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  1. reefeel

    The Dreaded Ich

    So my Red Sea Sailfin Tang and Purple Tang have ich. I had them quarentined for 2 weeks and they have been in the main tank for two months. I have three other tangs with them which were also ich free when I put them in after quarentine. The only thing that I have added recently was my Maxima...
  2. reefeel

    Millions of Microbubbles

    I still can't get rid of my microbubbles. :mad: There are so many bubbles that it makes my tank appear cloudy. Are there any things that I could do to reduce them? Thanks for the help.
  3. reefeel

    Copperband with Lymphocytus?

    My copperband has been doing well for the past two weeks out of quarentine but now it looks as if he has lympocytus (sp). Here is a picture of the affected area. I just want to confirm it is lymp and not a fungus.
  4. reefeel

    300 Gallon Finally Finished!

    I finally finished my 300 gal. It's cycle has been done for a week, it took six weeks. So far the only inhabitants are my sfe and male blue throat trigger. Now i just need to mount two fans and try to get rid of the micro bubbles. So how is it?
  5. reefeel

    Micro-bubble Madness

    I have tons of micro-bubbles in my tank, and I don't know how to get rid of them. I have made sure that the water going through the filter is bubble free, but my returns still spue bubbles! Here are some pics to give you an idea of how many bubbles there are.
  6. reefeel

    Anyone selling macro algae?

    I am looking for some macro algae for my sump. Anyone have any for sale?
  7. reefeel

    Rinsing New Sand

    Okay, so I am ready to put sand in my 300 gallon reef but I have a problem. Our tap water, which comes from a spring, is loaded with nitrates, phosphates, basically everything bad. I don't want to spend almost $30 for 20lbs of prerinsed stuff. Anyone have any ideas of how to clean this water...
  8. reefeel

    Live Rock Finally Came!

    My live rock finally came :jumping: after getting lost in the Philadelphia Airport. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to build stuctures and connecting the rocks?
  9. reefeel

    Pumps for Sale

    I have two pumps for sale a Sequence Reeflo Dart and an Iwaki MDT55RLT. The Dart is brandnew in box and the Iwaki was used once but didn't work well for the needed application used. Any Buyers?
  10. reefeel

    Overlfow Problems

    Alright, so I finally go my tank set up and running, but I have a problem. My standpipes can't keep up with my Reeflo Barracuda pump. They only way I can keep the standpipes up with the pump is if I make the standpipe work like a siphon, but then it siphons too fast. So I am in an odd...
  11. reefeel

    Brand New Sequence ReeFlo Dart Pump

    So I bought this for my 300 gallon aquarium and after much thinking decided that it would be WAY too small so I bought a Barracuda, but unfortenetly I can no longer return the Dart. The pump was never used, never plumbed, and comes with the box. Looking for best offer around $200 or so with...
  12. reefeel

    Moving a 300 gallon Aquarium

    Anyone have any ideas on how to move a 8x2x2.5 750-800 lb glass aquarium? We called moving companies and they won't do it.
  13. reefeel

    300 Gallon Reef Project

    After over a year of planning I have finally started purchasing the equipment for this project. The tank is made of starphire glass 96"Lx24"Wx30"T with an overflow on the right side and the returns are along the center of the tank. The sump is 72"x20"x24" and has three compartments. One 3 foot...
  14. reefeel

    75 Gallon Fish Tank 4 Sale

    Year old 75 Gallon Fish Tank for Sale. Has a stand and Canopy! It has 2 Mangnum 350 Deluxe Canister Filters, airpump, back-up air oump, a piece of driftwood, 48in 260 Watt Aqualight, Coralife R/o and much more. Looking for around $500.
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  16. reefeel

    Live Rock 4 Sale

    I am selling my 85 gallon marine tank to get ready for a bigger tank. For now I am just selling the live rock it is around 90 lbs. I has been fully cycled for 6 months. E-mail me at if you are interested with a price that you would pay. I am looking for around $350.
  17. reefeel

    Snails alive, but not moving

    I have 16 mexican turbos in my 85 gallon tank that refuse to move. But, as soon as I put them in my eels tank they come alive and start munching algae. Everything about the tanks are the same except for I have more powerful lighting in my main tank, more flow, and cleaner a better water in my...
  18. reefeel

    Arctica 1/5 Horsepower

    I just got a Arctica 1/5 horsepower a week ago. It works fine but whenever it turns on the chiller is a degree late and it then chills the water down 2 degrees so my temperture swings 2 degrees every so m,any hours. I have a 500 gph pump that I believe may be the problem as it is too small after...
  19. reefeel

    I'm Back, and I need Help

    Wow, I havn't been on for a couple of months. Here is what has happened to my semi-reef tank since last time I was on. My eel got his own private 37 gallon tank (a little small but all I could afford at the time. Then lets just say it "snowed" salt in my tank. There was salt at the bottom of my...
  20. reefeel

    Eel Sent into Exile

    My snowflake eel got his own private 37 gallon tank a week ago. I put in bio media from my already established reef tank, ands some live rock from it too. I am going to wait a couple more weeks to put in a friend for him but I am looking for ideas. Oh, and he is about 14in long and about a...