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  1. jubbin2001

    T5 examples?

    Thanks for the replies. I looked at the post Neptune provided (thanks), but I think that is a bit too much blue for me. I am looking for a nice balance of white and blue with the tank swinging more towards the blue side, without looking like an actinic tank, while still getting nice color from...
  2. jubbin2001

    T5 examples?

    Anyone care to share their T5 setups and pics of the tank? I know there was a similar thread like this, but since the upgrade to the forum, I can't seem to find it. Just curious what people are running, and how their tanks looks. I am thinking using the following setup in my 4 bulb fixture: ATI...
  3. jubbin2001


    Here is a new image since it has been in my tank. Looks much happier to me
  4. jubbin2001


    It does kind of resemble pocilllopora as well. Guess I will just have to wait and see. Thanks all, I appreciate it.
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    Thanks .
  6. jubbin2001

    Threads in the Forum missing

    Anyone figure out how to dig up old threads? There was quite a few on t5 lighting and people had posted their tanks as examples for their particular preference. When I search, it only brings up the most current one I had just posted tonight, but nothing from the last couple weeks before.
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    Got this SPS in a frag tank for like $15. Not really 100% on what it is though. I was thinking it might be a type of Stylophora, but I am not an SPS keeper, so I can't say for sure. Thanks all.
  8. jubbin2001

    breeding clown fish

    From what I have gathered if you plan on breeding you should have a tank setup and fully cycled before adding the fry (similar to having a QT tank). I have a breeding pair of Yellow Watchmans, so I have been taking in tons of information from people that used to breed. I really don't plan on...
  9. jubbin2001

    Live Sand

    How much is "a ton" of it? I highly doubt you got 2000lbs of sand for a 29g tank . LS is recommended at least 1lb per gallon of water to achieve a 1" sand bed. So in this case a 30lb bag would not be "a ton". Now there are many many of posts out there on the benefits of a deep sand bed, which on...
  10. jubbin2001

    Cheato ball decreasing

    Now I am no where near an expert on this, but just thinking out loud.... Would running your fuge lights opposite your DT lights help cull the cyno, being as the cheato would be come active when the cyno is at it's weakest point?
  11. jubbin2001

    125g back up and running

    Thanks all. Once things start filling out more I will update.
  12. jubbin2001

    Fishkids 135gal Semi-Reef Tank

    Nice looking tank!! I don't know personally, since I don't run MH, but I have heard and seen that the 20k bulbs do a great job, and really give the tank a nice blue color. Are they supplemented with any CF or T5 actinics, or is it just straight MH?
  13. jubbin2001

    Id anyone?

    In the tank I currently have some trochus, a few nerites, and elephant snails. I am thinking they might be nerite eggs now, but it's hard to find images of the actual egg sacks. I know my elephants are breeding, since it seems every week I have a new one I see about 1/4" long. I noticed the...
  14. jubbin2001

    125g back up and running

    So I finally got everything I had left (after I moved I lost a lot) into my 125g. Not everything is as happy as is was in the previous tank, but I am sure within 48hrs they will be fine. So here it is: I am still fighting a small outbreak of cyno on my wall, but overall everything is running...
  15. jubbin2001

    Id anyone?

    I just noticed these on my glass. I have never actually seen them before in any of my tanks. Anyone have any ideas? They are a little larger than a ball point pen, and appear almost like they are some type of egg mass. I did my best with my junky macro lens, and this is the best I could come up...
  16. jubbin2001

    AquaticLife T5 bulbs

    Yeah, I was thinking ATI or Giesemann. I haven't really made the decision yet. I know both have a great reputation, but I just don't know what to do yet. $200 for new bulbs is alot, and I really want to be sure I am getting what I want for the next 9 months. I might have to scour the forums for...
  17. jubbin2001

    Help with some Metal Halide Ballasts

    Originally I was looking for some information on the ballasts themselves. If they were good or not, reliability, maybe even customer reviews, basically if people had ever used them before. Apparently my wife doesn't like the idea of me hooking them up because of what she "read" about the older...
  18. jubbin2001

    MSX200 skimmer making a lot of noise, why?

    When I first had my MSX160 it did the same thing. I lightly blew into the air silencer and it went away. The impeller for some reason vibrates like crazy untill the air from the venturi is properly being pulled. I would try it and see what you come up with. I actually really dislike the Sicce...
  19. jubbin2001

    Dieing Anemonie

    If they survive, yes, the color will change as I mentioned before, back to a brownish color with the purpleish tips. If you feed them every couple days, it might help them recover as well. It's the best you can do for the time being. Depending on how long your tank has been setup will also have...
  20. jubbin2001

    Best place to get some chaeto?

    Anyone else wanna help a fellow reefer ? I just called and asked about getting some from my LFS and they want $19.99for a 1/2lb bag, but it won't be in for 2-3 more weeks. If anyone wishes to donate (of course I will most deffinately cover shipping), it would be awesome. Thanks .