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  1. ibew41

    is totm dead?

    been awhile since I have been back to this site is totm gone
  2. ibew41

    going back to calcium reactor

    my tank is mostly sps and tried a bubble magnus doser for about 1yr and finding the cost of chemicals higher than running the reactor even from the bulk stores
  3. ibew41

    this weekend

    is not about appliance sales or mattress sales thanks to all the fellow vets and spouses
  4. ibew41

    new pics of my 120g

  5. ibew41

    new tank and lights

    its been awhile since last post but went from 75g to 120 4x4x2 and from t5 led combo to all led radions.It has been almost 3 weeks with the radions starting at 5% at11am going to 55% at 5pm and then back to 5% at 930pm I lost 2 light colored acros.I will be going to 60% next week.From this to this
  6. ibew41

    apex controller

    I finally got one and love this thing and if you look online they have the unofficial new user guide that helps program it
  7. ibew41

    bio pellets anyone try this?

    might try this soon has anyone here tried this on their tanks?
  8. ibew41

    coralife super skimmer 125 bubbles in return

    was given this skimmer and put it on my 36g tank ,but it blows large amounts of bubbles out.I have no book on it is there a way to keep it doing this?
  9. ibew41

    turf scrubber cost

    how much does your system cost to build and run? what size tank is your scrubber on.I had one on my 75g tank and maybe it was to small for my system.
  10. ibew41

    apex controller

    does anyone have this and how do you like it?
  11. ibew41

    help my zoo's

    I have sps and lps that grow very well in my tank,but zoo's grow slow to almost disappearing salinity 1.026 cal 450 alc 9.5 temp 76 deg ph 8.4 I do have high water turn over having sps but zoo's are on the bottom or lower part of my tank in lower flow areas
  12. ibew41

    ibew41 75g reef

    my 75g tank
  13. ibew41

    A wrasse for my 75g

    I have a mixed reef and a clam 2 anemones 2 clowns a goby that are going into my tank never had a wrasse need input on which one to get with tax money
  14. ibew41

    my fathers friend was arrested

    Homeowners confront intruders with gunfire Updated: 12:47 PM / 109 comments Hunting season has been in full swing for a couple of weeks, at least in Niagara County, but the prey isn't deer or turkeys. Burglars have been dodging bullets. Homeowners are mad as heck, and they're fighting back at...
  15. ibew41

    latest pic of my 36g

    going to be moving some to my 75 soon I hope
  16. ibew41

    IBEW41 75g rebuild

    I am restarting my 75g the equipment is light-aquactinics t5 skimmer-octopus nw-200 30g sump 2-modded maxi 1200 2- maxi 900 am using a AC JR for control The tank has been cycled for a month and I am going to slowly add from my 36g
  17. ibew41

    earthquakes explained

    danny glover now says they are because of global warming and us policy.
  18. ibew41

    who will be Bills coach

    are so bad who will be be willing to take them over?
  19. ibew41

    flame tip anemone

    does anyone have one post a pic of them
  20. ibew41

    ro unit

    converting my kent hi rs 35g to a 90g if anyone has a 90g can you tell me how long your capillary tube is