memory Tank

    Just a suggestion cause I am down here in Florida and I only have a emperor 400 and 2 overflows with U-tubes that may work for you if your going with a refugium and all. It sounds like your best bet would be to just run the bakpak though. Keep looking they sell for pretty cheap here on the...
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    Having Problems, Need Help

    Your soft corals could have slimed a little causing the other stuff to react. I would run alot of carbon to remove any impurities as soon as possible. The water parameters and lighting are good and a humidifier isnt going to cause any trouble so it is the only suggestion I can think of at the...
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    IN Memory Tank

    What are you looking at putting in there? Reef? Fish only? For a 40 gallon, a CPR bakpak skimmer would be a good size skimmer. Lights would depend on what your going to keep in there. Sorry about your friend, that is really too bad. Carrie
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    Need Help Identifying Corals

    Yes you are right, it is star polyps. I should have looked closer at the first picture. That spreads as fast as xenia and has similar care.
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    Calcium Reactor For Sale!

    What model is it? What size tank is it recommended for? Do you have a controller for it? Carrie
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    Calcium Reactor for sale!

    What model? CR-?
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    Coral ID?

    Looks like Kenya tree to me. Grows like a weed and spreads fast too.
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    Need Help Identifying Corals

    Top one is xenia, second frilly/hairy mushroom and the bottom looks like a devils hand. No feeding necessary just light for the xenia, low light for the mushroom and medium light for the devils hand. That is my best guess on the devils hand, see what others say it is. Carrie
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    "Kick Ick" anyone tried it?

    Kick ich helped a little bit unfortunately I also used the Rally in combo with the kick ich and lost some of my favorite torts and a huge monti cap, bleached a few LPS as well. Rally is NOT!!!!!! reef safe like it states. The kick ich is reef safe but not effective even when dosing the...
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    stuff for sale

    Is the Kent rocker the standard or the deluxe size?