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  1. mcbdz

    All Fish Died Within 2 Hours Of Cleaning

    First thing I would do is get my own test kits. You need to be testing your water before water changes, testing the new water and then the day after so you learn you system and make sure your water salinity and ph match before changes. then run your tank without anything like you are cycling...
  2. mcbdz

    Tank Invasion?

    I would google flatworms and make sure that isn't it they can cause trouble. Pattie
  3. mcbdz

    60 gallon system, stocklist question at the end

    I would not add a mandrine. Some good ideas : clowns(pair), firefish, cardinals, gobies, sixline wrasse for a last fish, chromis, royal gramma. just click on the fish link at the top lt and browse through there to see what you might like then when you put a list together come back and ask how...
  4. mcbdz

    Nitrate problem

    Do you have a protein skimmer? How much and how often are you feeding ?
  5. mcbdz

    Why so much algae?

  6. mcbdz

    ahh help

    This is very comman with tangs and new fish. This is why it is best to QT fish first. Please go here: and post all your info . They will help you with this. Do not add anything to your DT. Read and post first before you do anything...
  7. mcbdz

    Yet Another Cycling Question

    If you are serious about wanting seahorses in there then please don't add other fish or cuc other then snails. you want to season the tank, you could put different macro algeas but you want your pods to beable to establish in there first. Please go read and post here...
  8. mcbdz

    General rule of thumb for maximum allowed fish?

    I agree with spanko, perfect dark, and monk. The best thing is to plan for the adult fish, nomatter what size it is when you buy it.
  9. mcbdz

    Two Angels

    Sorry he's doing so bad. Since he's so weak the chances are he'll be picked on more til he dies. I would take him out and put him in QT. give him a chance to heal and you can observe it to see what all is wrong. Feed it well and once it heals decide who you want. Make sure you are giving it a...
  10. mcbdz

    "Cleanup Crew"

    What are you readings. How did you cycle, Just with the rock. I'd feed the tank a little fish food like you had a fis(ghost feed). and check your param. in a couple days. if amm., and trates stay good you can add a small cuc. give them a couple weeks and if everything remains stable add a fish. etc.
  11. mcbdz

    What's with snails?

    Usually the cleanup crew don't eat the diatoms. Do frequent water changes.
  12. mcbdz

    What am I doing wrong??

    I would check the new water before a water change and see what those readings are. If they arre good Just may need to do frequent changes for awhile.
  13. mcbdz

    1st Timer ?s

    Originally Posted by Stang Ideally I would like to have something of the following a lion, porcupine puffer, niger trigger, blue hippo, powder blue, and naso tang. Which of these fish would not be compatible together? Thanks for all you advice. You may want to go on the aggressive board and...
  14. mcbdz

    Why so much algae?

    You may want to ask on the reef board or the DIY one.
  15. mcbdz

    Cycling Question

    I would, or you can put just a filter without carbon. Just keep it clean when you are using it. Also do you have anything like pvc pipes or fake decor for the fish to hide? If not you will need something in there for the fish and it will provide more area for the bacteria to grow.
  16. mcbdz

    Why so much algae?

    Time to spend some money.
  17. mcbdz

    First Salt Water tank
  18. mcbdz

    First Salt Water tank

    Welcome to SWF First things first. Drain out the tap water and get ro/di. Either from the lfs or grocery stores(like walmart) have the water fill machines. That should be ro, double check. Then refill your tank with it before you mix. Make sure along with sand and rock you get test kits and a...
  19. mcbdz

    Why so much algae?

    There are a couple more things to check for. I'm having these same issues right now. My bulbs got old to start then I replaced them and noticed a few different time a day the sun is shining through different windows and hitting my tank. That said to let you know I feel your pain. Check your...
  20. mcbdz

    Glass anenomes

    None in this tank. I was just running it with rock sand and macro. Added snails and crabs for a little maintance. It is full of pods and feather dusters but the anenomes are eating on them I think.