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    285 custom rr stocked reef tank for sale

    285 custom RR for sale [hr] Time has come for me to sell my tank due to my move to Texas. I am asking $4350.00 for everything fish related. Tank, stand, lights, r/o di, water change tubs,chemicals, G4 skimmer, gravity fed refugium, sump, cleaning tools......EVERYTHING. I have 3 X 250 halides...
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    175 watt icecap ballast and bulb

    I am selling a electronic icecap ballast model 175 watt and a XM 15K bulb that is 4-5 months old. I upgraded my center halide to 250 watt to match the other 2 I had so this one is for sale for $100 shipped. This does not include the socket and reflector, you would need these to be a complete...
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    Euroreef ES 5-2 skimmer with sedra 3500

    I am selling this skimmer with pump in excellent condition used very little for $200 shipped in original box. It works great on a 75 gallon. I ended up with 2 and I only need 1 Thanks, Carrie
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    Aptasia that has bubble tips?

    I got a rock with some acro on it and it has these weird round things on it that look like a cross between ricordia and aptasia. It has a round mouth with slit but the tentacles arent long stringy they are round bubble tipped? Is this a pest anemone or something good? Carrie
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    JBJ Artica 1/4 hp chiller

    I have a inline chiller with mag 9.5 pump excellent condition for $475 It is rated for 250 gallons however my 245 with a ton of halides made it run alot to keep up so I would say probably better for up to 225 gallons. This has a very nice easy to use digital display and is a very quiet chiller...
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    golden pygmy angel reef safe?

    I found this beautiful fish in my LFS and want to get him. Does anyone have any experience with one in their reef? I have 6 clams also so if they eat them please let me know Thanks, Carrie
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    Achilles reef safe?

    I am so mad at my newly aquired achilles, he is constantly picking at my clams. Does anyone have these beautiful fish in a reef with clams? I am hoping it is a phase or else Carrie
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    75 gallon glass aquarium $125

    This is only 7 months old like new no scratches. Carrie
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    Sailfin in tang split

    I have a 3-4 inch sailfin tang and his top sailfin has a splice in it. It doesnt seem to affect his swimming or anything but should I be concerned? Treatment? He eats and seems fine I guess my mean anthias picked him or maybe he hit a sharp rock?? Carrie
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    48" Mh/vho in oak canopy$225

    For Sale open top oak canopy for a 4 foot tank. I used it on my 75 gallon tank. It has 1 400 watt metal Halide and ballast as well as 4 110 watt VHO's 2 blue and 2 white with ARO ballast Reflectors bulbs everything included 10k XM Mh bulb is 8 mo. old 1 20k XMbulb 2 weeks old (just tested) also...
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    Good news /bad news

    The good news is that my 245 in wall is done and all stuff in it is thriving looks beautiful!! Bad news is my large hippo which I have had for a couple years no problems has some ick spots now. All other fish are fine seem to love the new larger headquarters but after 4 days my hippo has ick...
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    150# live sand(very live)$100 or trade

    I overestimated the amount of sand needed for a new tank so I bought the $$ aragalive when I could of used this sand from my 75 gallon. It is very live with all the good stuff. My loss is your gain asking $100 or willing to trade for clam or coral?? I am in Jacksonville Fl. Carrie
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    125RR for sale in Jax. Fl.

    125 gallon reef ready dual corner overflows All Glass Aquarium with black laquer stand and canopy. The canopy has 4 vho wires and connectors but will not come with bulbs or ballast. All the plumbing and 2 little giant 4 pumps are included. I still have this up and running but will be taking down...
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    Can I use this live sand?

    I had 40+ pounds of live sand shipped to me straight from another persons tank. It took 3-4 days to get here but was still wet and just a little bad smell. I stuck it in a tank wth a powerhead and freshly made saltwater mixed with some of my tank water. I got busy with other projects and let it...
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    uv sterilizers and ich?

    Can ich be treated by purchasing a sterilizer? Or is it to prevent it? I am wondering if a fish that begins to show symptoms of ich could get rid of it if a sterilizer is installed to the main display.
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    how to entice or. sweetlips to eat?

    I purchased an oriental sweetlips juvenile and he ate or went after ghost shrimp at the LFS It seems that he has no clue about frozen foods that I feed my fish. I have a 125 gallon with a ton of stuff in it for the ghost shrimp to get lost in so how do I get food to this fish? Any suggestions...
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    pinched mantle clam disease

    Is anyone following the thread on Reef frontiers about pinched mantle disease? I recently purchased 3 clams and the 2 baby maximas began showing this symptom 3 days after I got them. Now one has died and the other barely hanging on. It has spread to the third new clam and now to my 3 1/2 yr old...
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    Will I need a chiller?

    I am getting a 280 tank for a room divider soon and I am wondering if I will need a chiller if I keep the a/c on all summer. I have a 75 and a 125 now, both with halides and as long as the a/c is on at 76 my tank stays around 78-80. Since I am combining tanks I will have 4 vho's and 2 250's and...
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    Scarlit hermit laying eggs?

    Last night I got my flashlight out and witnessed a scarlit hermit lift up her shell and take her back legs and scoot out thousands of tiny red things? Right behind her was a bigger scarlet hermit - maybe the father? geez ya never know what goes on in the nightime! Carrie
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    Please id this nudibranch? good or bad?

    I got these three little crawling things off of a small zoo colony that was recently purchased. Are these guys good or bad? I have the three I found after looking carefully in a cup and dont want to put them back until they are pronounced good or evil. Thanks in advance Carrie