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  1. privatejoker

    SWF auction

    What a shame, this site was so nice to buy from other reefers and now there are two things for sale. Way to go you just lost alot of people from this site. I would pay a flat fee to sell but the way you decide to do it is a shame. 5% plus paypal fees killed this site for me and many...
  2. privatejoker

    Purple tang ate super glue

    My purple tang ate some free floating super glue. Its blocking its mouth and he can't eat. Will this go away or do I have to try to catch the fish and do surgery?
  3. privatejoker

    Anyone interested in local reef club?

    I was thinking of starting a local "reef club". It will be for trading equipment and livestock. This is not a sale thread so I put it here. I'm in the 19335 zip code. If your willing to drive or are in overnight ground shipping please let me know. I want to be able trade livestock and used...
  4. privatejoker

    Thermos swap?

    Does anyone want to start a thermos swap? I'd like to keep to about 20 people. That way its easier to keep track of. I'd like do higher end to middle of the stuff, no starter stuff.
  5. privatejoker

    75 back up and running

    Here are a few pics of my 75. I sold most of the livestock and live rock. I also changed substrate to fiji pink from CC. What a difference, I love it. Anyway I'm starting from scratch, again. I also upgrade some of the fish this time. Learned from the first time. Purple tang and a flame...
  6. privatejoker

    CPR overflows for sale

    I have a CPR 100 and 90 for sale. The 90 has a large crack in back but held water for more than a year. 100 rated for 800 gph and the 90 is rated for 600 gph. I'm asking $50 for the 100 and $20 for the 90. I don't have extra bulkheads or the any other parts, what you see is what you get. I will...
  7. privatejoker

    ca reactor

    I have 500 gallon coralife ca reactor with co2 tank and regulator. asking $175 for everything plus shipping. its about six months old and i still have the directions for it.
  8. privatejoker

    Selling the whole tank

    Breaking down the tank and selling all live stock. Mycedium (green eye) $40 Large yellow porites $60 merulina $60 Pectinia (green) $40 Six head frog spawn $40 Ric rock with six large and two babies $50
  9. privatejoker

    Live rock for sale

    I have about 100-150 lbs of live rock. I paid about $4.50 lb when I bought it and I'd like to get $3.00 a pound. It has corals, zoos and mushrooms on some rocks. Its been in my tank for over 2 years, but I'm breaking down my tank and would like to sell.
  10. privatejoker

    Thinking of selling everything

    I have sps, lps, live rock about 100-150 lbs, rics, clams, torch, a half of a fungia, chalice, mutli zoos, hammer, frog spawn, duncans, acan, candy canes, and more. If anyone is intersted let me know. Here is a link with some pics of my tank...
  11. privatejoker

    three clams for sale

    I have three clams I'm looking to sell. All have been in my tank for over three months two of them have been almost 9 months. I would like to have some more sand bed for LPS. First up is a 4-4.5" Green lip derasa. This thing has some really nice color to it. asking $70 Next is a Gold tear...
  12. privatejoker

    coral banded shrimp

    Who has them, and how agressive are they? I was thinking of getting a mated pair, but I'd like to know how nasty they are and if they'll eat any of my other shrimp.
  13. privatejoker

    coco worm and green encrusting monti

    I have a two headed coco worm looking to get $35 And this neon green encrusting monti looking for $25
  14. privatejoker

    blue spot jaw fish

    checking to see if antone is interested a blue spotted jaw fish. its been in my tank for about five months, i'd like to get $70 plus shipping. can't get a pic but if i have interest i'll try to get one.
  15. privatejoker

    Frags/colonies for sale

    I want to make room, its getting a little crowded in my tank. Note prices do not include shipping. First is this pink stylo, its an FHI aquacultured, at least thats what the guy I got from told me, the plug its on has FHI printed on it. I'm asking $35 Next I have a huge colony of yellow...
  16. privatejoker

    Heater goes nuts

    I got home yesterday to my tank temp at 87 degrees. The front was covered in algae and some of the corals were looking a little sad. Luckly nothing died, yet, and the temp dropped quick. Lesson learned, don't keep old heaters around to long, they will break and it costs alot less to replace a...
  17. privatejoker

    Few frags for sale

    I have a couple of things I need to move. Merulina (green) its about 2x2. asking $25 Nice bunch of sun polyps, sorry for the pic they were eating. Asking $35 Three heads of this purple with green mouth favia Asking $35 Green encrusting monti about 1.5x1.5 asking $20 Last is a three head...
  18. privatejoker

    CPR skimmers

    I have a CPR CS 90. Rated for 600 gph with bulkhead. I don't have the sponge, or tube to quiet it. I put a 90 on it and that stops the sucking sound. It does have a crack in the back but its been sealed and does hold water. Its was on my tank for about 8 months. I asking $35. I also have a CPR...
  19. privatejoker


    I can't pm, I've been on the board for two weeks and have more than enough posts. Whats the deal?
  20. privatejoker

    75 gallon reef ready

    Here are a few pics of my 75 gallon. As you can see my yellow tang loves to be in pics.