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  1. firefish3

    bristle worms

    are they good or bad for your tank? and how? I was talking with a marine biologist who said it was good to get rid of all of the bristle worms. Are they beneficiary or harmful? I had always though bebficiary but i dont know know.
  2. firefish3

    Does this work

    I am planning a 30 gallon Tank (I consider that a nano tank) with 1 firefish goby 2 Blue chromnis 45 pounds live rock 2.5 inches sand Blue stripped mushroom coral 2 porcelin crabs 5 scarlet hermit crabs 3 cleaner clams 1 spiked Oyster 10 narcissus snails Every one ok with that I still havent...
  3. firefish3

    guinea pigs

    any guinea pig owners/breeders out there?
  4. firefish3


    just wondering if I could what I can put in witha radiata lionfish thinking pearlscale butterfly maybe a tang
  5. firefish3


    I really want an orbiculate batfish but dont know anything about it. anyone with experince?
  6. firefish3

    wild caught invertbrates?

    I was wondering if I could put a live sandollar I caught at the beach in a tank. and what do those things eat? how bout snails i found at the beach?
  7. firefish3


    planning on settting up a new 150 gallon tank heres the proposed stocklist Fish: 2 blue hippo tang 2 firefish gobies 2 engineer gobies 5 blue chromis 2 midas blennies 1 banded firefish Shrimp: 5 peppermint shrimp 2 skunk cleaners Crabs: 2 Porceline crabs 10 scarlet hermits Snails: 5 funnel...
  8. firefish3

    coral question

    are mushroom corals and zoos good for someone who does not have much experience with corals? can they go together they are my favotite. also can they live with pc lighting instead of mh?
  9. firefish3

    tang police

    who are some of the members of the tang police and who is the chief?
  10. firefish3


    how do become part of a "police squad" like the tang police. I love tangs too much to put any of them in something smaller than a 75 galllon minimum. I know same old story I saw finding nemo and decided I was going to get a blue hippo tang. Any comments, also is there a goby police?
  11. firefish3


    what is a cuki? I saw one in the eye it buy it but now it is gone. any info at all?
  12. firefish3

    Pearlscale compatibility

    my dream tank is to have a 210 gallon with all Pearlscale butterflies and invertibrates. Will pearlscales bother Peppermint shrimp skunk cleaner shrimp fire shrimp funnel turbo snails scarlet hermit crabs starfish urchins porceline crabs boxing crabs and any thing about the fish will be appreciated
  13. firefish3

    lemonpeel angel

    What happened to the lemonpeel angels on this site they are no longer listed on this site. Where else could I get them?
  14. firefish3

    tank size

    75 gallon minimum for a blue hippo tang. Right
  15. firefish3

    live rock?

    I am looking for live rock for $2 or cheaper (dont have good money supply) Anyone
  16. firefish3

    DIY question

    is is cheaper to by a tank or make your own? also I want to make a specialized tank for 3 stingrays and three horseshoe crab I am thineking 200+ gallons with a tank height of 2 feet and 3 inches of live sand. The reson it is so short is too make a bigger base for more surface area for these...
  17. firefish3


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  18. firefish3

    aggresive tank setup

    I am planning a tank with the following fish. 1 radiata lionfish 1 humuhumu triggerfish 1 hawaiian blue spotted puffer 1 sohal tang In a 125 gallon tank with 45 pounds of live rock and two inches of live sand. will this work? will the fish eat clams?
  19. firefish3

    New tank

    I am new at this hobby and was amazed at all the additives. What equipment and additives would I need for a thirty gallon tank with the following inhabitants. 2 firefish gobies 3 neon gobies 3 cleaner clams 5 peppermint shrimp 10 zebra hermit crabs 1 mouse cowrie 45 pounds of live rock 3 inches...
  20. firefish3

    New tank

    In a 30 gallon tank with 3 inches of live sand and 45 pounds of live rock what can I put in right away what do I have to wait to put in? for how long? Any comments welcome Thanks