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    Fish Stocking Question *Replacement for a MIA Six-line*

    Skittles, the Six-line Wrasse, has been MIA since a thorough tank cleaning last Saturday. He had been in the tank for over a year and was the picture of health. I don't know of anything I did that would have harmed him during the cleaning. I've looked everywhere, inside and outside the tank for...
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    My Flame Angel's DISGUSTING eating habits

    I've read descriptions of Flame Angels that include "detritus" on their menu. That is far too polite. I've never read an Angel owner posting about this, and well... I have to hold my nose while I do so. My Flame Angel is not picky at all, but apparently, Sixlines make particularly tasty treats...
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    Does anyone else find it curious that "our" Gov't is buying so much ammo for domestic use?

    Why does the Social Security Administration need 174,000 rounds? Why does the National Weather Service need 46,000 rounds? DHS has an "indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity" order for up to 450,000,000 rounds. Why? All for use within our borders. Why?? These articles include links to the...
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    A day in the life of a Hammer

    Before any light in the room, an hour before actinics come on: (taken with flash) 30 minutes later with ambient room light: (taken with flash) Actinics just coming on: Main lights just coming on: An hour later: 2 hours later and fully expanded: For giggles, this is how the hammer looked...
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    Queen Diva Dottie before she was a Queen Diva *VID*

    When Dottie, the Royal Gramma, was introduced into the tank a bit over 2 years ago, she had to contend with very rude damsels. She had to live in a cave and even had to do her own housekeeping. Once the damsels were exiled back to the LFS, she proudly assumed her self proclaimed rightful place...
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    Politicians are People, too!

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    HOB Refugium Maintenance

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    Softies under Actinic

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    RIP Inky..bad molt??

    For about 6 months or so, we've had a pair of cleaner shrimp, "Inky" and "Stinky". Always gregarious, always looking for customers at their cleaning station, always looking to steal food. Every 2-3 weeks one or the other would molt, apparently at night, but was back on station the next day. Two...
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    What's My Result? (a game)

    The game is to identify the test kit brand and test type of each of the vials pictured below (ex. Row 1 Vial 1 is Elos, Nitrate, ~15-20ppm). When possible, also attempt to read the test result (in the case of a color card test type). The vials pictured below are completed tests from my DT and...
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    Theres a 'Dead Man Walkin' in my tank...

    For a week now, my hammer has not been opening all its heads up. I suspected water conditions, but tests did not reveal anything out of the ordinary. So, I did a 25% water change last Saturday. The hammer looked marginally better afterwards, but still not fully open, WTF?!? Everything else in...
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    Lets hope they are ALL BEEF hot dogs....

    ..."made with beef, pork and chicken" may hide terrorists away from our vigilant fast food defenders of freedom.
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    Thats not a pod...THIS is a POD!! (Supergiant Amphipod)
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    Paly Removal Question

    I have some pink and gold palys that I need to thin out. Their growth rate is insane. More than GSP. More than Xenia. More than anything I've seen or read about. I intend to pull, as if weeding a garden, a good number (12+) of polyps this weekend. I will either wear gloves or use a tool, and I...
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    Tyree LE Tricolor Bali

    We have had one in our tank for 3 weeks now. My wife (djd0111) and I went to a regional frag swap a few weeks ago. There was no way we were going to buy anything, our tank is full. I'm still not sure why we went to start with, except that the wife's annual bonus came in the week before and we...
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    Livestock Shipping Bag Water Salinity

    What salinity can I expect to see in a shipping bag holding a fish from SWF?
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    OK, somebody is under the hood, tinkering around with the site code....

    Tell your boy he just broke the "New Posts" buttons. If I can't hit that button every 5 minutes or so, I get a little ansy.
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    For all you Tech Geeks out there...

    Forget using a UV sterilizer, run your tank water through the back of your plasma TV...
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    What is on your Equpment Maintenance Needs List?

    What do you currently need for routine maintenance? What is the severity of the need from 1-5, "1" means "I have to pick it up on the way home or my tank is doomed!" and "5" means "I need to get one sometime fairly soon". I just bought spare impellers for my protein skimmer and a spare pump, but...
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    Mushroom Propagation

    I have 3 types of mushrooms in the tank, some nondescript blue/purple that were hitchhikers, beginning as maybe 6 small heads, some red/blue dot and frilly green that both started as a single head and were charitable donations from member T316 many months ago. The blue/purple have reproduced...