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  1. fishygurl

    who bought that pelagic tunicate in the eye it and buy it?????????????

    Just wondering who bought it and hopefully I can help it survive and not die right away if you are not experienced hobbyist or don't know anything about tunicates. First off that was one of the most beautiful tunicates I have seen plus it looks almost exactly like mine!!! Without the orange... I...
  2. fishygurl

    breeding hippocampus erectus seahorses - or basic rearing baby seahorse info please!!

    Hi, ive read a lot about seahorses for a couple years, since ive always wanted seahorses, and i was wondering what type of set up, food, etc would be needed to raise baby seahorses (still probably have a long ways for that, but knowing ahead of time is best right?) I would be housing probably 4...
  3. fishygurl

    Breeding Bangaii Cardinals, set up ideas, care, etc. help!

    Ok, so i am working at a fish store, and the owner said that he wants to breed bangaii's (i have researched about breeding them earlier- because i was thinking about breeding them myself) So i offered to help with it. Since it is a store, i would like some ideas of what a good set up would be...
  4. fishygurl


    Ok i have a tunicate which i got for free (because he didnt think it would survive) that was about 1"X 2" and now after a few months (maybe 4) its grown to about 4"X5" I have no idea how to care for it. But it is my favorite thing in my tank. Here is some stuff i know about it: It feels REALLY...
  5. fishygurl

    Help plumbing a 40b that is drilled

    Ok, the tank is not by me right now, if you guys need dimensions of anything, just let me know and i will try and get them tomorrow. Anyways, I just got this tank today to be a future frag tank, the guy drilled it himself, so there are the 2 holes in a corner of the 40 breeder and he also gave...
  6. fishygurl

    Frogfish - Antennarius sp. questions.

    Ok these are questions with any type of frogfish, but im thinking of getting the one i listed in the title from here eventually if i would have a good tank for it. I will be setting up a 40 gallon breeder tank that is drilled for a frag tank, there would be a bowl of sand, and egg crate for the...
  7. fishygurl

    Yellow Tang, help feeding..

    Ive had my yellow tang for maybe a month now, to me it seems as though it keeps slowly getting skinnier and skinnier. I am starting to get worried that it might die.. I dont think its because i underfeed, i think i over feed. I feed a cube of frozen mysis or the freshwater frozen mysis (i...
  8. fishygurl

    30,000+ pod questions.

    Ok, so i would like to buy 30,000+ pods (its a package). But i am afraid if i add that many pods would they die, due to lack of food? what do they eat? If it depends on the type its the Tigeriopus Califoricus copepods. Anyways if there is anything i need to do special to make them survive i...
  9. fishygurl

    Nudi? Good or bad? (blurry pic...)

    well i had to take it with my cell. And it didnt turn out too well. but here it is. If no one can say if its good or bad i will try and get a better pic if i can find it again.. Its the brown thing.
  10. fishygurl

    Orange Linckia - Large from Bali (from swf..)

    Linckia sp "The Orange Linkia, a.k.a. Red Linkia, is a five-armed Starfish exotically colored in orange." I find this funny because in the picture there are 2 six armed starfish. Mess up??? and it says its the red linkia? is it just another form of color or what?
  11. fishygurl

    Should anacondas be sold to the public??

    What do you think? Ive seen a few sites that are selling anacondas now (most starting at 3 feet)
  12. fishygurl

    Info/care on seahorses please!

    Well my mom is really getting into saltwater and she really wants a seahorse tank. So me and her were thinking 2-3 horses in a 29 gal. --What type would be good for this? Also low flow so if it was those biocubes i wouldnt need any extra powerheads? What corals can i put in with them? Can i...
  13. fishygurl

    tracking codes??

    I like to watch my shipment through tracking codes and so i can get emailed on my phone when my order arrives and stuff (since one of the doorbells dont work) and i read my order status and it has a status of "delivered" so i clicked on that and it said my shipment was going to be shipped out...
  14. fishygurl

    Do you ever use the search button for...

    trying to make a poll for the first time.. just wanted to see if i could figure out how.. lol Anyways the question is do you ever use the search button for your name? *edit* oo i see! well now i know how to make polls! thats enough learning for today =)
  15. fishygurl

    I need help picking out a lense for a Nikon D300

    Im getting this camera for my birthday so i need to find out which lens i want. I would like the lens to be good for shooting stuff in my aquarium like macros, fish shots stuff like that. So any help? Anyone own this camera?
  16. fishygurl

    72 gallon drilled bowfront possible??

    Since upgrading to my 125 for my reef, my mom has always liked aggressive tanks too. So we are wondering if there is any possible aggressive stocklists for a 72 gallon.. fish (something we like/hope would fit?) A puffer- (porcupine or dog face?) an eel (green wolf eel only get 18 inches and arnt...
  17. fishygurl

    eek hitchhiker crab! I dont know how to get it out of my rock!

    i have the rock he is in, in a bucket. that i am looking at. I tryed to scoop him up with a net because when i turned the moonlights on i was watching my tank and then all of a sudden there is this white crab with i think black claws coming out my green star polyp rock. so i went and got a net...
  18. fishygurl

    beach fleas/whale lice??

    ok well me and my mom were looking at my tank last night when all the lights out with a flashlight that i colored red with a washable marker. And i dont think i am going to do that EVER again..... it freaked me out... after about 10 or so minutes i started seeing these things which i looked up...
  19. fishygurl

    some blennies not reef safe??

    I always thought blennies were reef safe, other than they might pick at the shell of a clam (which i assumed was for the algae on it) Well anyways i was looking up this blenny which i thought looked pretty cool it was called a Leapord blenny (Exallias brevis) which reminded me of this leapord...
  20. fishygurl

    sand sifting gobies...

    what are the best sand sifting gobies? I saw some 4 wheel drive (twin spot gobies) and they looked really cool. Do all sand sifting gobies eat the beneficial things in the sand? If so isnt this a bad thing for your sand? Will they starve or can they live off of other foods? Also would they get...