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  1. julius

    starry trigger & v-tailed grouper

    Do any of you guys or gals have any of these fish inhabit your tanks
  2. julius

    T-5 Lighting

    What kind of Corals can u kep with this type of lighting
  3. julius

    im pissed

    I came home from work yesterday to find my tank at 90+degrees, My Dasmel and my Bursa was dead CHFS were breading heavy undulated was sorta alright. I just bought that bursa. This is the 2nd tyme this has happen to me in 2yrs the heater malfuntioned again First it was now reef now my FOWLR...
  4. julius

    Columbian hi fin sharks

    I Just aquired 2 of them for free anyone else have experience these fish.
  5. julius

    Moving Sale

    I'm posting this for a friend. Halimeda plants. 300lbs of oolitic live sand seeded over 3yrs. 130lbs of Fiji LR 20 pulsing xenia on 2 different rocks 4 finger leathers 3frags and 1 is about 2in. Plate size rock aneome 1 Cabbage coral 3 variety of Mushrooms 6 variety of polyps 1 frogspawn 100...
  6. julius

    file fish

    Do anyone have any experiences keeping these fish around. I just purchased a red tailed filefish pretty nice fish but a litttle on the shy side right now.
  7. julius

    Bleaching coral

    Here's my situation I had my water tested yesterday reading were fine except my nitrates they were very high so I did a 30% water change. I feed only once aday, as of now I only have one fish and that is my damsel. I trying to find the reason why my polyps are bleaching out the way they are...
  8. julius

    Dragon goby

    Can I see u guys pic of your dragon gobies I've had mine for 2weeks he's doing a helluva job cleaning the sand bed
  9. julius

    lost another

    I came home yesterday from the store to fine my Foxface stuck head first on my powerhead oh well I guess I go get another he came around very nicely to
  10. julius

    Foxface lo

    How long does it take for a Foxface to adjust to new surroundings I just bought 1 2day
  11. julius

    finally winning

    I think i got my red hair algae whipped after a couple weeks of topping of with distilled water its finally going away:D
  12. julius

    Fire Coral

    Saturday my buddy pick up a 8 or 9in Fire Coral for $28 at the LFS it didnt have a price on it so they agreed on $30 but charged him $28 for I would say that's a helluva deal considering Fire corals are kinda pricy. It also had a colony of Zoos on the bottom of it,So I will get nice piece of it...
  13. julius

    Mh ?

    Ok Here's the deal I'm planing on turning my FOWLR in a Reef Tank I've already have a some Zoos and a candy and xenia Frag,I planning on going from PC to MH very soon. How do I adjust the lighting period to the tank how many hour per day I should say until everything has adjusted fully.
  14. julius

    pump ?

    Since I tood down my wet/dry/refugium because it had a small leak in it I took out the Via Aqua Pump 2600 to put in the 75gal I've also have 3 penguin pwerheads and a Azoo powerhead that's not too much water flow is it for this tank. I have a big slime algae problem I think that it will work,any...
  15. julius

    in colorado

    What's for sale out here I'm looking for a skimmer for my tank or a 48in PC or VHO's let me know whats out there.
  16. julius

    convict goby

    since I had mine I've only seen him twice,I have a very deep sand bed I know they burrow but I often do they come up to feed,I would like to see him every know and then.
  17. julius

    lighting imbalance

    would a 130watt PC,65wattPC and a 40watt NO bulb cause a tank to grow red slime algae since its not one whole unit the 2 PC's are in the back of the tank side by side and the 40watt NO is in the front,I havent had the $$$$ to go get new lights yet. Its just a FOWLR but I just need to know,
  18. julius

    CC ?

    I have a 5gal bucket of CC that's being sittting in my house for about 2yrs I was wondering My wife want's a freshwater tank can I use CC instead of gravel if I rise it real good.
  19. julius

    he's gone

    Woke up this moring my yellow tang dead he was stuck between 2 rocks I had to remove some of the rock to get him out. this sux,should've kept my triggers
  20. julius

    New addition

    I just added a Domino Damsel just to keep the tang company,well I just though I share.