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  1. kaholic

    92 Corner AGA Equipment/Livestock (Jacksonville, Fl.)

    I am getting rid of all but one tank and have the following for sale. Sorry, but not interested in selling anything seperately. I couldn't maintain the tank if I sold in pieces. Needs to all go to one good home. Looking for a fair price and will gladly take offers. 92 Corner AGA FOWLR...
  2. kaholic

    Single or Dual Stage Contollers

    What exactly are the differences in these 2 for chillers, and what are the benefits/drawbacks of each?
  3. kaholic

    TradeWind 1/4 HP Inline Chiller UNUSED!

    I bought this chiller for another tank but turns out I don't even need it. After installing a couple fans in a canopy, temperature is perfectly fine. It has NEVER touched a drop of water! It is absolutely brand new UNUSED. I'm in Jacksonville, FL. but will ship. I checked and it is about...
  4. kaholic

    ORBIT EXTREME 48" 4X130W Daylight/Actinic w/moon lights

    I am selling a 4 month old ORBIT EXTREME 48", 4X130 (2) 130w Dual Daylight and (2) 130w Dual Actinics. (520 Watts) It measures 48.50" x 12.00" x 4.5" without legs (when used with the included legs the light is 6.75" tall, 12.00" front to back, and can adjust to lengths up to 49"). The light...
  5. kaholic

    Cooling fan wires underneath reflectors

    I'm building a canopy and installing 2 adaptec 4 1/2" fans in the top blowing into the water. I have 2 96W actinic retrofit reflectors on the front & back. My question is: If I run the wires from the fans underneath the reflectors, out the back and screw them down into the canopy, will the...
  6. kaholic

    Bubble Tip Problem

    My BTA has been deflated for a month now and it never looks any different from this. I've had him about 2 months and had big fat tips and looked well when I bought him. He placed himself under a rock where he's not getting a lot of light but as bad as he looks, he is still eating silversides...
  7. kaholic

    More GA Aquarium "Behind The Scenes" pics

    More pics
  8. kaholic

    Georgia Aquarium "Behind The Scenes" Tour pics

    I've seen a lot pics from the GA. Aquarium here but haven't seen anyone post pics of the behind the scenes tour. I paid the extra to see the entire facilty and it was well worth it. Here are a few pics.
  9. kaholic

    Can someone ID this please??

    I bought this acropora frag the other day and I don't know what that yellow clump of small polyps are beside it. Does anyone know what that may be? :notsure:
  10. kaholic

    My first clam

    Just wanted to share. My first clam. Pic doesn't do it justice. Awesome looking Derasa. :joy:
  11. kaholic

    Super Glue procedure

    I've never attached any coral with super glue. Can someone tell me the proper procedure so I don't kill anything? I know to use the gel. I read you should dry off the rock and the bottom of the coral. But how long can it be out of the water? Should I just dry off the bottom and the rock...
  12. kaholic

    Tunze Osmolator 3155 question

    I got one of these for top-off and planned to use kalk water, but it suggests not to do that as it may harm the pump or clog up the line. Anyone use using kalk water to top-off with these systems? Think I should be ok if I'm diligent about cleaning it and regularly flushing the pump with fresh...
  13. kaholic

    Hair Algea during cycle

    I'm on week 4 of a new 55 gal and my nitrites are still pretty high. And the hair algea is getting a little thick. I cut down on the lights but my question is should I do a WC to maybe control a bit of the hair until I get a cleanup crew in there, or should I wait until the trites are...
  14. kaholic

    American Marine Pinpoint products

    Just wanted to sing the praise of American Marine for a second. I have a Pinpoint wireless thermometer, a PH Meter, Salinity Monitor, and now a Calcium Monitor. A few are pricey and may seem unnecessary to some but I LOVE the convenience and accuracy that they allow. I have never had a...
  15. kaholic

    I am just not understanding this...

    I'm not going to call myself stupid yet but I am just not understanding this. Please help! I have been messing with this for days now and can't seem to get it right. #1. The overflow is rated 600gph. My pump is about 900gph So, I put a ball valve on the return to solve that. Doesn't seem...
  16. kaholic

    Buffering drain line

    I have an undrilled tank with an overflow box and I put a ball valve on my return line this weekend, but the flow from the drain line which goes into the refuge is still too strong. What's best way to restrict it somewhat where it's not kicking up sand in there? Was thinking of capping a piece...
  17. kaholic

    Any flow needed in a refugium??

    I setup my overflow box with 1" PVC and a flex hose going into my refugium. My return pump is less than the o-boxes capacity but the flow into the refugium is still really strong and kicking up sand. If I take the flex hose out of that section, there is pretty much standing water in the refuge...
  18. kaholic

    SPS without halides?

    Can you keep any SPS without MH? I have a PC that's pushing almost 10 watts per gallon so I was hoping that might be sufficient. Anyone had success without halides?
  19. kaholic

    Too much LR?

    New tank in cycle and the wife says I have too much LR in here because the....uh, quote..."fishies" won't have enough room to swim around. I told her it's only going to get worse because of all the corals going in. Is this too much rock? Can I get some support?
  20. kaholic

    Spray bar Help/Question

    Ok, I've read a lot about this and just want to make sure my little mind is grasping the correct concept here. I want to use my return pump that is in my sump to run this particular spray bar design that runs down the center of the tank, and T's off along the bottom on both sides. It will be...