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  1. coralman05

    Big upgrade

    All i Have is a 20 gallon long, What equipment do i need? Pictures anyone
  2. coralman05

    Alkalinity to KH

    What is it with ALK and KH? A good KH means a good ALK. Does it go backwards to? Need questions ask answers!
  3. coralman05

    freshwater help!

    long story short I've had my Oscar 8 years.. cents he was a little lad,. now someone help me! pictures below.. i believe he has flukes a paradise:(( copper added saltwater added
  4. coralman05

    TANKED tagteam with *****?

  5. coralman05

    aptasia eating filefish

    I brought one yesterday... thinking i still had 200 aptasia in my tank... when i came home from the coral shop they were all gone!!! before i put the filefish in my tank.. a 55 reef tank.. with crabs and everything... and coral... bad move?? please help, if dangerous to my tank i will have to...
  6. coralman05

    "Fish Discussion" take 1

    Coral Beauty or Flame Angle.. GO!
  7. coralman05

    hellllo againn

    hello reefers:S I havnt had a post in while Updated 55: FISH 1 Starry Blenny 2 Cardinals 2 Clowns 1 Madren Corals 7 green frogspawn heads:D doubled from when i got it green Bubble coral bunch of mushies ect. Just thought I should share:D but anyways: I have two apua clears; One the biggest one...
  8. coralman05

    What would happen...

    What would happen if my green bubble coral touched a huge mushroom in my tank?
  9. coralman05


    so, i still have some Absolute Vodka from new years;P into the tank??
  10. coralman05

    Stressed tang

    My kole tang is stressed 2weeks now.. Light color, hinding all the time also he not eating a lot :( I want him healthy again!!!!!
  11. coralman05

    who's right

    coral shop tested my water everything wasperfect he tested everything.. when i tested them.. far from perfect.. I dont know what to do. P.s my kole tang color isnt right i think hes stressed but from what??
  12. coralman05

    zoo help

    recently new about (2 weeks) and my zoos still arent fully open.. need some advice
  13. coralman05

    + 1 fish

    One of my fish just died due to age(hopefully) If everything in my tank is okay in couple weeks i'm planning on replacing it. Whats in my tank: cardinals x2 clownfish x2 blenny Kole tang Frogspawn Green bubble coral and mushrooms duhh I kinda want a flame angle but its to risky in my tank...
  14. coralman05

    sudden illness

    Just last night i was thinking my tank has been better than ever ! everything has excellent color, swimming great and getting along.. got home a few hours ago to see my engineer gobbie ( 5 or 6 years old) face down in the sand with his tail on top of the rock. I picked him up and moved him face...
  15. coralman05

    New Coral shop in town!

    Thank god i dont have to deal with ***** anymore! they suck! along with there tanks
  16. coralman05

    Kole Tang help

    I recently bought a kole tang (week old) with many new corals and shrimp. i cant tell if my tang has any white dots on him.. I Want to make sure shes gonna be okay and if anyone has any thoughts please post:))
  17. coralman05

    Kole tang being a trouble maker

    My Kole Tang has been picking at my Frogspawn :(( everything is recently new ( month ) i just brought a green bubble coral so i need ideas to get the tang back on the good side
  18. coralman05

    yellow tang

    Woke up this morning to find my yellow tang dead!
  19. coralman05

    New tank readings/ few questions

    I feel like I've said this Million times before, but here we go.. so i have a 55 and for the last 2 months my tank hasn't been good(water quality, poor diet ect.) . Its been two weeks now and I'm just starting to come over the hump. I've been doing 5/10 gallon water changes for the last 2 months...
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    I've always seen this form but, never clicked on it until now.. these things are pretty cool and good color. i've done a little research on different web sites but now gonna ask here.. What some general info about these little guys.. I know you have to eat them daily with brine shrimp or other...