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  1. 4321sean

    Zoos - Pink

    Ok I need some help with my zoos.It is my 1st zoo and i bought it from SWF i got the 10+ frag.Ok when she opens its about 1/2 the size of a dime.Is that the normal size or is that is small becouse it is a frag?#2? Is it normal for them to close up when lights are on?I have 192w.pc and i have her...
  2. 4321sean

    lighting and placement

    Hi all i have a few questions for the coral lovers commnuity. I have a Daul compact floresent rated at 192w. . I'm wondering when I add corals to my tank (46gal bow with over 70lbs of LR) where do I need to put Zoos, Galaxea,And green star polyp for best growth top,mid.,bottom. I guess what i...
  3. 4321sean

    hitch hicker??

    I have a Manderin Golby that is doing well I've had it for 3 weeks and today i was looking through my tank looking for new stuff and you guy(gals) all know what i mean .Iseam to find somehing new in my tank all the time today was know different but what i found i dont think can be good. It was a...