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  1. xlr8

    Over/underfeeding and water parameters

    This is just my opinion. Feed only as much food as your fish can eat in about 5 min. Another one that was suggested to me is small portions 2 or 3 times in a day rather than one big feeding in a day. But I would look for something dead, maybe a snail or crab? $.02
  2. xlr8

    Saltwater fish for beginners

    If you go to this sites online store and look at fish, It gives you guide-lines and ease of care and minimum tank size, plus other helpful guidelines. Gives you an idea of what you feel you can get into.
  3. xlr8

    A noob mistake...

    Well, I'm feeding the clown both frozen mysis and flake. My concern is that my sandbed is so new and not to full of the life that the goby isn't getting what he needs. The clown is so small right now that I don't think there is any competition for food. Tonight I put some mysis right in front of...
  4. xlr8

    A noob mistake...

    After research and study and reading countless threads on just about everything, I pulled the trigger on setting up my 30 gal. I was doing everything right, taking it slow. Not skipping or short cutting. Then came time for fish. My little clown is doing great on its 3rd day. But the mistake I...
  5. xlr8

    Leaving my tank for 4 days?

    Now that the Holidays are nearing, The Home Depot has a really nice one that is a power strip, 4 outlets that can be programmed and 4 that are on all the time, for $20. In the holiday decor section.
  6. xlr8

    My 20 gallon long nano with pictures

    I love your tank...Very beautiful! Actually, a 20 long inspired me to get a 30 long(breeder) instead of a biocube! I like the footprint of the long tanks. Awesome! cant wait to see the 280 though!
  7. xlr8

    Live Rock From Beach?

    Yeah, you may want to check into the legality of that. Plus, you can't judge the cleanliness of the water just by its appearance, or the composition of the rock,so be cautious about that aspect as well.
  8. xlr8

    Lunar lights... white or blue?

    As a personal preference....White. The moon's light is white. That is what I decided on for my moons. A Blue moon only happens once every two years I think.
  9. xlr8

    Live Rock size

    Originally Posted by NaNo-NeWb1983 size of rock dont matter really... If you dont like the big pieces take a hammer to them and make smaller stackable ones And be sure to wear SAFTEY GLASSES!!!!
  10. xlr8

    tank tinting

    yes, you are right about the design part. What about the color? I really haven't looked to closly at contact paper so is black, black on both sides? Blue on both sides ect?
  11. xlr8

    tank tinting

    I have been toying with the idea of using contact paper on the back of my tank. It can be found in all colors and even some nice designs. You would just have to be patient enough putting it on as not to get bubbles underneath it.
  12. xlr8

    nano's for beginners. good or bad?

    I'm a beginner currently putting together a 30 gal. Maybe not the best choice in size, but I feel that research and patience are the key to success. I'm not going to underestimate myself and my abilities. Would a 90 gal. be easier? Yes. Can I afford a 90? No. Do I want a 90gal+ engulfing my...
  13. xlr8

    Where to start???

    As a noob myself, I started by reading, reading and then reading. This site is awsome for real life experiance info. Get a good book to read. Decide on what kind of tank you may want ie, reef,invert only ect. Then research all aspects such as lighting, filtration, ect. I think I've been...
  14. xlr8

    Do I have too much LR in tank?

    I also agree with Joe. Too much displaces water, water in which fish live. I feel that LR should be proportionate to size of tank, bioload ect. That is why I'm sticking to the 1lb to 1.5lb per gallon rule. I feel thats a good starting reference then adjust as needed. Just my opinion though. Its...
  15. xlr8

    how hard is it to keep a nano

    You are welcome. Aragonite is what the sand is made out of. It can be "live" or it can be "dry". Dry basically meaning not live. It usually is a little cheaper dry. You can "seed" dry sand with a cup or two of live sand from a friend or LFS. Another type of sand is crushed coral. It has other...
  16. xlr8

    how hard is it to keep a nano

    Welcome... Nanos are a little bit more challenging due to the fact that water parameters change more quickly and require immediate attention. I also am in the process of building a 30 Gal. I'm using a marineland Penguin 200b powerfilter and (2) Koralia #2 powerheads. I'm planning on strong...
  17. xlr8

    30 gallon setup.

    I have read and heard from many that the Koralia powerheads are one of the best. I'll be using them in my 30 gallon set up here in the future. I can't wait to see your PICS.
  18. xlr8

    Help Starting a saltwater tank

    As a new-to-saltwater person myself, I did find the threads at the top of this page very helpful. Also, read a book or two as well. And research, research, research!!! I think I've studied about 8 months or so before I bought anything. And PATIENCE! Go slow on everything from equipment purchese...
  19. xlr8

    proper flow for a 30 gallon??

    I just bought a 30 gallon breeder (30Lx18wx12h) and was planning on using a Koralia 1. Will this be enough? I Just don't want any dead or weak spots mainly to keep algea in check but for other obvious reason too. But on the other hand I don't want to blow everything around or have a sand storm...
  20. xlr8

    Battle of the Nano Cubes!

    I was tempted by the all-in-ones. Don't get me wrong, I think they have pros and cons just like everything else. And they do get the job done. But in the end I ultimately decided to build my own. I don't regret the decision. I think I'm having more fun and learning a lot more. And to be honest...