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  1. king_neptune

    Interresting symptons on my purple tang.

    Not sure what disease it is...if any. Hes the king of the tank so no reason to suspect hes picked on. Had him 2 years no worries. Eats like a champ, healthy and happy. Loves to come out and show off for anyone who comes into the room. But I noticed him missing the other day and after about 45...
  2. king_neptune

    180g Lagoon inspired tank.

    Been a while since I posted a build, thought I would share my recent project with yall. Its a 180g build that has been sitting on the back burner for a while. I got the tank from a local reefer, its a 180g Octogon tank. Its aproxamatly 26" deep and has a nice low profile. The top is about waist...
  3. king_neptune

    MAX is comming to Seattle!!

    Yes this is indeed an epic of epicness, topped with awesome sauce! None other than the Marine Aquarium Expo! Just letting all my fellow North West reefers know it will be here in July!
  4. king_neptune

    Our country's monitary system is in its last gasps.

    I'm not asking much....just watch some interesting documentaries in youtube format and form your own opinion. I would just like to see people prepare themselves before they go to a grocery store and bread is $500 a loaf. I'm a college student and I scrape $200 a...
  5. king_neptune

    So I came home today, and theres a Tang in my dad's 30g Nano.....

    I just had to shake my head and walk away.
  6. king_neptune

    Looking for a good coral husbandry book.

    Something to keep handy and be able to take on the road to read.
  7. king_neptune

    What happend while I was gone?

    I cant even use this site with Firefox, all the extra junk added now makes everything all haywire. I couldnt even type a new thread. Now with all the cheesy advertising and what not. This site used to be way better. Way uncool.
  8. king_neptune

    I narrowed it down to a few choices in skimmers, any final thoughts?

    Id like to order next week, currently I have a 125g DT with 185g overal system volume. Its at a medium bio-load currently with my Tunze 9010. In the next few months Im going ot be significantly adding to my fish population, and by spring, it should be a heavily stocked system. Id like to go with...
  9. king_neptune

    I cant figure these Refractometer readings. Inconsistant measurments beetween two Milwakee's

    Both have been calibrated to 0.   Meter #1: ATC 100 Meter #2: RHS-10 ATC   Both are excellent refractometers. I tested two batch's of water and the readings surprised me: First batch, ATC 100: .030 RHS-10 ATC: .024   Second batch: ATC 100: .026 RHS -10 ATC: .026 I triple...
  10. king_neptune

    What is the best anual reef show around?

    I want to attend one for vacation next year. The International Marine Aquarium Conference is being held in LA next May.   The total price for: Round trip plane ticket from WA. Overnight stay on the Queen Mary(Sweet) Full day tour of the show w/conference pass in the evening   Leave Saturday...
  11. king_neptune

    Id like to get a good 'maintanance wrasse'

    A good wrasse can be a means of pest control. I like wrasse's, they have wonderful personality and look amazing. So I planned on getting one anyways.   I would like one that is great at cleaning up unwanted pests in the tank. I scored big time with my Copperband Butterfly, he prefers mysis and...
  12. king_neptune

    Need recomendations for good Fuge light.

    I have a coral sun Actinic 420 bulb. Was wondering if it would make a good fuge light. I didn't think it would, but it was a free bulb so I took it. Though it does say promotes zooxanthellae algae, and helps in chlorophyll production. Pretty much any thing that emits light will do that. Any...
  13. king_neptune

    My first calcium reactor, any tips?

    Jsut picked up a used: Korallin C4002 Calcium Reactor with Eheim Pump 5lb Co2 Regulator Solenoid All for $300 from a local reefer whos 1600GPH rated reactor was...get this....too small. Turns out he was tank of the month couple years back on reefkeeping online.And he wasnt kidding! Way to small...
  14. king_neptune

    Neptunes 72" Custom LED system.

    Ordered my parts a few hours ago, but I'm so excited I decided to make a build thread early! This will be a culmination of input from half dozen fellow reefers, so if anything looks familiar, it probably came from someone you've seen. Course by now, a majority of these builds look similar...
  15. king_neptune

    Any advice on a whole saler license? For corals?

    On a whim, I am looking into getting my own whole sale license. There is a new distributor in the area that deals directly to licensed wholesalers. They have a new warehouse setup for coral imports, and propagation, but its obviously not public. Droool! I would love to get a license. Is there...
  16. king_neptune

    Need help identifying a new pest....

    I know a picture would really help. But I cant get my camera to focus. Its garbage. They are about the size/shape of a pea. They are white. They look like barnacles(i.e. they have polyps on the tips), but soft. Mostly I see them attached to the power heads, but there are a few here and there on...
  17. king_neptune

    Need help picking outa new fish. I want colorful,non-shy, will live in a 30g nano.

    Im trying to put a top 10 list together. It will be the final fish for my dads nano tank. He wants a colorful fish that will be out and about swimming, not hiding under a rock all the time. Currently he has 2 small clown's. 1 lawn more blenny. And 1 juvenile Lepord wrasse. They all get along, so...
  18. king_neptune

    6.5 PH!?!?! gonna need a little help on this one.

    Ive been noticing my dads nano slipping in thelast week. Hes faithful on WC. He does 5g a week. But things are turning sour. I finally stepped in and checked the water...sure enough i spotted a problem instnatly. Water hardness is at the top end of the scale....not sure thats the culprit since...
  19. king_neptune

    I scored big time today!

    Lets hear it for Generous reefers! today I went over to a local reefer's place. He was advertising free corals if you come pick them up. OMG ya, it was an hour drive each way...BUT WOW! PRO setup! I visited for an hour with him while he gave me the tour. I left with close to 20 frags of...
  20. king_neptune

    Um...what happened to my build thread?

    I know its a little older, but I was going to update it with some photos. I cant find it, and the search function doesnt turn it up. Anyone out there been reading it lately?