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  1. hkgar

    Salinity - SG or PPT?

    Which is more important to look at. Since salinity SG is influenced by temp but PPT is constant shouldn't we look more at PPT? My SG is about 1.028 yet PPT is 35. I often read that we should keep salinity at 1.022 or 35 PPT. Should I reduce the SG or maintain the PPT of 35. Let's have a...
  2. hkgar

    ID Please

    Aptasia? Doesn't quite look like what I ususally consider to be Aptasia. Is it just a different strain or something else? Thanks
  3. hkgar

    Why no more Coraline?

    My tank has been up for about 5 years and I have always Coraline growth. I have needed to scrape from the corners weekly. Now I get none and only a hard green algae growth in the corners where the mag cleaner has a hard ttime getting to. Why no more Coraline growth. I want it back Water...
  4. hkgar

    Proper dKh?

    Right now my calcium level is too high (520). My question is should I strive to get my alkalinity in proper balance which would be about 22 dKh. Right now it is about 11. I use the chem calculator to determine what the proper balance should be. Or, just maintain the alkalinity at a level to...
  5. hkgar

    ID Help Please

    Any idea what this might be. He only comes into view briefly at feeding time and is very quick to get back into the rocks. There is an orange spot on his head and he is brown in color. Two buggy eyes and if it was outdoors and green I would expect to find it on a tomato plant lol.
  6. hkgar

    Bang Guy, Theory on my tank percipitation

    I wrote last week about low CA and clogging of sponges and impellers and we (you) decided it was due to precipitation but unsure where from. My theory I have been dosing Kalk for about 4 weeks without doing proper research or reading (my bad). Inadvertently some of the Kalk percipitate was...
  7. hkgar

    Corallife protein needle wheel skimmer

    What does every one think of this skimmer? Is there a better choice for my 90 gallon with a 30 gallon sump? Thanks
  8. hkgar

    Calcium problem?

    I am adding 2 cups of Randy 2 part formula every day and dosing about a gallon of Kalk and my calcium stays at about 350. I am also getting calcium build up on the impellers of my pumps and power heads. Is this calcification on the impellers normal? Also the sponges on the pumps get full of...
  9. hkgar

    Can't get CA up

    My CA is 310 and dKH is 8. PH about 8.2. I add 1/3 cup of DIY part 1 and 1/3 cup DIY part 2 every morning and am also dripping Kalkwasser made with 2 tsps in a gallon of water. I drip about 1 gallon or slightly less per day. Tank is a 90 gallon and I have a 29 gallon sump. A large open brain...
  10. hkgar

    Is this Pop Eye?

    His left eye is swollen and puffy
  11. hkgar

    Yellow Tang won't eat

    I got a Yellow Tang Saturday and he won't eat. He just keeps swimming up and down on the side of the tank. He (maybe a she) just stays on the one side of the tank going up and down. I have a veggie clip with Seaweed delights and some Romane lettuce clip to it and he keeps going right by it...
  12. hkgar

    Tropic Marin Pro test results

    Just made a batch of Tropic Marin Pro for a water change and thought I would share my test results: CA 400 dKH 7 Mag 1350
  13. hkgar

    Question about dKH

    I know it should be about 8, but I have a hard time keeping above 6. I maintain CA at about 400-420 and PH is about 8.3. Mag is 1300. What is the problem with a low dKH? How is it detrimental to the tank and its inhabitants? I dose CA with Tropic Marin Bio Calcium and use Kent Pro dKH...
  14. hkgar

    Birdsnest difficulties

    I am thinking of getting a Birdsnest Coral. My lighting is two 150 watt MH (10000K) and 110 watts of Actinic PC. I have a 50 gallon tank. 0 amonia, 0 nitrites, 12 nitrates, usually about 420 CA, 8 dkh, 8.3 PH, salinity 35 ppt. Use Rowa phos to keep phosphates under control. Are there any...
  15. hkgar

    Take over of the Xenia

    As you can see from these pics my Pulsing Xenia is taking over. What is the best way to eradicate it or at least bring it under control? I have tried cutting it off the rocks but it just grows back - rapidily - from what ever is left.
  16. hkgar

    Help with an ID

    Just discovered this little critter in the back of the tank. I have attached two pictures, 1st is a close up and the 2nd more distanced to give size perspective. Looks like a little anemone but I don't thinkit is. Thanks for your help.
  17. hkgar

    salifert ph test kit

    I lost my directions for salifert ph testing. Is it 5 ml water and 7 drops or 5 drops? Thanks for the help
  18. hkgar

    need some id help

    I don't think it is bubble algae. I have had that before. These guys have a little hole (mouth?) and are more brown than green. What to you experts think?
  19. hkgar

    Who gets the food?

    So here is the story. I gave my CBS a small piece of silversides to keep him (her) happy so as to not try to catch the fish. Well he was happily chomping on it but my Clarkidecided that he wanted it and made several attempts to get inside the claws of the CBS - without any luck. Chased off...
  20. hkgar

    last 2

    two more :happyfish