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  1. hurt

    DIY Wavebox

    tutorial. Google those three words and that will give you what you need to build one. To make a wavebox, you must use a DC powerhead, not AC. Most all Tunze powerheads, except the nano I believe, are DC powered(controllable). I bought a Tunze 6100 of the other large board for $150. Put...
  2. hurt

    DIY wavemaker

    Just found my next DIY project on the other board. The main expense is a Tunze controllable powerhead. Has to be DC, and most all powerheads are AC with the exception of controllable Tunze. The DIY controller looks very simple to construct. Once I find a used Tunze at the right price, my...
  3. hurt

    WTB-Tunze 6100 or 6101

    If anyone is planning on selling their Tunze 6100 or Tunze 6101, let me know.
  4. hurt

    Cooking Live Rock

    No it does not involve an oven. Over the past 9 months or so I have had a constant battle with bryopsis in my tank. No matter what I did it would not go away. I tried Vodka, Prodibio, large water changes, phosban, and I fed my tank only once a week. Nothing worked. The whole time this was...
  5. hurt

    When the power goes out!!!

    Never thought it would happen to me, but it has. Two days without power, and well the coral skeletons tell the story. I'm sick to my stomach right now.... Before pics:
  6. hurt

    Neddlewheel Mod?

    Has anyone modified a needlewheel? Did you use gutterguard, enkamat, or something else? How are the results?
  7. hurt

    Skimmer 4 sale-AquaC Remora

    AquaC Remora with prefilter/bubble trap and MJ 1200 for sale. Will sell for $90 shipped. Works great and only used 14 months. I have always cleaned skimmer/MJ once a month in vinegar to ensure peak performance.
  8. hurt

    Home Depot Acrylic ?

    I plan on making a 5g Kalk reservoir that I plan to put a float valve in for auto-top offs. I've heard mixed reviews on the acrylic from Home Depot as being safe or not safe. Anyone have any first hand experience with the acrylic from HD?
  9. hurt

    Red Bugs!

    Well, I am not sure what to do. I unfortunately have red bugs :mad: , and my Vet will not write a prescription for Interceptor, I think he thought I was crazy when I tried to explain my situation. By chance does any out there in SWF land have any spare [hr] of Interceptor they would be...
  10. hurt

    Skimmerless or not?

    All this talk on here of how Remora's are such superior skimmers(which I will never understand from my experiences with it) got me thinking. Does anyone on here run a skimmerless tank? If so, what are your results, and what do you use for your filtration? Google advanced aquarist Frank...
  11. hurt

    DIY Moonlights~$17

    I thought I would share my DIY moonlights. I bought a 12V 600ma AC/DC converter from WalMart for $7. I then bought two blue leds(470nm) for $5 each. Google auto lumination. From there go to hit the "LED Bike, Go Ped, Motorcycle, ATV, Boat and RV Light Fixtures" tab. On that page...
  12. hurt

    FREE DIGI'S-Louisville KY

    I have too many frags and not enough space in my tank. If anyone who lives close to Louisville KY wants green monti digi, or rose with purple tip monti digi, let me know. I need to get rid of quite a few frags. I even had to resort to putting a few in my overflow box :notsure: , for a lack of...
  13. hurt

    55g SPS

    My camera is horrible and does not do my tank justice, but here are a few shots anyway. I've had the tank for almost two years now, but I had to move it last August down here to Louisville. During the trip/process I lost most of my acros, but I have since added a few more frags.
  14. hurt

    Fighting Conch-Queen Conch

    Yesterday I bought two fighting conches for my 55g DT. I thought the fighting conches were the small ones(4in), and the Queen Conches the large ones (12in). Then I just looked at the inverts on this page for sale. It says the fighting conches should be kept in an aquarium no smaller than 100...
  15. hurt

    Kalk? Vinegar?

    Bang Guy or anyone else. I know I've read in the past that Bang Guy suggested using vinegar with Kalk. My question is exactly what does the vinegar (H+) do with the Kalk (OH-), and why this is beneficial. Also how do you mix them in terms of a ratio between the two?
  16. hurt

    SCWD problem?

    I've owned a scwd for a little over a year now. And yesterday it quit switching outputs. It seems the gears are stuck. So I took off my return line and unscrewed it from the line then soaked in vinegar all last night. I thought this would fix my problem, but it still is stuck? Any...
  17. hurt

    Sea Swirl?

    Does anyone use a sea swirl on their powerheads? Do you like the results?
  18. hurt

    Louisville-SWF store locations?

    Anyone from Louisville out there? I just moved here Monday, and would like to know where the LFS are at?
  19. hurt

    PC or T5

    I am looking into a new light for my fuge. What light would be better; 65w of PC on a 50/50 bulb, or 28w of T5(14w 10k, 14w actinic)?
  20. hurt

    Aggressive Zoos

    How is possible to get these guys to calm down. They won't stop spreading. I keep pulling off the branches, and they come right back. This is how it used to look like only 2 months ago.