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  1. ovrmyhdagn

    FS: 75 gallon Complete Set-Up Illinois/Indiana

    I can take and email any specific pictures that anyone wants to see. Pick-up only for large items, will consider shipping however you want it shipped at actual shipping charges if the set-up gets broken up. 75 Gallon non-RR tank/Stand - 7 years old - $150 comes with Jebo PC 2x65 watt 10k bulbs...
  2. ovrmyhdagn

    WTB: 120 RR aquarium in Illinois/Indiana

    120 gallon 4' tank, reef ready. Will consider complete set-up or tank/stand/canopy only.
  3. ovrmyhdagn

    WTB: 4' -5' RR tank in IL or IN

    110 + prefered with stand/canopy and lights. WIll consider livestock options and full set-ups.
  4. ovrmyhdagn

    WRB: Aqua C EV120/180, Tunze 9010/9015, Deltec 500/600, smalle footprint skimmer

    I need a small footprint skimmer to put into a 29 gallon sump/refuge. Let me know what you have.
  5. ovrmyhdagn

    HOB Protein Skimmer on sump/refuge

    How many people run a HOB protein skimmer on a sump/fuge to save room? How do you like it? Does it work? Suggestions for a skimmer to put on a 29 gallon sump/fuge with 90 gallons of total water value+/-
  6. ovrmyhdagn

    Protein Skimmer for 75gallon

    I am using a 29 gallon tank as a sump/refuge. I need suggestions on what protein skimmer would be great that doesnt take up a lot ofroom. I tried an ETSS 750, but it took up so much of the sump, that a refuge wouldn't fit. Ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  7. ovrmyhdagn

    FS: Freshwater Aquarium Decorations

    I broke down my 29 gallon cichlid tank to make it into a sump for my 75 gallon saltwater. I have all the decorations and a whisper 40 hob filter. The pictures show what it looked like before I emptied it. The gravel is included if you want it. Make an offer. It can be picked up...
  8. ovrmyhdagn

    FS or Trade: ETSS 750 Evolution Protein Skimmer

    $200 shipped or can be picked-up in Danville, Illinois 61832 Will consider trade for great quality smaller protein skimmer for in sump application The last picture is the skimmer in a 29 gallon tank. It is rated for aquariums of 100 gallons to 300 gallons. I wanted to use it on...
  9. ovrmyhdagn

    FS: Blue Line HD40 780 gph External Water Pump

    $100 shipped or can be pick-up in Danville, Illinois 61832
  10. ovrmyhdagn

    FS: Iwaki 70 1500gph External Water Pump

    $150 shipped or pick-up in Danville, Illinois 61832
  11. ovrmyhdagn

    FS: Dolphin Ampmaster 3000gph External Water Pump

    $150 shipped or can pick-up in Danville, Illinois 61832
  12. ovrmyhdagn

    Simple Green

    Can simple green be used to clean the inside of a tank? It is supposed to be natural.
  13. ovrmyhdagn

    Cleaning a hard to clean aquarium

    I originally used a kent scraper to get the coralline off of a tank htat I bought. Thn went back over it with a razor blade which cleaned a great deal off. But there aer still areas that look like water stained or marked that won't scrap with a razor. Is there a solution that I can use to clean...
  14. ovrmyhdagn

    WHat corals can I keep with.....

    PC lighting over a 75 gallon. 2 65 watt 2 65 watt actenics I have a bunch of mushrooms, 73, I counted yesterday. Can I keep anything else?
  15. ovrmyhdagn

    Sump design with pic for critique.

    Here is my sump plan. It is a 29 gallon aquarium for a 75 gallon tank using a CPR90 overflow. I will be running a RIO 2100 to power an ETSS 750 Evolution protein skimmer. Return pump will be a mag 9 (950 gallons/hr). Will this sump design work? What depth should the water be for the ETSS 750 in...
  16. ovrmyhdagn

    Silicone For Tank Reseal

    I can use 100% silicone as long as it doesn't have the bioseal - GE Silicone II?
  17. ovrmyhdagn

    Diatoms Diatoms More Diatoms

    I have had trouble with diatoms for 5 months atleast. I use RO/DI water, I increased the flow in my tank with a maxijet 1200. I changed out all my LR and removed my crushed coral and put in sand from an established tank. My lightbulbs were changed last week. I only feed once per day. I do have a...
  18. ovrmyhdagn

    FS in Illinois 200 gallon tank/stand/canopy/Lights/Pumps/Skimmer/Sump/LR/LS

    I have it all from a tank that I bought that leaked and now I am just going to sell it off in pieces.200 Gallon Oceanic Tank with a small leakI have taken 90% of the silicon out of the tank if someone wants to reseal it, or I can r eseal it for the cost of silicon. It is 7'L x 2'W x 26"Tall...
  19. ovrmyhdagn

    I need to remove some of my sand

    Can I just syphon it out? What other way would work?
  20. ovrmyhdagn

    Help shipping LR

    How do you package it etc...?