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  1. ajroc31

    Sleeper Gold Head Gobies Suck

    If you have a reef tank please stay away from that fish. Every website will tell you how its great for a reef tank, and it does a great job of turning the SB, however it is a killer. They lift the sand really high and start dropping it all over the tank and cover in sand anything that is on the...
  2. ajroc31

    Finally, the 215 is up and running

    Here are some pics of my new 215 upgraded from 125. Lots of work, time, frustration and luck. I am almost done with it, just need to add few frags here and there, and it should be set. Hope you enjoy the pics.
  3. ajroc31

    Switching aquariums

    Today I purchased a 250 acrylic. It was cheap, $1350 for the tank, 3 400w MH lights, 70 gal sump, new RO unit, stand and canopy, some live stock, and about 50 lbs of live rock, plumbing and an oversized return pump. I could not pass it up. Not a big fan of 30 inch tall tanks, but it will do...
  4. ajroc31

    New Additions, please help with any tips....

    Some new pics of new corals, and some of the other creatures in the tank. Hope you guys enjoy them.
  5. ajroc31

    Red Monti turning white

    Few days ago I have noticed that my monti was turning white in few spots. Its not bleaching, but it seems that its losing tissue, or its being eaten by something. During the day I do not see anything around it, and it was growing fine for 3 months with nothing effecting it at all. Please, if you...
  6. ajroc31

    My tank

    So I moved into the new house about 2 years ago. Set up the tank in Jan of '09 and did not really care much for it. Everything that you are not to do, I did. Soon problems came, the tank looked like crap, diseases killed of my fish and so on. This March, I have decided that enough is enough...
  7. ajroc31

    Diatom Algea

    So i got some really nice base rock. Took some of my old lr and sumped it. Within few days diatom algea covered tthe new rocks, and it is spreading in my tank. Nothing spiked, water is as normal, so its safe to assume that the rocks are the cause. Should I be concerned, or this will pass without...
  8. ajroc31

    Need a huge favor

    I just recently moved to a new house, so I set up a new tank. In the process of moving I lost the card for the AP ph test. Its a new test, so I dont want to go out and get another one. So, can someone please take a pic of the color chart for the ph readings, and post it here. Thanks.
  9. ajroc31

    LED lights

    I have noticed that more and more led lights are popping up on ----, but they are not the high power solaris types. Considering the price, I might be willing to risk buying them to see how it looks, and if it provides any benefits to the tank. I am trying to get rid of my MH, I really don;t like...
  10. ajroc31

    Valentini Puffer teeth problems

    I swear this hobby is quickly becoming a nightmare. If its not one thing, its another. Now, its my Valentini and his teeth. At first they were really jacked up, it looked like someone punched him in the mouth. That thing looked ugly. Now he stopped eating, and I am wondering if its from a...
  11. ajroc31

    Back to basics

    Well, I have had my tank for 5 years now or so, but for the past two years I have been so busy with work, I have been neglecting it. Finally I ahve some time again, and I want to get back to it properly. So am I am going back to basics. Now I am looking for a quality test kit, for a reasonable...
  12. ajroc31

    Digital ph tester

    I am looking to buy a ph tester, and I am not sure if the inexpensive ones on ---- are good enough to risk the wel being of my tank. I am just so sick of buying the test kits. Please let me know if you have an opinion on it, and what should I do?
  13. ajroc31

    Mini cycle or full cycle?

    Two weeks ago my tank died for most part. Electricity went out for few days, and most of the fish, and some corals died. Last Saturday I look out about 50 gals. of water, most of the sand since it was crushed coral. I replaced it with a DSB of about 5 inches, leaving about 20-30 pounds of...
  14. ajroc31

    flatworm killers?

    Can someone please let me know what eats flatworms? I know that a velvet nudibranch will eat them, but I am really against putting anything toxic in the tank. Chemicals are out of the question too. I am sorry for being so picky. Is there any fish that feeds on them? One side of my tank is pretty...
  15. ajroc31

    how deadly is a nudibranch?

    I really like nudibranches, but I am scared that if it dies it will crash my tank. I have 120 gal. reef, and I really do not like putting any venomous things in the tank, afraid that it may cause some deaths.
  16. ajroc31

    new addition

    I was looking for a new coral to buy for so long, but this guy was right under my nose for weeks. I got him, and I am really happy about it. It added life to my tank.
  17. ajroc31

    uv steralizers

    I have posted about this numerous times, but I have never received an answer that satisfied me. I have a reef tank, and I want to know if a UV sterilizer would be ok to use in it? My regal tang can't shake the ich off. I have cleaner shrimp, wrasse, and neon gobies. They want to their job, but...
  18. ajroc31

    father and son

    Here is a pic of a leather, which provided me with a first proud moment in this often frustrating hobby. Although I had nothing to do with the propagation, but I figure I am doing something right if they are doing it.
  19. ajroc31


    I saw this thing before, but it quickly took off. This time I was able to get a pic of it. It looks like weird snail, but it does not have a shell. Can someone id this thing? He looks really mean.
  20. ajroc31

    new addition

    Here is a pic of my newest resident of my tank.