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  1. fau8

    L.E.D reef lighting?

    Has any one used the marineland reef capable lighting? I currently use a Curret 72" T5 12 bulb unit and am having great sucess. I was thinking of investing in the LEDs. Additional question the Marine land unit comes in two sizes 24 to 36" and 36' to 48" I have a 125 gallon 6' long tank with the...
  2. fau8

    Here's my 125 gallon, let me know what you think.

    I haven't visited this site in a while, hope you all are doing fine. If you have any questions feel free to ask... Keith
  3. fau8

    Blue Linckia Starfish

    I have tried 2 times to keep this starfish and both have died within a week. I have a 125 reef with quality water testing. I have not direct feed and need some basic care instructions for this animal.
  4. fau8

    yellow tang vs morish idol

    Has anyone had any experience with adding a morish idol to a reef setup that already contains a yellow tang. The morish idol is slightly lager that the tang, about 3 1/2 inches in hieght. The tank is a 125. Also are the morish idol reef / invertibrate safe?
  5. fau8

    up grading to a 150

    I just purchased a 150 gallon to replace my 75. All my equipment is rated for 180-200 gallons, minus the lighting. I cuurently have 2 HO T5 fixtures with 4 bulbs-- total 8 bulbs at 48" and 54 watts per bulb so the lighting will have to be upgrade in the future. Question for those that switched...
  6. fau8

    snowflake eels

    I currently have a 24" snowflake, can a second approx 16" be added to the same tank? The tank a 60 gallon. only other occupant is a 3-4" trigger.
  7. fau8

    Question on tank upgrade

    Okay, my current equipment is fine for this upgrade, but what changes will I encounter going from a 75 gallon to a 150 gallon?
  8. fau8

    Refugium mud verse live sand???

    I am in the process of building a new sump/ refugium. I have used mud in my exsisting setup. Question- is there any difference in using mud verse live sand in a refugium.
  9. fau8

    Brown Heniochus Reef Safe???

    Received this guy for christmas, he is presently in quaritine. Is he reef safe? Tanks is full of zoos, clams and mushrooms.
  10. fau8

    kh - alkalinity ???

    Okay I am confused on testing. I bought a kh test kit and it gives me results of in the 140 to 150 range. From reading other posts as long as it it under 200 there is nothing to worry about. Is this correct and why is kh showing up as 12.5 13.7 etc when people post there water parameters? Is...
  11. fau8

    can anyone identify this?

    Sorry, but I have not been able to get a good picture as of yet. The item appears to be some kind of snail. The best way to describe it is volcano shaped shell with white and brown coloring. I see it on my rear glass and live rock I assume it to be eating my coaline algea but have not noticed...
  12. fau8

    little giant pump

    I just installed a little giant 3 pump. Question is how hot do these pumps run. The motor casing is hot enogh that after 10 seconds it can't be held in your hand. The pump runs fine. I have installed it with a tee off the output, with one tee going to a UV sterilizer with a gate valve to...
  13. fau8

    75 gallon reef

    Latest tank pictures, missing from the tank and in quartine, long nose butterfly and powder blue.
  14. fau8

    problem with my zoos

    Okay, I cant figure this out. I have a large assortment of zoos. This week a couple of colonies closed while a colony of a different color located on the same rock and even inter mingled remained open and fine. This happened in two separete areas of the tank. Since then and 3 days later one has...
  15. fau8

    Foxface Question

    Will a foxface and and a Poweder blue coexsist? The foxface would be the new addition. 2nd, are they reef safe? I get conflicting reports and see them in reef setups posted on this site.
  16. fau8

    Hypo in reef DT

    What affects does hypo have on Zoos, mushrooms, anenomes and starfish?
  17. fau8

    need help with ID

    I have two things I am trying to ID the fisrt have shown up in my sump and I have not seen them in my DT. The are white fuzzy things similar to silver fish they grow into something like small cotton balls. Do I need to remove them? One of them also looks like a snow flake see pic. Second is some...
  18. fau8

    T-6 Lighting

    Any one had any experience with T-6 lighting? Have just purchased a 48" 4 bulb unit total 216 watts. It seems to put out more light than my T-5 lighting of the same configuration.
  19. fau8

    dwarf angels

    Can a flame angel and a bi colored angel be kept in the same tank. Tank is a 75 gallon reef.
  20. fau8

    Iodine levels

    Looking for the ideal level for iodine dosing. My tank is heavily populated with zoos, mushrooms, and other coral. I was adding an iodine supplement but stopped because I have been told over dosing will have an adverse effect on my invertibrets. I purchased a test kit and my iodine level was 0...