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  1. scotts2002

    Niger Trigger illness

    My son has a 55 gallon tank overflowing into a ten gallon tank below. He has approximately 2 -3 inches of live sand in the 55 and 1-2 inches of LS in the 10. He has a protien skimmer and mechanical filtration on two powerheads in the 55. He needs to do a better job on upkeep -- keeping the...
  2. scotts2002

    Question about bristle worms

    I bought a 150 gallon tank with approximately 200 lbs of live rock. There are some huge bristleworms in the tank. I've posted about them in past but was not to worried about them because everyone said that they were more or less scavengers and that I'm overfeeding - which I'm not. I feed once...
  3. scotts2002

    What will hyposalinity do to inverts?

    I have a 150 gallon tank that has one fish showing signs of ick. I'm am going to use Hyposalinity to get rid of it but there are the following inverts in the tank. 2 Brittle starfish, Coral banded shrimp, Cleaner shrimp(doing a great job -- lol), many Hermit crabs, and three rocks with Mushroom...
  4. scotts2002

    Peppermint shrimp and aptasia

    Do Peppermint shrimp eat aptasia? I saw a post that stated they do. I have a Copperband Butterfly but he hasn't started eating them, or anything for that matter, yet. Thanks
  5. scotts2002

    Copperband Butterfly -- I need help

    I have a 150 gallons with these fish in it: Yellow Tang, Powder Brown Tang, Red Sea Sailfin Tang, juv. Emperor Angel, 6 Line Wrasse, Pinkspot Shrimp Gobie, 2 Percula Clowns, Lawnmower Blennie, Longnose Hawkfish and Potters Angelfish. Everything is getting along great. I introduced the...
  6. scotts2002

    How long do Compact Fluorescent bulbs last?

    I am running my compact fluorescent bulbs about 11 to 12 hours a day - depending on the fixture. How long can they be expected to last, or be effective?
  7. scotts2002

    Huge pack of LARGE bristleworms

    I have a 150 gallon cube, about 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet - exact measuremnets aren't known because I'm at work, fish only with some mushrooms. I've always had bristleworms and not worried about them until this weekend when I feed the tank and it was as if an army of 5-10, 5-7 inch...
  8. scotts2002

    Fairy Wrasses

    I have a 55 gallon tank with a snowflake eel, a niger trigger, a dmsel, and a fairy wrasse. I was thinking of getting another fairy wrasse. The two wrasses have different shapes, colors, and are different sizes. The new one would be larger than the one currently in the tank. What are you...
  9. scotts2002

    Eels and Hypo.

    How do eels do with hyposalinity? Should they be taken out of the tank before I do the hypo?
  10. scotts2002

    Hyposalinity questions

    I have a 55 gallon tank with a 10 gallon sump. There is about 3-4 inches of live sand and about 30-40 pounds of live rock in the tank. I have a Fairy Wrasse, a Scopas Tang, a Niger Trigger, A male Blue Throat Trigger, a Damsel and a Snowflake Eel. The Tang has ick and I am not sure how to...
  11. scotts2002

    Ick or water conditions?

    I have a 140 gallon tank with a 20 gallon refugium. The animals are as follows: Emperor Angel(juv), Yellow tang, Red Sea Sailfin tang, Longnose Hawkfish, Six line wrasse, 2 Percula clownfish, 2 Cardinal fish, Lawnmower blenny, Shrimp goby, 2 Brittle starfish, and 2 urchins. The Emperor has not...
  12. scotts2002

    How many Angelfish

    Are Angelfish like Tangs? Can you have more than two large Angelfish in a 140 gallon tank with the aggression being spread out among the fish? Also what about having one large Angel with a pygmy angel?
  13. scotts2002

    A float switch that will turn a pump off?

    Are there any pre-made setups or plans that i can use to make a float switch that will turn a power strip off - stopping pumps from contining to pump water into a tank? I had a pump get clogged with hair algea and the tank overflowed. Fortunately I was right there so I was able to shut the...
  14. scotts2002

    New Longnose Hawkfish in tank

    I just got a Longnose Hawkfish and it is very timid. It is one of the smaller fish, about 2.5 inches, in the tank and it found a home on top of a power near the top of the tank. It wont move from there and it hasn't eaten yet -- I've seen it go after food but I would really like to entice it...
  15. scotts2002

    Question about bacteria layers in live sand bed substrate

    Can anyone tell me about the bacteria layers in a 3 inch live sand bed? I know that at the upper most layer there are nitrifying bacteria that break down fish waste to nitrates. Deeper in the sand there are anarobic bacteria that are supposed to break down the nitrates into nitrogen, which...
  16. scotts2002

    Moving a 55 gallon to the second floor.

    I just got a 140 gallon tank and I currently have a 55 gallon tank that has been established for about 3 years. I am going to move the 55 upstairs to my sons room. The question I have is this; What would be the best/safest way to move it? I am worried about breaking a seal on the tank. The...
  17. scotts2002

    Switch a 55 gallon over to a 125 gallon

    I have a well established 55 gallon tank that has approximately 75-85 pounds of live rock and a 3 inch layer of live sand. My question is this: Does anyone have a suggestion on how to transfer everything into a new 125 gallon tank? My main concern is what will happen with the anarobic...
  18. scotts2002

    Sick Juv. Emporer Angel

    I have had a Juv. Emporoer Angel since August of 2004. It has done great, but I just noticed that its eyes are poping out and slightly hazy. It is still swimming normally and it still has an interest in food. Can anyone give me any suggestions? I just did a partial, 10%, water change. The...
  19. scotts2002

    Feeding a Blonde Naso Tang

    I have had a Blonde Naso Tang for almost one month and I am concerned that it may not be eating. I feed my fish OSI Spirulina flakes, OSI general marine flakes, a small sinking pellet varietyof marine food, and various frozen foods; Angel formula, type 2, Mysis shrimp, and brine shrimp. I also...
  20. scotts2002

    feeding Signigobius biocellatus (Gobies)

    I have heard these gobies called signal gobies and on this site they are called 4-wheel drive goby. Does anyone know what to feed them? I have triied blood worms, but it does not appear that they have even triied them. This web site shows...