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  1. ivasawajin

    Suggestions for Vortech Mp60's positions and modes Please .

    I have 500G reef , mostly softies and LPS like hammers clams and bubbles anemones . my tank is well stocked but not ovestocked and the paramerets are great . ( excoet for thge Aiptasia outbreak ) . anyway i just got 2 Vortech MP60 and 1 Mp40 . and i wanted to know that how and where should i put...
  2. ivasawajin

    Is Ecotech Marine Vortech worth the Prize ?

    My 550G reef needs alot of flow , i dont own SPS but LPS need flow too and i dont want dead spots , everything is waaay too expensive here and the wave making thing is new here and my tank needs it cuz the old static like powerheads are not very reef friendly when it comes too sensetive corals...
  3. ivasawajin

    Adding Anthias with Tangs ?

    i have a dozen tangs ( including a sohal tang) in my 550G reef . i was wondering if i add Anthiases will the tang(s) hurt them or they dont bother Athias at all . my sohal is kinda bossy but its a huge tank .
  4. ivasawajin

    Want Tips from +10 year old reef veterans Please .

    i started this hobby in summer 2010 . and now i have a 9 month old 550G reef . i read many books and researched and changed 3 tanks and done many things to undrestand the reef aquarium . but i'm on super speed mode . i dont have much experiece and running and giant 550G reef tank need more than...
  5. ivasawajin

    My Sohal tang nipps Corals and everthing esle !

    my sohal nipps everything i buy that new, Clams , corals , fish . his been in my 500G reef for 5 months and now his around 30cm but he eats too much and bites some corals and his bites are big and his very aggresive on my other fish . i want him out , how can i catch him ?
  6. ivasawajin

    Reducing Phosphates in a 500G reef .

    i have green hair algae problem , my PO4 is high . how can i reduce PO4 in a huge tank fast? and i know the root of the problem so i know ( overfeeding) .
  7. ivasawajin

    Very high Calcium Levels Hurting the Clam ?

    i have a 3.5" maxima clam for 4 months now . its been two weeks that his been closed when the lights are on but its open at night . i dont see any snails on the rock or the clam . i oderdosed calcium in the tank , its a 500G . my Cal was around 620 ! i let it deacrease and now its 500 . my...
  8. ivasawajin

    Green Algae allover my Sand . HELP PLEASE !

    i have green cyno looking algae on my sand , its just like cyno but its green , it only on my sand and it comes when the lights come on and when i wipe in out it comes in a few hours and my PO4 is close to zero , NO3 close to zero, my circulation in very high and i dont have dead spots and i...
  9. ivasawajin

    My ORA Single-Dot Domino Clownfish wont host .

    i have a ORA Single-Dot Domino Clownfish for 3 days . i have a rose bubble anemone and a ritteri white blue tip anemone . but my clownfish wont host on any of them ?? can anyone help me >?
  10. ivasawajin

    Will Ozone Harm Beneficial bacteria ?

    i have a 550G reef . just got a red sea ozone 100mg/l . my in sump skimmers are ozone compatible but they are just right before the ceramics and Seachem's Matrix where the beneficial bacterias are grown . if i hook up my ozone to my skimmer and put carbon at the part where it hits the media ...
  11. ivasawajin

    Upgrading from a 230G to a 500G reef tank .

    i had a 230G reef ... now i i only a DSB and around 120 KG of LR in it , when i want to upgrade i dont want any long term cycles cuz my tank is 14 months old . can i add my sand and add new live sand and add my onl LR and and my old water and pour more new salt mixed water just like a big...
  12. ivasawajin

    I Have an Impossible Phosphate Problem.

    I have a 230G reef ... i had 44 fishes in it and the bioload was too much and i sold them a=nd reduced them to almost 30 , and i have many corals . but its been 3 months that i have a brown algae ( which i think its diatom problem ) and my tank is more than a year old .my PO4 in very low and my...
  13. ivasawajin

    Dosing Kalkwasser in a 230G Reef ?

    i have a 230 G reef tank and i have a Kalk question . i use Kalk+2 from Brightwell . i use 1 gallon of RO water in a container and mix it with one or 2 teaspoons of kalk and mix it and wait for 2 - 4 hours . then i dip in into the sump. but when it finishes at the buttom of the container there...
  14. ivasawajin

    My PO4 is Low but my Algae Problems are very VERY High .

    my PO4 is around 0.1 . i use 2 huge socks of phosban in the sump , 2 huge socks of phosguard that takes the whole water movment place , and i use a phosban reactor 150 and i'm using Phosphat E from Brightwell everyother day but what every i do in have brown algae allover my rocks . and you all...
  15. ivasawajin

    How long can Plants like Caulerpa Survive in a Refuguim without sunlight ?

    i have red slime in my ref and its geeting wrose everyday , and my PO4 is close to 0 . and it has medium water movment but the red still grow all over the walls and plants everyday , i turn the lights on 12 hours at night . i want to kill the red slime from light starvation but how long will the...
  16. ivasawajin

    I have Red Slime in My Refuguim .

    i have a Fuge in the middle of my sump and it has many huge plants growing all over the place but just as i bought some new plants and putting some IRON in it red slime started to kick in and its spreading all over the plants , its only in the FUge but its growing and my PO4 is almost 0 and my...
  17. ivasawajin

    Refugium Lights and Water Movment ?

    i have a 50cmx50x60 refuguim in the thrid row of a 4 row costum made sump , i can put 3 T8 on the top and ONLy T8 , so what t* should i put ??? what color ( blue . white or yellow or red ) and what Kelvin ??? if i buy one from the LFT its around 10,000KL to 14,000K but if i but them from an...
  18. ivasawajin

    Purple Tang With Other Tangs ???

    i have a 230G reef with 6 tangs including a yellow tang a brown tang and a sailfin tang , if i add a bigger sized Purple Tang will it work ??? or the other will attack ??? and if it does work will the bigger one attack the others when his established ???
  19. ivasawajin

    Should I Get an Ozonizer ?

    i have a 230G reef tank which has 44 fishesh and many many corals , ITS way overstocked but my equipments are pretty top notch stuff , the only problems that i have that is that my O2 levels arent at its best , its around 2-5 in the morning , and my tank is a litlle cloudy . should i get ozone...
  20. ivasawajin

    I Cant Catch a Grouper ! help plz

    i had a small spotted grouper 4 months ago and now he go big , around 20cm and his eating my little damsels , but i cant catch him . i cant set a trap cuz he eats only pellets when they are NOT on the sand and flowting . and i dont want to change the Live ROcks or move anything . any advise...