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  1. olga21

    lyretail hog and candy hog

    Can I put a small lyretail hogfish with a small twinspot (candy) hogfish? Are will they duke it out when they get older? Thanks
  2. olga21

    collette's reef basslet

    My collettes reef basslet arrived today. He seems very timid and shy unlike most the other basslets I have had. Trying to find some more info on them but the internet is not providing much. Wondering if someone can give me some tips on keeping them?
  3. olga21

    Heteractis Magnifica and Clown

    Hello, I just got my anenome (Heteractis Magnifica ) and I was wondering why it is so difficult to keep. I have had a long tentacle anenome for a year so I was hoping to keep the Heteractis Magnifica with the same success. If anybody can give me some tips I would appreciate it bc I love my...
  4. olga21

    Tusk vs Mystery Wrasse

    Will my Harlequin tusk get along with a Mystery Wrasse. They should be about the same size. Thanks
  5. olga21

    How to clean glass?

    I have a mag float and it works well but the part where the sand bed touches the glass is still dirty. I know your not suppose to use the mag float near the sand bed so I was wondering how to clean it. I cant exactly tell my clean-up crew to clean it so I was looking for some advice?????????????
  6. olga21

    first coral experience??????

    I bought a 50 dollar colany of zoas. A day later they were half wiped out by some white slime. this was my first experience with corals and i ask for the hardiest corals. I have a coco worm and some anenomes that have thrived for years. Anyways the lfs i bought them from said it was my water...
  7. olga21

    Tiger cowrie eat corals?

    I have a large 4 inch tiger cowrie and I was wondering if it ate corals? Thanks
  8. olga21

    Good beginners coral website?

    Can sombody tell me a good beginers website to where I can learn about keeping corals. Thanks
  9. olga21

    Frogfish in a 6 gallon Nano?

    Would it be ok to put a small angler in a 6 gallon nano cube?
  10. olga21

    Shady website dealers?

    Anyone have an experience with a shady website? Ah, is sorry. You know when your in trouble when you call it goes strait to voice male. Then some websites dont have a phone number. Thats when you know when your in real trouble like I am with As far as I...
  11. olga21

    Boyd's Vita-Chem

    Bought some boyds vita-chem to help bring out the color in my angler. Has anybody had any experience with this?
  12. olga21

    Best way to feed Coco Worms?

    What the best way to feed coco worms? I know your not suppose to target feed their gills, so what should I do? Should I feed them at the base of their tube with the bioplankton? Thanks
  13. olga21

    Cebu red painted angler

    Hello, I just bought a cebu red angler. I was wondering if they keep there red color are does it fade? Thanks
  14. olga21

    cool car tank
  15. olga21

    ro and ro/di unit

    What is the difference between a ro unit and a ro/di unit?
  16. olga21

    tiger cowrie snail

    Anyone have a tiger cowrie snail? If so what do they eat? Will they eat corals?
  17. olga21

    Is this a good deal?

    I may go an look at this tank tommorow but I was wondering if it is a good deal? Also Is there anything I should ask are look at closely while Im there? [url]**** Please do not post links
  18. olga21

    looking for anenome

    hello, I was looking for a new anenome. I have a condi, and a long tentacle in 100 gallon tank. I was wondering if I could buy a neat, pretty bling bling anenome to put with them? I heard that mixing anenomes are bad but I have had these two togather or a couple years. Also, Im not big on...
  19. olga21

    Will these fish get along?

    I was looking for fish for a 100 gallon fowlr. I came across these at the divers den. They have pics their if you want to see. I was also thinking about a butterfly too. Fiji two bar rabbitfish. Size: 4-1/4" West African unidentified Serranus sp. basslet. Size: 3" Vanuatu cockerel...
  20. olga21

    myers22 rare fish pics

    This thread is for some of myers22 rare fish pics he has. Lets be a good sport and let him know now how much we want to see more pics. Myers, Myers, pics, pics pics! Myers, Myers, pics, pics pics! Myers, Myers, pics, pics pics!