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  1. b_ball12_99

    # of arrow crabs together...

    Can more than 1 arrow crab be kept in a tank together or do they need to be solo? Food is not an issue, trust me.
  2. b_ball12_99

    Got the Purple Tang

    Picked up the purple tang. It had his name as something like a true or somesome for 4 letter word starting with a t tang. I'll get some pics up of him this weekend maybe. He didn't eat any of the frozen brine I fed the tank but he has been picking and eating the hair algea in my tank. I had...
  3. b_ball12_99

    ID for lr snail (have pics)

    These are the best pics I could get, I know they are a bit blurry though. The shell this snail has is the same kind of shell that blue leg hermits usually some in.
  4. b_ball12_99

    ya gain one, ya lose one

    Lost my cc starfish late last nite/early this moring. I had plans to move him into my 75gallon and he didn't look good the day I was going to do it. Next nite he still looked bad and I knew I was losing him so I swited him to my 75 where he moved a little (only 1 arm was moving) and he was...
  5. b_ball12_99

    Skimmer off for how long?

    I added some pH buffer today because my pH was low at 8.1ish and I have read how skimmer will take additives out so I turned my skimmer off for the time being. How long should I leave it off? I am thinking about 24 hours or in the morning (about 14-18 hours). What is recemmended?
  6. b_ball12_99

    What to feed live brine?

    I've been hatching my own live brine about every week or 2. I put in a small clump of hair algea for food but I know they need something thats more broken up. What do you other people with live brine feed them? I also have been hatching the brine at the same salinity as my tank and putting...
  7. b_ball12_99

    I have a Flame Angel on hold

    Went to lfs today and saw they had gotten a new flame angel finally! Sad to say it had ick. Went to the owner and he said they had all those tanks under copper treatment right now. He said that flame angel got left at the pier longer and has had a rough ride/day. I told him if it got over...
  8. b_ball12_99

    My 75 is starting to look like a tank!

    I now have 103 pounds of live gulf rock, Emperor 400, Berlin Turbo Hang-On, clean up crew, pair of false percula clowns, and a neon dottyback goby. Starting to feel proud of my tank. Need to put an updated pic on my site, will do that soon. Also got rid of the hair algea growing on the glass...
  9. b_ball12_99

    How Do I Raise Brine Shrimp?

    I was wanting to try and raise my own live brine shrimp for my fish (Neon Dottyback especially). Guy at the lfs told me I would hate myself for trying. I figure if I can put up with school I can do this. I have jars, an air pump, air tubing, and bubble stones. Can someone please explain the...
  10. b_ball12_99

    Purple Tang in 75 too much?

    Would a purple tang grow too big for my 75 gallon or could it be my big fish? I have a pair of perculas, going to get a flame angel, mandarin goby (after Christmas), maybe a neon dottyback, and I don't know what else if anything. Look like a good plan or does it need some removing and changing?
  11. b_ball12_99

    Exotic Sea Horse Pics

    Saw these at the Baltimore Aquarium this week, they had a special exibit of them. Would love to own the bottom one. I would put them right on here but I haven't figured out how to load pics on here yet. Anyways check out this page on my site:
  12. b_ball12_99

    Berlin Hang On Skimmer Right For Me?

    I have been looking for a good skimmer and need a hang on since I don't have a sump and don't want it in my tank. I want a skimmer that is rated higher (double or more) than my tank. I have a 75 gallon and read the Berlin hang on is rated for 300 gallons. Would it be a good choice for me?
  13. b_ball12_99

    Ashes in tank?

    In my tank I have what looks like ashes on my rocks but mostly has the bottom of some of them. Is something digging out my rocks or crushing my cc into this dust looking substance? I have seen a yellow worm with black vertical stipes on the center of its back, never got an ID on it. Also have...
  14. b_ball12_99

    Cycle with Squid?

    I know about cycling with raw shrimp but since I just came back from vacation where I went fishing with squid and brought it home for my hermits and cc starfish can I use a piece of the squid to cycle my 75 gallon?
  15. b_ball12_99

    FW Problem

    I know this is a saltwater board but a lot of you other people have FW tanks. This morning I found my oscar (chiclid) with 2 wounds on one side. Looked like pieces of skin were hanging off of the would. A placo (know I spelled that wrong but it is the black algea eater) is the only other fish...
  16. b_ball12_99

    All-Glass Aquarium Lighting...

    I have duel strip 40 watt bulb set made by All-Glass Aquarium. Talking with my LFS I asked about PC and VHO. He told me his experience was that VHO bulbs cost a lot and don't last long. He said with PC lights on my 75 gallon he would recemmend 3-4 strips. He said that these lights that I got...
  17. b_ball12_99


    Southdown sand from Home Depot is it called Southdown or is that the company that makes it? I checked for it today and say play sand but didn't think it is the same. Are they the same or completely different?
  18. b_ball12_99

    All-Glass Aquarium lighting...

    I have duel strip 40 watt bulb set made by All-Glass Aquarium. Talking with my LFS I asked about PC and VHO. He told me his experience was that VHO bulbs cost a lot and don't last long. He said with PC lights on my 75 gallon he would recemmend 3-4 strips. He said that these lights that I got...
  19. b_ball12_99

    LS Equation?

    I know someone knows the LS equation. Its is where you take your desired depth x measurements and stuff like that. I am going to start picking this stuff up soon. Also someone on here said they made some phone calls and playsand from home depot is aquarium safe. I am going to add a 20 pound...
  20. b_ball12_99

    Also Got My New Tank

    I picked up my 75 gallon today. The lights are on order. I am hoping for a good bit of LR, LS, a pair of clown fish (percula), a flame angel, and whatever else that is brightly colored and will work. I believe I'm going to use the shrimp cycle method. Emperor 400 for filter and a skimmer...