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  1. promisetbg

    Why I haven't been on SWF in awhile....

    My reef tanks are kind of on auto-pilot these days. Just top off or do a wc, dose the 90 every day, feed the fish and corals. No new coral additions, I am scared after bouts with redbugs and AEFW's. So, last september I decided to try fw planted tanks. Here are the results~ My first, a 10" cube...
  2. promisetbg

    NM Reef

    I just noticed something kind of funny looking back at my recent photos. Someone mentioned how thick the coraline was on my overflow which caused me to look. Check it out..what do you see?
  3. promisetbg

    Haven't been around

    How's it going everyone? It's a happy day here.
  4. promisetbg

    New Pics

    This guy is hard to catch up Australian Scott's
  5. promisetbg

    My Bday Present

    Favia The coco worm under the pink ricordia was a present as well.
  6. promisetbg

    Solomon Islands Devastated
  7. promisetbg

    I Don't Know If You Guys Heard..Steve's Tank Crashed

    Steve Weast's tank crashed. It was a terrible accident. Any of you who know him or his tanks knows how absolutely gorgeous it is. My idol tank!!This is so very sad.
  8. promisetbg

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!This is what I got.. we named him Heartly.
  9. promisetbg

    New Tank Pics Since The Move

    We have been so busy. We bought our first home at the end of the year. Built a new tank stand/canopy/new pumps & plumbing and upgraded a little..from a 75 to a 90. The move went well, although we did lose a couple things. In these pics notice the purple goni is upset. He is just now starting to...
  10. promisetbg

    Good Morning Little Guy!

    First sight of the new Istiblennius chrysospilos~ orange spotted blenny
  11. promisetbg

    My...How You've Changed

  12. promisetbg

    New Pics/ Baker's Dozen

  13. promisetbg

    My New Baby Blue Blenny

    He's a cutie..
  14. promisetbg

    R.I.P. Dr. Suess

    My favorite fish was found this morning, dead under the rocks. We had him over 3 years so I don't know if this was just old age or what. Everything and all the other fish are fine, but of course I will run tests to be sure. He will be missed.
  15. promisetbg

    I Think This Is Too Cool

    A couple months ago I added a burgundy linckia to my reef that had been doing very well at the shop for a few months. Within a week in my tank he dropped all six of his legs. My first reaction was oh no...but then I noticed this was different than disintigration that you see with most linckias...
  16. promisetbg

    You Know You Are Slow When....

  17. promisetbg

    New Pics

  18. promisetbg

    A Rare Opportunity{IMAGE INTENSE}

    This little white tiger goby {Priolepis Nocturna} Is a very cryptic fish that spends all of it's time upside down under ledges. Darting out only during feeding. Tonight for the first time, he decided to go for a swim.
  19. promisetbg

    Happy 4Th!

    Have a safe and Happy 4TH!!
  20. promisetbg

    Ophiura~ A Star Question Please

    What can you tell me about tamarisk stars? I have a small six legged burgundy and gold one that has dropped three legs. The area where they came off is already closed over. The legs have been crawling around the rocks at night and in the A.M. for a week. Do these stars reproduce like the...