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    look what i found

    i took a small vac. went to Nashville. so when i got back i did a 15 gal water change. so i took the grate under the skimmer out.i found at least 6 to 7 " of sand. now that side seems not to sure runs a little better. there is more in there?????? not sure if i did the right thing or not. so...
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    feeding the fish

    hi men and women i am going on a 5 day vaca.. in a month. what do you do for the feeding on the fish. now i have a pair on clowns and a fire fish. i do feed once a day......
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    what are you all using for timers an lights . my knees are getting tired up and down thanks
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    water level

    hi guys how life today. i do have to know this i do have a bio there are 3 chambers . one on left has the skimmer. i ma starting to pull stuff out as of today .it has been 5 weeks. but the middle one is the i have live rock in how far up should the water be. i think it should be higher ...
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    lighting what r they for

    i have a 29 gal like a few people my question is on the lights. i have the actinic/// 10,000 k florescent, and 3 i think you need the 2 not the led to grow coral is that correct????. witch one is the important one. witch one is the one for best coral growth. and does the led do...
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    broken hinges

    well fellow reefers one more time .i bought a 29gal oceanic. has no hinges to open the hood .has anyone come across this .i tried quite a few and the glass kin da gets it the way. i could not find then on line .i think the back were they go broke off on the tank itself. so there i am could use a...
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    post pic

    hi i would like to know how to post pic, of the problem i am having thanks chris
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    lights on a sump

    hi it is sunday day of rest lol .my question is what kinda of lights to hang for a sump .going to put live sand ,mangrove plants i am thinking 10 ..going to put in a mag7 return pump and more .i do have a 32gal powerful of a light. thank you men and women.;)
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    water change

    hi i am new to the forum i started up a 32 gal biocube 4 weeks ago.i just add a pair of clowns i have no coral yet. i will be adding in the next couple of weeks i should have 3 to 4 in there. my question is water change when should i start the first one and how much should i do. as soon as i...